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(Act 9)

Miss Calamity muffled a bit with worry.

Courage: AHHH!

Shirly: (glares) What did you do to them!?

King Candy: Nothing yet, but you guys WILL back out of the race...(points to them) unless you want to see them AND our latest prisoners Sour Bill informed me of to suffer a pain that is worse than death.

Grim: What?! You want US to drop out of the race?

King Candy: AND give up the glitch girls.

Cato: (spits the gag) Don't listen to him! He's trying to manipulate you!

Banjo: What!? So they ARE suicidal? They WANT to kill themselves?

Vanellope: (arriving) What? Kill ourselves?! Then Mr. Nervous WAS right?

Bala: (arriving) No, we're not suicidal.

Mandy: I thought all glitches that WANT to be part of the game were. Besides, you wanting to race is another way of saying "I want to kill myself" for glitch term.

Vanellope: (shocked) Now wait a minute! I never said anything like that. And I don't wanna commit suicide. (sadly) But I don't wanna NOT race either. (groans) Oh they were right. Why did we HAVE to be dummies and be so stupid!?

Kazooie: Because you girls were too stubborn to listen to reason?

Banjo: (frowns) Kazooie!!

Bowser Jr.: (dryly) And why do I care what happened to Miss Calamity or anyone else?

Mr. Bump: Right, for all we know, Vanellope and her pals may not be glitches! They could belong in this game all along, Not Scatterbrain!

King Candy: Look, I'm trying to make a point here! Now...I want you to give the girls up AND give up your position to race...otherwise, I will make sure these two along with some shape human users AND Felix are deleted permanently.

Cato: (shouts) Don't listen! Don't care about death or suicides or whatnot! Just win the race for Vanellope! If sis were here right now, she'd be dealing with you, Candy and I know the truth about you! You-

He was stuffed with candy in the mouth.

King Candy: You shush! You did enough damage for one day.

Then, he used a fishing pole, taking out a cauldron of bubbling hot cola while the two were hung. As they spoke next, a light blue cloaked girl peeked with concern while still hiding from everyone else.

King Candy: So what's it going to be? The race or THEIR lives?

Vanellope: (horrified) No. DON'T!!

Mr. Bump: Wait, stop! Don't kill them!

Miss Calamity: (spits the gag) Ick. Mr. Bump, forget about all of us. We'd rather die than let any harm come to you guys OR our friends. (teary) Besides, I trust my boyfriend and his friends to finish the our memories.

Mr. Bump: Uh, uh...okay...can we use a lifeline? How about 50-50? Oh! Can we place a call? Or poll the audience? Oh! Can we do the Physical Challenge?

Bowser Jr.: Ugh! Screw you, Bump. I never wanted to be in the race. (to King Candy) Tell you what, as much as I despise Calamity, I will drop out of the race if it means keeping her long as you let her and the weirdo go after it's done so I wouldn't hear her whine all day.

Mr. Bump: Forget it, Junior! I ain't letting my sugar drop be jailed until the race is over! All right, how about I give myself up for her release?

Miss Calamity: (glares) You have a bad habit of ruining emotional moments.

Bowser Jr.: What else is there? I don't DO emotional.

King Candy: Tempting...but not enough.

The two screamed as they neared the hot cola-like lava in cauldron. However, the glitch girls walked up to them before speaking.

Bala: Wait...don't do it.

Vanellope: We...(teary) we give up. We'll go with you. Just don't harm them...ESPECIALLY Cato.

Mr. Bump: Awww, how cute! You two make a cute couple!

Bowser Jr.: Yeah, but a couple of what?

Mr. Bump: Seriously, Calamity, I may be a jerk but I was willing to give myself to get you saved...apparently, Candy here wants me dead for some reason I can't explain.

Miss Calamity: What did you do this time?

King Candy kicked the cauldron away after he grinned.

King Candy: Very good. I'll release one for now and the rest AFTER the race is over.

The tied girl was tossed to Mr. Bump before the girls prepared to depart.

Vanellope: I'm sorry, guys...

She hugged them before Bala and Vanellope were dragged and tied.

Bala: has to be done for their sake. Racing is nothing if it means someone you care for is killed.

