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A/N: Takes place after Nack and Psycho meet Sonic.exe but before Hacker Shocked.


Inside the area, the Freelancers looked at the area while what seemed to be a few cowardly game characters yelped and quickly ran from them.

Random Good Guy: AHHH! Bad guys! And they're very scary!

Many of them dashed away while they looked at Psycho and Plucky.

Grim: (frowns) Oh come on. They're not THAT scary.

Hampton: (confused) What's wrong with them? They act like they never saw Psycho or Plucky before.

Nack: Psy, I can understand, but Plucky is another story.

Female Good Guy: Ahhh! There's that bad guy weasel and koopa kid!

Psycho: Hey, I ain't bad anymore.

Female Good Guy: (annoyed) I was talking about Fang the Sniper here. (runs away) AHHHH!!

Nack: What? What the heck's wrong with the way I look? Guys, did I end up in Scourge's alternate world or something?

Psycho: Honestly, you need to chill out!

Fifi looked at a tunnel with a sign.

Fifi: (confused) Pac-Man?

Blaze: I remember playing Pac-Man when I was a kid.

Tron: (happily) Me too. (gasps) Maybe we're in Videoland or something.

She hugged her Servebot toy with delight.

Tron: Maybe we'll be meeting our favorite good guys here.

Psycho: And heckle baddies while doing so.

Bullwinkle: I wonder if this is the game world version where you turn into a trophy?

As he said that, the duo with Mr. Bump, Bowser Jr., and Tron accidentally stood on a train car with it heading off.

Chris: (gasps) Guys!!

It was too late as they were gone. Inside the area, the group yelped, falling to the ground.

All: Ungh!

Bowser Jr.: Okay, Bump, I know it was your fault on this one.

Mr. Bump: How is it my fault?

Bowser Jr.: You were in the first part of the cart, stupid. Hence forth, your fault.

Nack saw a sign that said "Bad-Anon Meeting today".

Nack: "Bad-anon"? What the heck is a "Bad-Anon"?

The group then heard chatter while listening cautiously, walking in the new area.

Nack: Honestly, I didn't think Pac-Man would look like walls.

Psycho: I didn't think there were other people, other than the ghosts here.

Bowser Jr.: (peeking) Question is: why are King Dad and Egg Butt there as well?

Tron: Shhh! (quietly) Let's listen in...besides, we shouldn't be spying.

Psycho: (quietly) Why are we whispering?

Nack: (quietly) For dramatic effects.

They peeked in, looking carefully as they watched while the scene froze.

(OP: Get Over by Dream)


Narrator: 30 Years Ago...

On an arcade marked "Fix-It Felix, Jr.", the title screen on an arcade was shown as 8 bit music was heard. As a voice spoke, the screen changed as a figure on the game walked over to a stump, yawning and preparing to sleep. He was a spiky red haired big man wearing only a red shirt with red overalls with one strap on himself. He was known as Wreck-It Ralph.

Voice: My name’s Ralph, and I’m a Bad Guy. Uh, let's see. I’m 9 feet tall. I weigh 643 pounds. Got a little bit of a temper on me.

Then, the construction tractor pushed the stump toward a pile of bricks before Ralph got up, glaring.

Ralph: (snaps) Hey, you moved my stump!

He growled in anger.

Psycho's Voice: (quietly) Little? Make it a lot.

Ralph's Voice: My passion bubbles very near the surface, I guess, not gonna lie.

Then, it showed the building being built as the construction vehicles left before some small people began entering the building.

Ralph's Voice: Anyhoo, what else? Uh...I’m a wrecker. I wreck things, professionally.

Then, Ralph came up to the building, glaring before turning to the screen.

Ralph: (shouts) I’M GONNA WRECK IT!

Mr. Bump's Voice: (quietly) That game's familiar for some reason...

Nack's Voice: Why does his guy look similiar to DK?

Voices: SHHH!!

He began wrecking the building, grabbing a man in mustache before tossing him.

Ralph's Voice: I mean I'm very good at what I do. Probably the best I know.

As he continued wrecking the building, Ralph spoke seriously.

Ralph's Voice: Thing is, fixing's the name of the game. Literally. Fix it Felix, Jr.

The crowd peeked out as they shouted.

Crowd: FIX IT FELIX!!!

