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October 19, 2007
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(Flip Card: E-01 Android aka Hip)

Back at the hideout, Manic & Mina on the hoverboard hovered away from the hideout with Hip and a sick Dingo basket at the back. Back with Sonic's group, the crew saw a few ships leaving Robotropolis as Sonic stopped from near Robotnik's HQ.

Sonia: What's that?

Sonic: Assault force!

Sonia: (gasps) Oh my gosh! I've never seen so many!

Cheese: Chao!

Cyrus: Yeah, wonder what's up?

Big: I don't know, but for some reason, I have a bad feeling about this.

Dulcy: Let's just be happy they're not following us!

Julie-su: Let's hope so...

Back with Manic & Mina, the duo were still hovering over the lands as a cloaked figure watched from below.

Manic: It'll take us a while to get there, Hip, but I guarantee you're gonna love it!

As the ships followed them, the two robots sighed as Bocoe spoke.

Bocoe: You know, I'm gonna miss E-01 Android and all the times we shared with the clone android...

Decoe: I some points, I am gonna miss him...(to Robotnik on the communicator) We have the hedgehog in sight, sir!

Robotnik's Voice: That's close enough. Shift to stealth mode.

The gray robot pressed the button, then all of the ships disappeared. Below, the cloaked figure shook his head and followed them quickly. Back with Sonic's group, they headed inside the headquarters as Sonia tried hacking in the computer system.

Big: (looks around) I hope no Swatbots can come in here and hurt us, especially Froggy.

The frog croaked as Sonia was shocked.

Sonia: Uh-oh...

Cyrus: Uh-oh?

The others headed toward her as Sonic spoke.

Sonic: I hate it when you say 'uh-oh'!

Sonia: Look at this!

They looked at the prototype as Remington spoke.

Remington: Yeah, I've seen it. So?

Ray: Yeah, so?

Sonia: So there's nothing else to see, guys. There are no insides to the thing.

Knuckles: So that means it's a fake!

Cream: What!?

They then heard another baby crying. Robotnik came in with another robot baby, only that one looked more like a violet weasel with a red diaper.

Robotnik: Isn't it annoying when they won't stop crying? Fortunately, like those robotosizer plans, this baby-

They gasped as the android's back was taken off, revealing parts of him were circuited while the rest of its body were real.

Robotnik: -is a fake clone/android too! E-01 Android to be exact, but unlike the first one, there are different E-01 designs to look like any kind of Mobian or human infant. Soon, it will grow up rather quickly and with each week, the baby will soon become an adult, ready to obey my orders.

The red echidna looked angrily at the human.

Knuckles: Why you son of a-

Sonic and Knuckles were about to attack, but they were caught by some force field around their feet. They tried to break free, but were all stuck as the weasel baby laughed.

Sonic: Electronic shackles!

Dulcy: Geez, is there anything Robotnik doesn't have?

Robotnik: Welcome to your nightmare, Freedom Fighters!

Later at the main headquarters, Robotnik chuckled with the android weasel as they all watched from the hidden camera that was on the pin earlier.

Robotnik: HEHEHAHAHA! It seems your brother and mongoose friend have decided to take that cute, little baby on a journey...

Sonia: (gasps) Manic!

Bunnie: Oh my stars...

Sonic: Where's he going?

Robotnik: To that place you call 'Sanctuary'!

Dulcy: Oh my gosh!

Cream: Oh no...

Cheese: Chao...

Julie-su: How could he?

Knuckles: (anger mark) I knew we shouldn't have trusted them!

Robotnik: (as he walks around them) Oh, it will be such a pleasure destroying the Freedom Fighters' little nest and all the little nestlings! HAHAHA!

They glared angrily as Robotnik gave the android weasel to Julie-su.

Robotnik: By the way, since you really look like the "motherly type", I thought you might want this little brat to join you!

Julie-su: You fiend!

Sonia: You are so below slime!

Robotnik: (brushing his mustache) Thank you!

The red echidna glared angrily as he tried to use his knuckles to break free from the electric shackles, only to be shocked himself.

Knuckles: Ow!

Sonia touched her medallion as her keyboard came out. She tried shooting at it, but it only absorbed the shot.

Robotnik: HAHAHA! Nice try, hedgehog and echidna, but those fields will withstand anything!

Cyrus: (slaps his forehead) Man, this just isn't our day!

Sonic, looking angrily at Robotnik, touched his medallion and got out his guitar as he spoke.

Sonic: (smirks) Even a power outage, Robutt-head?

Sonic played his guitar and blasted all the control panels and power circuits. That shocked Robotnik as the shackles disappeared from the group.