The girls shedded tears as King Candy glanced.

King Candy: And the race you'll be in?

Mr. Bump: Consider us dropped...(frowns) but I'm keeping the car!

King Candy: (pauses) Fair enough!

With that, he with the three prisoners departed.

Miss Calamity: Mr. really DO care. (smiles) At least I know you're a good boyfriend for today, even if it means we can get married.

Mr. Bump: Married? (pauses) got a big butt.

She glared in annoyance.

Bowser Jr.: (sarcastically) Way to go, romance killer.

They began to depart with Banjo sighing.

Banjo: I'm gonna miss them.

They noticed a figure going in front of the car, halting them as they yelped, quickly stopping the car.

Miss Calamity: What the heck!? Are you crazy!? We almost ran you over.

Figure: Take me to the one you call Wreck-It Ralph. It's important!

Mr. Bump: Oh uh...okay. But I don't know if we can catch up to them.

Bowser Jr.: (notices) Hey, I never noticed this button before.

As the figure hopped in, the button was pressed, activating what appeared to be a booster, causing the gang to scream.

All: WHOA!!



Bowser Jr. & Kazooie: WHOOO! THIS IS AWESOME!!


Billy: Maybe we'll catch up to our friends!

Later, back in the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, a familiar small train with the now sullen group of Ralph's (with medal and medallion on the two) arrived as the train bell rang. The train stopped near the train station before looking up, noticing the apartment quiet down.

Tron: Um...they must still be asleep.

Servebot: Yeah...

Roll: Uh...Ralph, I guess we can at least wake up that Gene guy. After all, he WAS the one who made the deal with you guys, right?

He sadly nodded.

Foulfellow: Wait, someone is still up, though...there's a light in one apartment.

He nodded a bit. Later, inside the apartment, Ralph with Swiper, Nack, Psycho, Mina, Rouge, Batula, and Blaze entered the room still lit, looking around.

Ralph: Hello? Anybody home? Felix? Mary?

Gene's Voice: Well, you actually went and did it.

The ones in room turned, noticing Gene as he poured one last Martini.

Blaze: (bitterly) Hello, Gene.

Psycho: Hackman?

Nack: Where is everybody?

Gene: They’re gone. After Felix went to find you and then didn’t come back, everyone panicked and abandoned ship.

Batula: (shocked) Vhat?

Ralph: But-but I’m here now.

Blaze: Look, we came back. We can let Felix know that he's okay and-

Gene: (bitterly) It’s too late, Ralph and Sonic Heroes. Litwak’s pulling our plug in the morning.

Nack: Wait, that's it? You're giving up?

Psycho: What do we care? He's a jerk like everyone in Sugar Rush is.

Mina: (sadly) Yeah, a bunch of jerks...

Gene: You don't understand. He's literally pulling the plug. Look outside and you'll see what I mean.

He pointed toward the balcony before they looked out the balcony window door. To their shock and horror, they saw the "Out of Order" sign taped on the console window.

Blaze: (shocked) No.

Sarah: (entering) What's going on?

Rouge: Apparently, that little stunt we did caused the game to be out of order.

Psycho: Wasn't our fault that Gene got us on the bet and-

Gene finished his martini before taking out the keys and a familiar device.

Gene: But, never let it be said I’m not a man of my word.

He gave the familiar device back to the group and showed the keys to them.

Gene: The place is yours, Ralph. Enjoy.

The key was tossed to him before he looked surprised.

Swiper: The key to the apartment...(worried) And the device that can take us all out of the game and back to the real world...

Batula: can go home...

Nack: But...but I don't feel like going home just yet...not yet...

Gene: Well you should have thought of that BEFORE you helped Ralph go Turbo AND abandon that glitch cat girl you had a crush on, Fang.

Nack: (realizes) Wait, are you telling me my other-uh I mean I had a crush on that cat, Honey?

Psycho: (gasps) Oooooh. So that explains everything. Your gamer self was heartbroken about the fact that his glitch girlfriend can't get out of the game and tried everything to get her out, but can't.

Nack: (dryly) Yeah, thanks for pointing that out.

