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Chapter 12: (True Love & Shadow Queen)

Azula shoved a few people away.

Azula: Out of the way!

Dooplis, who had transformed back, was carrying the females.

Dooplis: Where are we taking them?

Azula: To the top of the tower, where else?

Dooplis: What!? I thought the poison apple thing was gonna be it.

Azula: I have to make sure they stay dead, don't I? Besides, once they're splat on the ground, I'm burning their remains! Then, I'll kill that fat rat I used.

Dooplis: Uh...if you really didn't want him ruling, why didn't you just kill him instead of distract him?

Azula: Don't question me or I'll use you for a mantle!

Azula forced the elevator door to open as the two bodies were tossed in by Azula.

Dooplis: Can I state something about you losing your mind!?

Azula glared, punching him with her flamed hand.

Dooplis: Ugh!

Azula: You're fired.

As she went in the elevator, the fat mouse turning with Minnie's coat, noticed Azula with Minnie and Daisy.

Hiram: What the-!?

Donald: (charging toward Azula) Come back here!

He noticed the others heading to the elevator door with Sora stopping the door with the keyblade. The door opened as everyone, including Hiram, looked at Azula, who pretended to be shocked.

Azula: Hiram!

Goofy: Who's that lady? She looks familiar. Wait, don't tell me. It's Vicky. No, she's got red hair. Frankie? No, she also has red hair. Yumi? Gawrsh, she has blue hair-

Azula: It's Azula, you nitwit!

Hiram: (shocked) Mother?

Azula: (fake smiles) Hiram.

Donald: (notices) Wak! Daisy!

The fat mouse looked as did everyone, plus Azula, at Minnie and Daisy.

Azula: Oh, them. I was taking them out for a little fresh air. They seemed to have swooned. Oh leave her, darling. I think she's fine. Just leave her. Give her some water. She's fine.

However, the mouse ignored her as he held the bodies up.

Donald: Somebody help me, please!

Riku: Mickey!

Mickey took notice as well. The butlers came with a sofa.

Azula: You're overreacting. You no need for that sofa, dear.

The crowd muttered a bit with Mickey giving his cell phone to Adelaine.

Mickey: Call 911!

Hiram and Donald laid the poisoned Minnie and Daisy on the sofa with Mickey heading to her.

Azula: (to the crowd) Now don't pay any attention. Go back to your party. She's fine.

The small mouse looked worried as he gulped.

Mickey: Minnie...

Adelaine: Hello, Toon Hospital? Yes, she's unconscious. I don't know. I didn't see what happened.

Azula: Oh, she fainted.

Voice: No, she didn't.

She heard the voice, turning as she noticed Jack with the two Shadow Sirens pointing accusingly to her.

Azula: Jack? (glares) Go back to the car.

Jack Spicer: (glares) I won't.

Vivian, realizing what happened, glared as she pointed accusingly to her.

Vivian: You poisoned them!

Azula: Ha!

Jack Spicer: She's an evil backstabber!

Goofy: What?

Dooplis: (recovering) She told me to turn to an evil rat! She sent the girls here...though I kinda helped before she decided to become extremely insane! For crying out loud, you know who's really in love with, so why do you even bother?!

Azula: Hey, I'm only following the script, you dolt. Or do you want to see your sheet burned to a crisp?

Dooplis: (gulps) I'll be good.

Beldam: (looks down) He wasn't the only one who helped...I'm afraid...

Azula: Don't listen to them. Why would I ever align myself with that buffoon? I mean, think about it. Why...?

Vivian: Because you're not really a human or a rat!

She slapped Vivian in anger.

Azula: Shut up, you little wench! I AM NOT A RAT!!

Scorpio: (gasps) Vivian!

Vivian had tears streaming down.

Azula: (realizes) Uh oh.

That did it as Sora angrily shoved the keyblade near her throat.

Azula: Gah! Now, wait...I can explain-

Hiram: Silence! You lying, murderous wretch! When we return home, Animaland shall know of your treachery.