Then, up came a figure in 8 bit form, snatching a golden hammer with a smile. He wore a blue hat with light blue shirt with his name tag, brown gloves, blue pants, and brown boots. He was known as Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Felix: I CAN FIX IT!!!

As he continued, it showed the gameplay of Felix fixing the building while Ralph angrily bashed the building with bricks falling downward.

Ralph's Voice: So yeah, naturally, the guy with the name Fix-It Felix is the good guy. He's nice enough as good guys go. Definitely fixes stuff really well. But, uh, if you got a magic hammer from your father, how hard can it be?

A person peeked out the window, showing a pie.

Female: Yoo-hoo!

She ducked down as he ate the pie with him eating it, letting his hat glow, which protected him from the brick while Felix rapidly fixed the entire building.

Ralph's Voice: If he was a regular contractor, carpenter guy, I guarantee you, you will not be able to fix the damage that I do as quickly.

The "YOU FIXED IT!" sign glowed at the top. Later, it showed Felix, the people, and Ralph at the top of the building with the people coming out to the roof while a gold medal was shown, being placed on Felix with him holding the pie up and one of the people giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Ralph's Voice: When Felix does a good job, he gets a medal. But, are there medals for wrecking stuff really well?

They glared at Ralph, snatching him.

Ralph's Voice: To that, I say, "ha"!

The giant man was then tossed off the building.

Ralph: Ahhhhhhhh!

He crashed in the mud.

Ralph's Voice: And no, there aren't.

Mr. Bump's Voice: Hey, that Felix looks like a combination of both Mario and Bob the Builder!

Psycho's Voice: I forget, how are we able to look into these flashbacks?

Bowser Jr.: (quietly) Shhh, shut up, you two.

It then showed a "Level 1" completed sign while it showed many young kids all looking at the game between "Asteroids" and a game called "Turbo Time".

Random Kid: This animation's so real.

Ralph's Voice: 30 years I've been doing this...

As he spoke next, it showed many games rapidly being changed throughout the years, including Sonic Fighters, Tapper, TMNT, DDR, Street Fighter II, and a few other well known arcades.

Ralph's Voice: ...and I have seen a lot of other games come and go, how sad. Think about those guys at Asteroids? Boom, gone. Centipede? Who knows where that guy is, you know?

Narrator: Now in the present...

It finally cut to the man smiling at the arcade before he began to depart.

Ralph's Voice: Look, a steady arcade gig is nothing to sneeze at, I'm very lucky. It's just, I gotta say, it becomes kinda hard to love your job... when no one else seems to like you for doing it.

Tron's Voice: (quietly) Maybe it's because that particular arcade never had a day off in its life.

Psycho's Voice: (quietly) Big deal, neither do we.

Finally, when the place closed, the DDR girl stopped dancing in the demo mode, looking back before turning to the entire arcade.

Dancer: All clear! The arcade's closed!

After a Shruiken uppercut was made by Ryu to Ken, the two stopped as they spoke.

Ryu: (sighs) Whoo! What a day.! So, you want to head over to Tappers, Ken?

Ken: If you're buying, buddy.

With that, the two departed. Inside the Fix-It Felix Jr. game, Felix smiled to the people named Nicelanders.

Felix: Quitting time!

As Ralph narrated, as it showed the 3D version of the 8 bit world inside the arcade, Felix with the Nicelanders (as one clapped) began heading inside while the construction trucks continued working as if idling.

Ralph's Voice: I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't be feeling this way if things were different after work. But it is what it is.

The Nicelanders fixed the area while Felix looked at the crowd.

Felix: Good job, everyone.

He came to the people that appreciated him.

Ralph's Voice: Felix and the Nicelanders go hang out in their homes, which he's just fixed and everyone, you know.

Ralph finally got up from the mud, dusting himself and fixing his pants.

Ralph's Voice: Um, they go to their homes, I go to mine, which happens to be a dump.

The crowd went inside with the mustached one named Gene looking at the woman named Mary yelping, quickly darting inside while Gene slammed the door.

Ralph's Voice: And when I say "dump", I don't mean like a shabby place, I mean an actual dump where the garbage goes...

Ralph ran his big fingers through the blocky bushes which flopped up before flopping downward before departing the area.

Ralph's Voice: And a bunch of bricks and smashed building parts...