Gene grabbed his suitcase, beginning to head to the door with Ralph, looking upset, speaking to him.

Ralph: Gene, wait.

He stopped, glancing at him.

Ralph: Listen, this is not what I wanted.

Gene: (sternly) So what did you want Ralph?

Ralph: I don’t know, I just...I was just tired of living alone in the garbage.

Gene: Well now you can live alone in the penthouse.

Psycho: Well, for a few hours until this place gets wiped out.

Gene: Well, and they say irony isn't dead.

Before he can prepare to leave, Swiper grabbed his shoulder.

Swiper: He MEANT he was sick and tired of being all alone. Why can't you understand that?

Gene: (glares) Do NOT touch my suit, you little brat!

He shoved Swiper down as the fox yelped, falling to the ground.

Gene: And of COURSE I know of loneliness. And there's only one thing to say about it: (snaps) DEAL WITH IT! You're MEANT to be alone! You're clutzy, you have a bad temper, you toss ME away from my apartment, you have NO social skills outside being a villain, AND the only reason why I spoke of the bet was because I was being sarcastic in the first place!

Mina: (shocked) What?! lied!? (sternly) How could you?

Gene: Now I want you to take one last look at the place AND stay here to rot.

He tossed Swiper to the man's arms.

Gene: And take the brat with you. It's bad enough we get bad guys AND glitches to deal with. So stay here and rot, you sad piece of sh-

At that moment, the familiar fox arm furiously punched him to the ground before Tron's leg kicked him. He looked up, noticing Br'er Fox and Tron, both hurt and angered, trying to run to him, though held back by their friends.

Br'er Fox: (furiously) Ya son o' a bitch! How dare yew! We was only doin' what we HAD 'ta. Ya don't know what kind o' crap we had 'ta put up! We has been stoned, chased 'round by muy idgit uncle, almost eaten by gigantic owls, nearly killed by a homicidal hedgehog lookin' like Sonic, AND was forced 'ta break children's hearts to protect her! Ah done understand ya badmouthin' Ralph an' all, but I is refusin' 'ta see 'de likes o' yew badmouth Swiper

Tron: (anger tears) Hackman, you ARE a jerk! You KNEW Ralph was all alone all these years and what did you do? Nothing! You made Felix and everyone else think Ralph LOVES loneliness, but he doesn't! It's your fault this all happened in the first place. And at least WE care for some people unlike you! You may be a Nicelander, but you are NOT NICE!!

Blaze: And don't you dare say 'you were programmed that way'. Because deep down, you meant every word! I mean, if you know what the bad guys put up with every day...if you were in their shoes...

Nack: But no! You don't give a damn! You are, what Psycho said, a bad guy-cist! It's no wonder why the players hate you most of all.

Psycho: He's right. From what we hear, the players think you are lame and not needed in the game!

Gene was grabbed by Br'er Fox in anger.


He was tossed outside the building and toward the tunnel. When he was gone, Br'er Fox panted a bit.

Swiper: (amazed) Wow...

Ralph: Okay, half of me feels sorry for the guy but it's overweigh by the other guy who feel...

Ralph groans as he shakes his head, dropping the keys before going to the balcony to look at the sign with his friends watching. As he spoke next, the familiar faces arrived to the apartment, looking at the situation.

Ralph: Who am I kidding? I ruin everything. I destroyed my game, I game-jumped into another, I ruined the lifes of three kids who I used to call friends...and for what?

He ripped it off, looking at his medal.

Ralph: So I can get a dumb medal!

He then tossed the medal to the glass door. A ding noise was heard before the paper on top of the console moved a bit, showing the Sugar Rush console.

Nack: He's right...even if at least Batula's important, it STILL was our fault.

Sadly, they pulled out the candy necklaces, looking at them carefully and clenching the necklaces without breaking them.

Psycho: (sniffs) I feel bad for the kids now, especially the girl on the console.

Mr. Bump with Billy and the cloaked girl arrived.

Mr. Bump: Me too, considering she was SUPPOSE to be used and not be false advertising on the console.

Billy: Yeah. I'll miss the glitch girl on the console cover.

Mandy: Now you're being stupid.

Figure: No, they're right. She IS over there. (pointing) Look.