Donald: Your days as queen will be over!

Azula: Take my crown? Don't you think that's a bit melodramatic, dear?

Goofy: I don't know what "melodramatic" means, but you'll be removed from the throne, Azula.

Hiram: Yeah, I will see to it.

Vivian then slapped Azula.

Vivian: And that's for hitting me!

She hissed toward them. The others dropped their weapons, looking at both Minnie and Daisy. Azula prepared to use her spell on them.

Azula: (quietly) Speciosus, formosus-

Just then, goth boy, noticing the spell about to be made, quickly picked up Hiram's sword, nearing it close to Azula's neck.

Jack Spicer: That's enough of that, you rat! I always wanted to say that.

Azula: Hey!

The group looked concerned at the fallen maidens.

Hiram: We have to help her.

Donald: What shall we do?

Sora: I don't know...(to Jack) What do we do?

Jack Spicer: There's no way to help them now. They're done for.

Mickey looked very worried at the pale Minnie before he realized something.

Mickey: True love's kiss.

The group looked concerned.

All: What?

Mickey: If you know the stories of Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, you'd know it's the most powerful thing in the world.

Hiram: (grins) Yes, yes. Of course.

Donald: That's it!

Hiram went to Minnie with Donald going to Daisy.

Donald: Even I was gonna say that.

Beldam: (sarcastically) Riiiight.

Hiram then gave a kiss to Minnie's lips with Donald doing the same to Daisy. However, only Daisy turned back to normal, gasping a bit.

Daisy: Huh? Wha?

Donald: (grins) Daisy!

He hugged Daisy a bit with Hiram removing himself from Minnie's lips.

Daisy: What in the-? (notices) Oh no, Minnie! She's poisoned!

Hiram: Still!?

He tried kissing her again, though it did not work.

Hiram: It-It's not working!

Vivian: That's what I've been trying to tell you! Minnie's not your true love! She's your son's true love!

Hiram: (confused) I have a son? Since when?

Daisy: What are you talking about, Vivian?

Goofy: I didn't know he had a first wife.

Donald: Goofy...that sounds ridiculous. How can he have a son anyway? It doesn't make sense!

Vivian: Oh great, I forgot you guys still have that amnesia spell that breaks only by true love's kiss.

Just then, the clock began to chime 12 with the first bell ringing. Azula laughed cruelly.

Azula: You'll never save her now. When the clock strikes 12...she'll be dead.

Hiram: Unless...

The group looked toward him before Hiram turned to Mickey.

Mickey: Unless?

Hiram: Mickey, I knew there was some type of should-

Mickey: Oh's not possible.

He walked toward Mickey with concern in his face.

Hiram: It couldn't be me. Don't you see?

Mickey: I barely even know her. It has to-

Adelaine: Kiss her, Mickey!

They looked back to Adelaine who looked at him.

Adelaine: It's okay.

The bigger mouse nodded to him as did the others. Mickey went over to Minnie, touching her pale cheek.

Mickey: (quietly) Please, don't leave me.

Then, he held Minnie up a bit, kissing her softly on the lips just as the final gong was heard. He removed himself, waiting for a moment. Everyone, but Azula looked worried before Minnie finally awoke, gasping for air. She smiled to a familiar face, grinning.

Minnie: Mickey! My prince!

Mickey: Ha-ha. I knew I'd seen you somewhere before.

Minnie: I knew it was you!

Both of them hugged with the crowd, including a familiar turtle, applauding.

Troubadour: Encore! Encore!

Two aristocrats named Sally and Sonia clapped as they grinned.

Sally: Lovely.

Sonia: Oh, wasn't it wonderful? So much better than last year's show.

The two finished hugging as Goofy, now recognizing Mickey, jumped on top of him.

Goofy: Mick! A-hyuck! Where ya been?

Donald: (realizes) Mickey!? You mean Prince Mickey!?

Vivian: (grins) The amnesia spell's broken, too! Hooray!