Cream: We're free!

Sonia: Nice shot, bro!

Big: Now let's get out of here, quickly!

Robotnik: STOP THEM!

Sonic grabbed most of them while Knuckles took his other half. The red echidna dug down toward the ground, making sure the Swatbots were fallen into the hole. That was when Sonic took the others (while holding onto the other android) as he spoke.

Sonic: Hold on to your socks, guys!

The Swatbots missed as one of the lasers almost hit Robotnik himself.

Robotnik: (anger mark) Hold your fire, you idiots!

Back with Mina & Manic, the duo kept hold on Hip as Manic spoke.

Manic: Hang in, Hip, we're getting closer to Sanctuary!

As the two kept heading toward the place, near the cliffs, Sonic and his group (in the van) appeared as they saw the two in the sky.

Sonia: There he is!

Cyrus: We're lucky, they're still 200 kilometers from Sanctuary!

Sonic: Get ready to fly, boys and girls!

The van followed the green hedgehog and mongoose quickly, not knowing the cloaked figure in what appeared to be a motorcycle following them. Inside one of the ships, Bocoe picked up the remote as he sighed.

Bocoe: Dr. Robotnik, the other Freedom Fighters have arrived!

Decoe: Now what, sir?

Robotnik's Voice: You dumbasses! Blast them out of the sky!

Bocoe: Yes Sir!

The other robot switched the communicator as he spoke.

Decoe: Dingo quickly, grab the hedgehog and mongoose!

With the two, Dingo morphed his arm out and grabbed for them.

Dingo: Gotcha, you two!

The two looked back and gasped as they saw Dingo.

Mina: Not again!

The group gasped as Big opened the door.

Cyrus: Big, what are you-?

Big: Those guys are going to fall in that cliff, and unless I catch them, they're gone forever! And Cyrus...take care of Froggy.

He hopped toward the ground, rolling near the cliff. He then saw the cloaked figure looking up.

Big: Who's that?

As the van headed toward the two, Robotnik's attack force came out of stealth mode, and started to fire at them. The group fired back, destroying one of the ships. But unfortunately, more fired back.

Sonic: Shit!

With the two, Manic & Mina struggled as the baby looked angrily at the situation.

Manic: Lemme go! Come on!

Mina: Manic, I'm about to fall!

Hip didn't wanted to let them take anymore as memories of them flooded by his mind. He then bit Dingo's arm.

Dingo: Ahh!

Then the three (minus Manic) fell from the hoverboard.

Manic: Help!

Manic then saw Mina & Hip falling from him as he gasped.

Manic: Mina! Hip! Nooooooo!

Mina desperately held onto Hip as she saw something quite odd on his arm.

Mina:'re an android?

The baby looked sadly at Mina as she just hugged him.

Mina: Hip, I don't care if you're real or not, you're still just a baby! And I promise that if we get out of this, you'll get the best loving in the whole world!

Tears formed from Hip as he hugged back. Manic was about to go after them, but he saw they were almost near the cliffs and closed his eyes.

Manic: (teary) Mina...there's something I never got a chance to tell you...I've always...

The van looked at what Manic was trying to do as Knuckles spoke.

Knuckles: Sonic, guys, look!

Bocoe: You're lucky I'm saving you, you useless moron!

Decoe: (takes out the remote) And you're lucky we stole this from Sleet before he left!

Bocoe: You know how to work that thing, Decoe?

Decoe: Of course I do. (aims) You just aim and morph him into whatever object you think of.

The two robots morphed Dingo into bird as he now flew. Both Big and the figure watched as Manic desperately tried to get closer to them.

Manic: Mina, if you don't get through this...just remember that I have always lov-Huh?

That was when he saw two hands grabbed both of her legs. The baby smiled and giggled as Big smiled to the figure.

Big: Thank you so much, Mr. Stranger, now if you need anything at all-

Figure: Just don't mention this to anyone...EVER!

The figure ran back to his motorcycle as Big thought he saw a glimpse of his face.

Big: Sleet?

Mina was on the ground as the three hugged each other.

Mina: Now, what were you saying about me?

Cream's Voice: Big, Mina, and Manic! Look out!

They quickly avoided the lasers as the figure drove off into the night. Then, the van landed as Manic looked carefully at Hip's arm.

Sonia: Sorry, we just found out too!

He sighed and looked angrily at what would've become a disaster. He then turned angrily at the ones firing at them as he spoke.

Manic: I'm gonna get Robotnik for this!

The lasers continued firing as the others got in the van while Manic (holding onto Hip) continued flying on his hoverboard.