Batula: (confused) Who are-

Figure: There's no time. Just look.

They then noticed, to their surprise, what appeared to be Vanellope, in a racing outfit with her hoodie coat briefly shown, driving on the console. They looked carefully with concern.

Rouge: It's her!

Sarah: Wait, she IS part of the game then!

Psycho: (notices) Oh hey, Bump and Junior and others. What are you all doing here?

Bowser Jr.: What do you think? King Candy threatened to kill some of our friends if we didn't drop out of the race.

Miss Calamity: They had to. I was about to be put in hot cola lava!

Courage: It gets worse...Vanellope and Bala sacrificed themselves to make sure our friends were safe.

Miss Calamity: And unfortunately, King Candy ALSO has our Mr. Men friends as of Felix.

Ralph: He did what?! (frowns) Felix! I can't believe that king would stoop that low!

Roll: (frowns) He tricked us all!

Psycho: That's it! He's getting the wedgie treatment!

Bowser Jr.: Sounds like a plan. I'll go first.

They quickly began heading off, departing from the area. At Game Central Station, the gang quickly came out with Mr. Bump speaking.

Mr. Bump: Anyway, we had to leave the cart behind because of that Surge Protector.

Miss Calamity: He's only doing his job, Mr. Bump. And besides, even though we STILL have your cart, the rest of us don't. We'll never get to Vanellope and the others in time.

Psycho: Ahem. Yes we will!

He showed the gold whistle as he continued.

Psycho: In case you don't remember: I HAVE my whistle back.

Mandy: I thought it belonged to Roger.

Psycho: Details, details.

Roll: I'll try to gather as many people I can.

Banjo: Kazooie and I are going with you.

Kazooie: Yeah, and take us to any glitch characters. While we were driving, I found a way to get hacked characters OUT of their consoles and into everywhere else.

She showed the familiar code as she spoke.

Kazooie: Besides, remember the Konami code? He-he-he-he.

Mandy: That's good and all, but it STILL won't make anything appear.

Batula: Vait, I thought Billy could make anything appear, vanish, or change by way of thought. Doesn't he STILL have zose powers like zat boy from Twilight Zone?

Psycho: Bat Squirrel, you weren't with me or Nack at the time. How could you possibly know that?

Batula: I saw vhat you four were doing vhen stopping zose robberies, Psycho.

Nack: Yeah, that aside...does Billy STILL have those powers, Grim?

Grim: (frowns) No, I had to use a lot of me scythe power to get him back to the way he was.

Billy: Yeah, he said he had to suck them away for the greater good.

Miss Calamity: So what's the deal with your world Fang who's different from our Weasel Boy?

Roll: It's a long story, which I don't have time to explain.

Some: Augh.

Psycho: Good, don't. I rather live a day without any long stories.

Nack: Yeah, knowing my other self has a crush on a glitch girl like Honey is more than enough to figure out.

Shirly: Courage and I will go with them. Just find our friends.

They dashed off while Miss Calamity realized, shouting to the group.

Miss Calamity: Wait, I just remembered.

A few of them fell down.

Ralph: What the heck is it?

Miss Calamity: There's one thing I gotta let you all know before we continue our mission: The Cy-Bug that was with you, Ralph?

Ralph: Yeah? It's drowned.

Miss Calamity: Uh no it's not. It's like the cockroach: It doesn't die THAT easily. It's in Sugar Rush.

Most: (horrified) What?!

Mr. Bump: Gah! Why didn't you tell us that when we got you out of King Candy's clutches?!

Miss Calamity: (frowns) Does it look like I wanna tell it to someone who killed the mood?

Psycho: (pause) Well, go ahead and tell me now! I wanna kill the mood!

Miss Calamity: Anyway, Megaman, Rush, Calhourn, Felix, and all our other friends are still in the Sugar Rush as well, LOOKING for you guys along with that bug.

Mr. Nervous: I knew we should've destroyed it as a youngling!

Miss Scary: (grins) Come on, it's totally terrifying. I mean when we find the source code, we'll make sure the virus is deleted.

Roll: Oh yeah. The Source Code. (realizes) They're too far away into the game center.