Sora: Wait, what are you talking about?

Kairi: What do you mean?

Vivian: My mistress attacked the kingdom on the night Hiram's adopted son was to be engaged by the missing Princess Minnie.

Felicia: Whoa, Minnie's a princess? I knew there was something special I'd like about her.

Vivian: Anyway, my mistress and my sisters attacked, though I had to get Princess Minnie away from safety. Before that, however, I saw Mickey zapped by my ladies to this world. After the murder of Hiram's real mom and dad, even though some of us can't tolerate Queen Selene, she placed the amnesia spell all over the kingdom. Since I'm a siren, that doesn't affect me or my sisters.

Dooplis: (pauses) That has got to be the biggest bull I have ever heard of!!

Beldam only zapped ice to Dooplis, turning him to a block of ice.

Beldam: Well, someone had to shut him up!

Azula angrily screamed, hitting Jack and grabbing the sword. She then pointed it toward everyone, with the fighters preparing to attack.

Azula: (backing away) The most powerful thing in the world...Ha! I don't think so. He-he-he. You have no idea who you're dealing with.

She backed toward the center as the crowd looked worried.

Azula: You want a show? I'll give you a show! Back off! Get ready for the main event!

She got into the center of the room before she slammed her sword down with the spell chanting just as the pirates and Kronk headed toward her.

Azula: Speciosus, formosus, praeclarus!

Then, in an instant, flames spread around as the people screamed. The block of ice broke, with Dooplis shivering.

Dooplis: Wouldn't I want to give to be a Boo again sometimes...

The group gasped as they saw the figure finished its transformation. It was a huge shadowy creature with grayish hair and a crown covering its eyes. This was the Shadow Queen.

Shadow Queen: All this nausciating talk of true love's really does bring out the worst in me. Anyway, I've been thinking, if I'm to remain queen I'll need a story for when I go back to Animaland. Hmm...What if "a giant, vicious beast showed up and killed everyone, and poor defenseless Queen Azula, she just couldn't save them!" Let's begin with the girl who started it all, shall we?

The group came in front of her.

Mickey: Over my dead body!

All: Us too!

Shadow Queen: (shrugs) Alright, I'm flexible.

The Shadow Queen reached her arm out, grabbing Mickey, Daisy, Kairi, Riku, and Felicia.

Mickey's Group: AHHH!!

Donald: Daisy!

Minnie: Mickey!

The Shadow Queen with her victims headed to the window door.

Shadow Queen: Come along, everyone. I don't want you to miss this ending.

She crashed through the window as Donald looked worried.

Troubadour: Zut ta lour! You must save them!

Minnie: I...I...

Donald: Minnie, you have to...please. Our friends are up there.

Minnie: (sighs) All right. I'll make sure I rescue the others...but with your help, of course.

Sora: Don't worry, we can handle it.

Minnie: Besides, no Shadow Queen is going to hurt our friends!

Just then, Minnie noticed a keyblade with some roses appearing in her hands.

Minnie: A keyblade?

Vivian: That's it! You can probably vanquish her with the Keyblade!

Sora: Let's get going!

Goofy: I gotta help Clarabelle and the king first.

Troubadour: I'll help, too, Goofy.

Minnie's group went through the screaming crowd as Minnie removed her crown, heading to the broken doors. Up above, the others struggled as the Shadow Queen continued her climb.

Riku: Let go, you monster!

Mickey: You're crazy!

Shadow Queen: No. Spiteful, vindictive, very large, but never crazy.

She then felt some pain. She looked down, noticing Sora, Donald, and Minnie glancing at her, with Minnie hitting the bottom with her keyblade.

Daisy: Donald!

Kairi: Sora!

Mickey: Minnie!

Shadow Queen: Oh my, this is a twist in our story! It's the brave little princess and her friends coming to the rescue.

Sora, Donald, and Minnie continued to climb up toward her while the Shadow Queen glanced at her victims

Shadow Queen: I guess this makes you the damsels in distress, huh, handsome? (to Minnie) Keep up with me, dear. It's time to take our tale to new heights!