He finally came up to the giant pile of bricks.

Ralph's Voice: That's what I call home.

Bowser Jr.'s Voice: (quietly) Yeesh, if it was his home, I hate to ask where he'd get the insurance from.

Mr. Bump's Voice: (quietly) Maybe he got it from Moe.

Ralph's Voice: I guess I can't bellyache too much.

He climbed to the top where the stump was, then rapidly punched the bricks down a bit.

Ralph's Voice: I got my bricks. I got my stump.

After it was completely pummeled, he sat down, trying to lie near his stump with him gathering bricks for warmth.

Ralph's Voice: It looks uncomfortable, but it’s actually fine. I’m-I'm good.

He prepared to lie down, though winced, taking a brick from behind and tossed it to the other bricks nearby. As he spoke next, he looked at the building from far away while inside, after Felix hung a medal with other medals, the door opened with a few Nicelanders congratulating him and Mary giving him a pie while chatting.

Ralph's Voice: But...if I’m really honest with myself, I see Felix up there, getting patted on the back, people are giving him pie and thanking him happy to see him all the time.

(End Flashback)

Tron looked a bit teary while nearby, Ralph sighed as he spoke.

Ralph: Sometimes I think...(sighs) man, it sure must be nice being the good guy.

The crowd of baddies, including Eggman, Bowser, and a ghost named Clyde applauded a bit.

Tron: (quietly) I feel bad for him whenever I play that arcade.

Clyde: Nice share, Ralph. We've all felt what you're feeling and we've come to terms with it.

Ralph: Really?

The man named Zangief nodded.

Zangief: Right here.

Psycho: (quietly) Zangief's a bad guy?

Bowser Jr.: (quietly) Have you try beating him in Street Fighter II? And on Deathbattle, he took out Mike Haggar!

Nack: (quietly) Damn.

Zangief: (waves) I'm Zangief, I'm bad guy.

Bad-Anon Members: Hi Zangief.

Zangief: (pointing) And to newcomers, especially weasel we asked for years to come.

Nack: Gah! You guys KNEW we were here?!

Eggman: To be honest, you're not good at hiding, weasel. Plus, I thought you kept insisting you weren't "THAT" kind of bad guy to turn away from the club.

Nack: (crosses his arms) Well I'm not!

Psycho: Hey, I was a bad guy in the video game called "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". Do I count?

Clyde: Well...I haven't seen an arcade of that...unless you count some of the NES games stuck in the arcade, but the more the merrier. How about you share with us.

Psycho: Only if we get the coffee and free food.

They sat down with a few of them looking at the other bad guys.

Tron: (waving) Oh by the way, I'm Tron Bonne.

All: Hi, Tron Bonne.

Bowser: (confused) Wait, aren't you a hack version of Tron?

Tron: Huh?

Zangief: Anyhoooo...(to Ralph) I'm Zangief. I relate to you, Ralph. When I hit bottom, I was crushing man's skull like sparrow's egg, between by thighs...

A few of them chuckled.

Zangief: And I think, "why you have to be so bad, Zangief? Why can't you be more like good guy?" Then I have moment of clarity...if Zangief is good guy, who will crush man's skull like sparrow's eggs between thighs? And I say, "Zangief you are bad guy, but this does not mean you are "bad" guy."

A few of them applauded while some grunting was heard, much to Ralph, Mr. Bump, and Psycho's confusion.

Ralph: Right...I'm sorry, I just-you lost me there.

Psycho: I kinda blacked out on the mention of "bottom".

Mr. Bump: (frowns) You have some nerve to say "bottom" like that!

Psycho: No no no no! I said "bottom" not "bottom like that"! Get it right!

Zangief: (sighs) NOT that kind of "bottom", blue man.

Mr. Bump: Oh! Oh! My turn! My turn! (stands up) Ahem. Hi, I'm Mr. Bump.

All: Hi, Mr. Bump.

Mr. Bump: Well, whenever things get down, I always get optimistic. And I NEVER have things worry me.

A few looked confused before applauding a bit.

Clyde: Wow, that really IS inspirational to say.

Bowser Jr.: (groans) He's inspirational!? King Dad, stop the arcade, I wanna get off!

Bowser: I would but I'm busy groaning of how a plumber beat me...for the time that I keep forgetting.