Sonic: Well, here's your chance! Let's give 'em some flying lessons!

The two vehicles continued to avoid the lasers as Hip angrily shot what looked like a laser from his finger.

Manic: Whoa! I didn't know you could do that!

The baby giggled a little. Inside the ship, the robots looked concerned on the figure on the motorcycle.

Bocoe: (looking at the figure) Who was that guy? He looks so familiar...

Decoe: Nevermind him! The android and the others are our concern now!

They continued firing each other as they got closer.

Sonia: Sonic! They're getting closer!

The group desperately tried sticking together as some of the ships were destroyed. They then saw a huge cloud as Remington had an idea.

Remington: Sonic! Maybe we can lose them in that big cloud!

Sonic: Yeah, good idea, Remmy.

Sonic opened the window a little as he shouted.

Sonic: Manic, if we split up, they'll split up. Jam into the cloud from the right, and I'll go left. We'll meet in the middle and blow out the top!

Manic: You got it!

The group headed toward the cloud in different directions, making the ships distracted. As the van and green hedgehog with baby on hoverboard headed out of the clouds, the ships collided as they headed to Sanctuary in safety. Later, at Sanctuary, Manic played the drums to some of the children there.

Manic: Now if you wanna learn that, you need to find some sticks and some flat rocks!

The children looked very excited when he said that, then ran to find their own drums to make, laughing. Mina then came with a duck doctor as Mina spoke.

Mina: Manic, if Dr. Quack and I could have a word with you.

Manic: Okay.

The doctor cleared his throat a little.

Dr. Quack: It's about the see, somehow, they have a quick ability to grow into adults very quickly before the coming of, I'm going to make every attempt to make sure that the growth progress is stopped in at least their childhood successfully.

Mina: (hugs) What the doctor was saying is...they're going to be all right!

Manic blushed a little as Sonic and Sonia came up to them.

Manic: And to think...I almost led those guys here!

Sonia: (places her hand on his shoulder) You were just trying to do the right thing!

They looked at the returning children as Sonic spoke.

Sonic: You two okay, bro?

They looked at each other before speaking in unison.

Mina & Manic: I am now!

The children came up as the sun had risen to a bright new shiny day.

The End

(ED: Sonic Drive TV Instrumental)

Chris' Voice: Sonic Underground Remake Ep Plot: Sonia and Bunnie get invitations to go to the ball, which could be another trap set by Robotnik. But when Sonia gets chosen as a pilot, will she choose to go or leave Barteby behind? Next Sonic Underground Remake Episode: Come Out Wherever You Are! Don't miss it!
While in Robotropolis, Sonic, & friends (with Ray reunited) find an abandoned baby mogehog. While the others search for its parents, Manic and Mina are left to mind it, and get in touch with their parenting instincts. But the baby isn't as innocent as it looks. It's actually an android! And Robotnik comes within an inch of uncovering the freedom fighter's sanctuary. MaincxMina
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Key Events:

*Manic and Mina prepare to bring Hip to Sanctuary

*The Sonic Heroes fall into a trap made by Robotnik, but they escape

*Dingo's cover is blown and captures Manic and Mina, but they are saved by Hip

*Mina learns Hip is actually an android

*Manic nearly reveals his feelings for Mina

*Mina and Hip are saved from falling tor des by Big and a disguised Sleet

*Hip becomes a resident of Sanctuary so Dr. Quack can help slow down the growth process

"*Mina and Hip are saved from to their deaths by Big and a disguised Sleet
Quick edit

"*Manic and Mina prepare their trip to sanctuary
Key Events:

*Manic and Miona prepare their trip to Sanctuary

*The Sonic Heroes fall into a trap, but escape

*Dingo's cover is blown and captures Manic and Mina for a short period of time, but they are saved by Hip

*Mina learns the truth about what Hip really is

*Manic nearly almost his feelings for Mina

*Mina and Hip are saved from falling to their deaths by Big and Sleet, who is cloaked and noone knows about it

*Hip resides in Sanctuary so Dr. Quack can slow down his growth process
Hmm, nice twist with the hedgehog baby. Had no ideas on what I would have done personally with this ep, but I think the Manic/Mina pairing is a nice touch. If she can't end up with Sonic she should at least have the next best thing, right? XD Ash is okay for giving Mina an excuse not to go after Sonic anymore, but I never really cared for the guy. Also, the Mina/Tails pairing in the future timeline is too out of nowhere and WTF for me. He's supposed to be like 10-12 currently! x.O;
Blinklight Apr 14, 2009  Student Digital Artist
OMG ManicXMina! I can die happy now :D
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