Thunder and lightning continued as she climbed until they reached the top of the building with the Shadow Queen laughing cruelly. She let out a howl. Down below, Hiram with Adelaine and the others looked up, looking worried.

Vivian: We have to do something, but what?

Just then, they felt three things bumping to one another. They looked down, noticing three familiar chipmunks in hamster balls.

Goofy: The chipmunks!

Goofy picked them up before the chipmunks chattered alot.

Goofy: I think they wanna play a game of volleyball.

Beldam: You idiot! That's not what they're saying at all!

Hiram: Even I know that this isn't what they were trying to tell us.

Goofy: Okay, you're so smart, Your Majesty, you figure it out.

He took the hamster balls, hearing their chatter, nodding a bit.

Hiram: They're saying that you guys like to be finally released, help Sora, Donald and Minnie, and best the Shadow Queen.

Vivian: Good idea, guys!

Goofy: If that's what they've been trying to say all the time, why didn't you guys say so in the first place?

Everyone else only groaned.

Dooplis: (to himself) Idiot.

Hiram opened the tops, freeing the chipmunks. They climbed upward quickly.

Goofy: Wait up!

Back above, the group saw some Shadow spawns as the three tried attacking. Donald yelped as one neared him before a familiar shield hit it, destroying it.

Goofy: A-hyuck, need any help?

Donald: Goofy!

The group fought the spawns more quickly while Minnie went ahead, slashing her hand, though temporary. The hand remerged just as it grabbed Mickey. The others got off safely as they attacked against the spawns.

Minnie: Azula...Shadow Queen...I won't let you take Mickey!

Shadow Queen: We're coming to the end of our story now. (slashing) Are you at the edge of your seat, Minnie?

She screamed, dodging the attack.

Shadow Queen: Just dying to know how it ends?

Then, they noticed some familiar chipmunks.

Minnie's Group: The Chipmunks!

They smiled, heading up toward the top of the building. The three pushed at the top with it starting to break unknown to the laughing queen.

Shadow Queen: How about this: And they all live happily never after! least I'll live happily ever! Ha-ha-ha!

Riku: That is the lamest ending ever! "Happily Never After" Come on! That's not even a real ending.

Alvin and Simon looked at Theodore, who looked at his tummy. The one with the green sweater then got on the side of the tower. It then began to start breaking. She gasped, starting to fall. Then, she tossed Mickey upward, trying to save herself.

Mickey: AHHH!

Minnie quickly threw her keyblade, pinning Mickey's glove. The Shadow Queen finally fell, screaming downward.

Shadow Queen: Speciosus, formosus-

However, a stoned gargoyle she landed on stabbed her, much to the ones watching's notice. Then, the Shadow Queen, trying to hang on, was engulfed by flames before she finally slipped and fell downward before turning into dust down below on the streets.

Vivian: She's gone now...

Beldam: Yeah...

Vivian then noticed a groaning Luma coming toward them.

Vivian: A Luma?

Luma: I'm sorry...if you're planning to go won't be through the sewers. The gate leading to Animaland is gone.

Vivian: (gasps) Oh no...

Dooplis: You mean we're stuck here for good?

Luma: Well...there is another way, but Mama Rosalina told me it's only used for emergencies.

Vivian: What is it? We'll try anything.

Luma: You Shadow Sirens have to make the spell with me...I'd ask my Luma siblngs, but they're all trapped in Animaland now...we must create a new gateway...a door called Kingdom Hearts.

The Sirens themselves looked a bit concerned. Back above, Minnie's group sighed in relief.

Donald: That'll show you, you dumb palooka!

Daisy: So I take it you and Goofy are probably gonna stay in this city as well?

Goofy: That's right. After all, who are we to separate from our friend, Mickey?

The group, realizing, looked back at Mickey trying to hand on, with part of the glove starting to break.

All: Mickey!