Kazooie then showed her game controller as she spoke.

Kazooie: Hey, I figured just in case we don't make it the long way, I'd use the wireless controller to make us a shortcut for each world with glitches. Now come on. It's time for adventuring!

Ralph: (sweatdrop) Should I be surprised or concerned that you pull that from out of nowhere?

Kazooie: Buddy, as Psycho would say, that is none of your damn business.

Banjo: She's right. We have to get as much help as we can.

Nack: Right, let's get to it!

Quickly, the group split from Roll's group. As they rushed toward the Sonic Fighters game, the alarm beeped with Kazooie digging in the bag, pulling out a taser.

Kazooie: Sorry, buddy, but nothing personal.

She zapped the Surge Protector, whom yelped and briefly short circuited just as they entered with Kazooie quickly punching in the Konami code while dashing toward the tunnel.

Kazooie: Let's hope this works!!

A bright light shone at one area of the tunnel.

Kazooie: (grins) Ha-ha! Konami, you did it again!

Banjo: Yeah! Konami for lives, people!

Five: WHOA!!

They were zoomed toward the tunnel as Kazooie shouted.


In an instant, they appeared where the code was, though noticed the window of the console. As the dogs, bear, bird, and robot girl appeared, they floated toward the window before Banjo gasped.

Banjo: Hey, look there.

To their notice, they saw many consoles and handhelds at a different room.

Banjo: There really ARE regular consoles in the arcade museum.

Kazooie: Yep, and the Roger Rabbit one is stuck in the NES obviously.

Roll: (surprised) Wow, I never been here before.

Kazooie: I take part time as a hacker, if you wanna know.

Courage: Oh that figures.

They floated through the area as Kazooie spoke.

Kazooie: So which one of these boxes has Honey's code in there?

Roll: (motioning) Just follow me.

They floated with Roll leading the way. Back at Game Central Station, the gang noticed Junior stopping.

Mr. Bump: Junior, what's wrong?

Bowser Jr.: I just realized, Mr. Dumb. You never got ME a cart because I'm forced to share one with you.

Mr. Bump: Why? I thought you like candy.

Bowser Jr.: Yes, but not with your Bump germs on it. I need a Koopa Cart, not YOUR cart.

Familiar Voice: Just take mine!

A familiar cart was pushed near the gang as they looked, noticing what appeared to be another Bowser Jr. before the altered koopa kid departed.

Bowser Jr.: (shocked) Oh wow! Another me! (grins) Look there.

Miss Calamity: (sweatdrops) I think my brain blew up.

Bowser Jr.: Maybe I can have him over for an interview some time.

Psycho: Uh I think it's best not to think about it. Speaking of which...

He gasped, blowing the gold whistle loudly. They waited, though nothing happened.

Psycho: (frowns) Awww, this whistle's a gyp. I never should've found this crud here.

As he tossed it, a familiar-looking cab, arriving while catching the whistle, zoomed near the gang as they yelped.

Benny: Hey, so someone call a cab or what?

Most: (surprised) Benny!?

Benny: (shocked) Psycho? What are you doing out of your game?

Psycho: It's a long annoying story I don't wanna talk about.

Ralph: Can you get us in Sugar Rush? It's an emergency. Though I don't know how we'll all fit in.

Rouge: He's like the Toon version of himself. Just go with it.

Quickly, they hopped in Benny, the alt. Junior's cart, and Mr. Bump's cart before zooming into Sugar Rush just as the Surge Protector reactivated.

Figure: (inner thoughts) Vanellope, Bala, brother, we're coming...

(End of Act 9)
After a brief friend or glitch friend choice, Miss Calamity is released from King Candy's clutches, the deal from Gene is made, a speech on why Gene stunk is made, a realization is seen, and some determination commences
Rose-Angel-Fifi-SPM Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
Poor racers :worry: I hope that blue hooded figure helps the heroes though there's something familiar of this woman
SJ-ToongamerG Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The truth is obvious, Vanellope was meant to be in Sugar rush, but why would King Candy target her specifically? Anyway, let's save the others.
JusSonic Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
Looks like the truth is found out. Time for the gang to save their friends!
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