Psycho: Sooooooo, Ralph. You probably suffering from a case of folks who are "Bad Guy-cist."

Nack: (frowns) Now you made that up!

Psycho: Nuh-uh! It's a term for folks who are rascist to bad guys!

Zombie: Zombie! Bad guy!

All: Hi Zombie.

Nack: Weren't you in the House of the Dead series?

Zombie: Yeah! Me named Cyril!

Tron: Eep. And I thought those EXE zombies were scary.

Mr. Bump: (to the others) Don't ask. Just don't ask.

Cyril: Zangief saying labels not make you happy. Good, bad, must love you.

Some: Huh?

Psycho: Eh?

Cyborg: Yeah!

He then slammed his arm in Cyril's heart, ripping it out of his body.

Cyborg: Inside here!

He showed the heart to everyone as Cyril groaned.

Ralph: (worried) Whoa, whoa, whoa. All right, I get it. Watch out, it's dripping.

Mr. Bump: I forget. Are you called Cyborg or Kano?

Nack: Okay, okay. Let's see...before we continue, I wanna know who else is here...

Psycho: Not Dr. Wily. He got cut out from the meeting, I bet.

Clyde: Tried calling him but he was busy with something called "Zero" whatever it's called.

Tron: Lemme help! (looking) I see the other people like that devil from Diablo...or was it Satan's Hollow, Smoke, M. Bison, that Beholder from Eye of the Beholder, that Saw Hand Cyborg, that Neff guy from Altered Beast, and that woman from that foreign Shining Force game, Mishaela.

Nack: Yeesh, I'm surprised the Panther King or Bat Squirrel or any Disney villains aren't here either, especially the likes of Wart or Chaos.

Finally, Clyde looked at Ralph.

Clyde: Question, Ralph. We've been asking you to Bad-Anon for years now, and tonight you finally show up. Why is that?

Ralph: (sighs) I dunno, I just felt like coming. I mean, I suppose it has something to do with the fact that uh... well, today's the 30th anniversary of my game.

Devil: (grins) Happy anniversary, Ralph.

Ralph: Thanks Satan.

Devil: Uh, it's "Saitine".

Psycho: Ugh, don't say it like that. (frowns) If we call you that, (points to Eggman) we may as well call HIM Robuttnik.

Eggman: (frowns) No one calls me by that name anymore! You know that!

Nack: Doesn't mean you can't get made fun of.

Eggman: And what do you don't like to be call?! Woozle?!

Nack: (pauses) Grrr...(anger mark) LEMME KILL HIM!!

Quickly, he was slammed down.

Psycho: No, he's not worth it yet! (quietly) Let your other self deal with him if he's around.

Nack: Uh right.

Tron: (smiles) Well Happy Birthday, Ralph. I hope you have a good year this year.

Ralph: Got it. But here's the thing...(sighs) I don't wanna be the bad guy anymore.

The baddies gasped with Bowser blowing flames out and Clyde turning blue with the pellet effect heard.

Weasels: DUM DUM DUM!

Mr. Bump: Poopity poop!

Tron: What?! But why?

Cyborg: You can't mess with the program, Ralph!

M. Bison: You're not going Turbo, are you?

Tron: Uh Street Fighter kind of "turbo" or something that we should be scared of "turbo"?

M. Bison: Fool! Turbo is another way of a video game character going rogue and try to change their programs. You of all people should know that!

Bowser Jr.: Yeeesh. That sucks.

Ralph: (glancing) Turbo? No, I'm not going Turbo! Come on guys! Is it "Turbo" to want a friend? Or a medal? Or a piece of pie every once and awhile? Is it "Turbo" to want more out of life?

Cyril: Yes.

Satine nodded a bit.

Clyde: Ralph, Ralph, we get it. But we can't change who we are. The sooner you accept that, the better off your game and your life will be.

Zangief: Hey, one game at a time, Ralph.

Nack: Right, trust me, Ralph, I know what it's like dealing with folks who are...

Psycho: Bad Guy-cist.

Nack: Yeah, that. You should try to conquer your problem without going "Turbo" or whatever it is you may risk doing.

Ralph only frowned a bit.

Clyde: Now let's close out the with Bad Guy affirmation.

Mr. Bump: Uh...I'm kinda new here, so you may have to forgive us if we don't know the quote.

Clyde: (smiles) I understand.

They stood up, holding hands. Mr. Bump was about to hold Junior's hand before he slapped it off.

Bowser Jr.: Eww, no. I don't know where that hand's been.

Bad-Anon Members: I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be then me.

"Wreck-It Ralph~NAP Style"

Ralph only had his eyes wide open while they released hands.

Clyde: Okay gang, see you next week.

M. Bison: Listen, I can't do snacks next week.

Satine patted Ralph before smiling.

Satine: Hang in there, Ralph.

Clyde: Hey Zombie, don’t forget your hatchets.

Cyril snatched his hatchets as they began departing.

Clyde: There you go.

Finally, the lights turned off with the neon lights turning on. In 8 bit form, it showed many of them, minus Clyde, departing before Ralph stopped, going back and grabbing the cherries while Psycho went another direction, secretly snatching grapes. The two came back to the path, passing by the "Restroom" area and heading to the area marked "Game Central Station" before the two, back in normal format, arrived to the train.

Psycho: Sorry about that. Uh got some food along the way because I AM hungry.

Nack and Zangief waved to them, patting the extra seats before Ralph and Psycho sat down.

Nack: Okay, buckle up.

Psycho: Ah, those things cost lives than they save.

Then, the train zoomed through the area.

All: WHOA!!


Outside the arcade, as it showed the Pac-Man console, the back of the plug glowed with a few dots, indicating the train while it headed to a Surge Protector. Inside, the train cart finally arrived to the station.

Voice: Pac-Monorail now arriving in Outlet 7.

It stopped as everyone got up, preparing to head out.

Voice: Welcome to Game Central Station.

As the voice continued in gibberish, it showed the contents of the station while at the station itself, many game icons were all walking around and doing activities. Nearby the station, a familiar group waved while Chris shouted.


Nack's Group: (grins) Chris!

The familiar friends came, passing by most of the baddies.

Blaze: What happened to you guys?

Nack: Nothing really. We just met a lot of bad guys from different arcades.

Bowser Jr.: Plus alternate King Dad and alter Egg Butt were there as well.

Tron: (grins) And I think we're making a new friend here.

She pointed as she spoke it before they yelped, noticing Psycho carrying the big grapes and Ralph holding two pieces of cherry as they each bit their food.

Psycho: (muffles) Hi, Chris, hi guys. You want some Pac-Man grapes?

Batula: (stunned) Psycho, did you steal zose from the video game?

Psycho: (frowns) The term is "borrowing", Bat Squirrel. Ralph borrowed as well.

Mr. Bump: Potato, potatah. (pause) Hey, I'm hungry. Can you guy give me some fruit?

Helen: Anyway, there are a lot of arcades here.

Blaze: While you guys were in the Pac-Man world, some of us went to check on the Sonic Fighters game.

Billy: And there's this really cool glitch named Honey, where she has a hard time because she can't get out of the arcade for some reason.

Babs: To be honest: That's really terrible. I mean glitches that COULD crash video games.

Tron: Honey?

Babs: Honey? I don't even know you that well!

A rimshot is heard as a snowball is thrown. Babs ducks as it instead hits Mr. Bump.

Mr. Bump: Gah!

Just when they went through the gate, red lasers went around Ralph and Psycho, making the alarms sound off with Ralph groan.


Ralph: What guy?

Psycho: (pause) Nothing, nothing...he probably got revived anyway.

Ralph: Well, it better be in his own game. Anyone who dies outside of their own game don't come back.

Batula: Vhat do you-

Just then, a hologram of a man in security outfit looking bored appeared.

Cowards: GAH!

Mr. Nervous: GHOST!!

Ralph: (annoyed) Worst. The Surge Protector.

Surge Protector: (looks at clipboard) Step aside, sir. Random security check.

Ralph: (frowns) Random my behind. You always stop me.

Surge Protector: I’m just a surge protector doing my job, sir. Name...

Ralph: Lara Croft.

Psycho: Liar. And Santa, I bet, hates liars.

Nack: Shh, not now.

Surge Protector: Name...

Ralph: Wreck-it Ralph.

Surge Protector: (writing) And where you coming from?

Ralph: Uh, Pac-Man.

Surge Protector: Ya bring any fruit with you?

Ralph and Psycho, realizing, quickly hid the fruit with Ralph hiding the cherries behind and Psycho shoving it under Grim.

Psycho: What fruit?

Ralph: (backing away) Uh... No, no. No fruit.

Surge Protector: Okay then. Where you heading?

Ralph: Fix-it Felix, Jr.

Surge Protector: Anything to declare?

Ralph: (glares) I hate you.

Surge Protector: I get that a lot. Proceed.

Finally, as Ralph hiding the cherries behind began walking away, the Surge Protector disappeared.

Psycho: Finally! Fruit for all!

He snatched out the grapes, giving the pieces to his friends.

Buster: Well they ain't carrots, but they'll do.

Grim: (glares) Next time, try hiding it NOT on me!

Ralph: Wait, some of you are good guys.

Plucky: So? That doesn't mean we don't hang out with one another, right?

Kazooie: Pluck's got a point there, Ralphie.

As Ralph bit his cherry, the paperboy yelped, tripping while an angel kid whipsered before the two angels and Dig Dug noticed them.

Angel Girl: (fearfully) Bad guy coming!

Some screamed while Dig Dug quickly dug downward.

Random Person: Out of his way!

Courage: (sighs) I think people fear a few bad guys, just because you're big and sometimes scary looking.

Shirly: I doubt ALL have that case Psycho made up. They probably don't know Ralph like Nack and Psycho's group does.

As they continued, Blaze looked at the familiar hedgehog on the PSA screens.

Blaze: Guys, it's Sonic.

Nack: I know it's Sonic. Did he get involve in another Sonic Says or what?

Chris: Shh, just listen.

As Sonic spoke next, it showed the demonstration.

Sonic: If you leave your game, stay safe. Stay alert. And whatever you do...don’t die. Because if you die outside your own don’t regenerate. Ever. Game over.

Ralph: Told ya.

Nack: Easy for him to say. If only there were Life Shrooms around, then we wouldn't have to worry.

Ralph: That's stupid. And even if it could, I doubt a Life Shroom would work outside the Mario games.

Psycho: We won't know until we try.

Batula: Listen, um Ralph vas it, I have a von't mind some company, vould you? Tron explained a little about vhat you're going through and perhaps...some of VOULD come and make you feel satisfied.

Miss Calamity: I can make you a nice tofu delight or organic cake if you wish.

Sarah: And I can make balloons for you.

Swiper: Balloons?

They arrived to near where the Fix It Felix, Jr. station was.

Br'er Fox: Wha? Ah done say we git ourselves some rabbit meat an'-

Mina: (glares) No, we are NOT having Buster and Babs OR Br'er Rabbit for dinner, Fox Man.

Ralph: Look, people. I appreciate the offer, but-

At that moment, they noticed a group of game critters named Q*Bert, Coily, Ugg, Slick, and Sam sitting in depression while the sign was marked "Game Unplugged. Please Help! Thank You.”

Tron: (worried) Ooooh, the Q*Bert Cast looks so sad. Where's Wrong-Way?

Mr. Bump: Must've died and couldn't regenerate.

Psycho: Who's Wrong-Way again? And I thought Slick and Sam were good guys.

Nack: Were you reading that Q*Bert book again?

He looked sorrowful as they looked at the saddened critter.

Mina: I can't stand this...

Most: Us either.

Finally, their remaining grape pieces and the uneaten big cherry were placed down near Q*Bert.

Ralph: Here you go buddy. It’s fresh. Straight from Pac-Man’s. Hang in there, guys.

Tron: Yeah, be strong.

Bowser Jr.: Augh, I hate feeling guilty and giving up my food. By the way, if Alt. King Dad asks, I don't know you guys.

Just then, the alarm went off with the Surge Protector appearing.

Most: Gah!

Surge Protector: Name?

Ralph: Argh!

Nack: (snaps) Come on!!

Psycho: Can we cut to the next scene please?

A few windmills at a Dutch area was seen.


(End of Act 1)
Takes place after Nack & Psycho meet Sonic.exe but before Hacker Shocked: Arriving to Ralph's universe, the Freelancers meet Ralph whom wants to become a good guy, but things get hectic when they arrive to Sugar Rush and later on must help a girl go into a race while dealing with the Cy-Bugs crisis.
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