Mickey held onto part of the tower with Alvin and Simon, gasping, heading to him. However, when they reached him, they were too late as Mickey fell.

Mickey: AHHH!!

Minnie: Mickey!

The female mouse caught him as they along with their friends whom they tumbled to, tumbled down to the roof side and to the floor part of the roof. The group gasped and panted, looking at where they almost fell to. Then, Minnie looked at Mickey.

Minnie: Is this a habit of yours? Falling off of stuff?

Mickey: Only when you're there to catch me. Ha-ha.

Minnie then noticed Daisy kissing Donald, who had kiss marks on himself.

Minnie: Daisy? Are you kissing a commoner?

Daisy: In France, they say, C'est la vie.

She continued kissing as Minnie smiled.

Minnie: C'est la mour.

The other couples grinned as they too kissed one another. Goofy then noticed Clarabelle climbing up to them.

Clarabelle: Goofy!

Goofy: Clarabelle!

The two went to each other, though they bumped heads, laughing a bit. Finally, Goofy with Clarabelle and Minnie with Mickey kissed.


Back in the ball, Adelaine came to Minnie's discarded crown that dropped.

Ever Ever After

She then sat down, then picked up the crown, looking at it. The fat mouse came near the gray mouse, kneeling to her.

Hiram: Why so sad, beautiful lady?

Adelaine: (grins) She forgot her crown. Figures.

Hiram took it, looking at it.

Storybook endings
Fairy tales coming true

He then looked at Adelaine.

Hiram: May I?

The crown was then placed onto Adelaine's head.

Deep down inside
We wanna believe they still do

The brown mouse smiled to her.

Hiram: It's a perfect fit.

Adelaine smiled softly to him. A bit later, the two with the Sirens, Dooplis Scorpio, Lumas, and the Chipmunks ran through the city, with the girls laughing a bit. They finally came to the destroyed manhole. They looked around one last time before the males held their hands. The Sirens and Lumas shone their magic as a door was created. The door opened as they headed through it together.

In our secretest heart
Its our favorite part of the story
Let's just admit we all wanna make it to

In Animaland, the wedding commenced at the castle with the animals there cheering with a badger named Friar Tuck as the priest. The mice were about to kiss.

Ever ever after
If we just don't get it our own way
Ever ever after
It may only be a wish away
Ever ever after

Just then, before they could kiss the cell phone rang before Adelaine motioned him.

Adelaine: Oops. I'm so sorry. He-he-he.

She took it out, looking at it.

Adelaine: (grins) Wow! You've got great reception here.

She then tossed the cell phone down the stairs before it broke, much to the others' notice. She then threw Hiram into her arms before the chuckling mouse was kissed by her just as the bouquet was tossed onto Vivian's arms, who smiled lovingly to Scorpio while he grinned back.

Ever ever after
If we just don't get it our own way
Ever ever after
It may only be a wish away

Back in the human world, a store called "Animaland Fashion and Cooking" was shown. It then showed the animals from before helping out with some of the fashion chores with Remy and a few animals cooking some masterpieces.

Start a new fashion
Wear your heart on your sleeve

Bobby only laughed at Pesto and Squint fighting again while Timmy & Jenny, shaking their heads, smiled to them while making a lovely dress. The nephews with Cream then dragged Mickey, Pluto, and a woman named Vanilla to where many children were gathering around toward where Minnie was an activity director and their friends helped out.

Sometimes you reach what's realest by making believe

It then showed a bookstore where there was a line.

Unafraid, Unashamed

There, a familiar goth boy was signing a book called "My Royal Pain by Jack Spicer" before grinning at two ladies who wanted his autograph.

There is joy to be claimed in this world
You even might wind up being glad to be you

He smiled at his assistant named Rika, who smiled back.

Ever ever after
Though the world will tell you its not smart

Back in Animaland, the chipmunks were signing their own book called "Silence Isn't Golden by The Chipmunks" to three chipmunks named Britney, Jeanette, and Eleanor aka the Chippettes, smiling to him.

Alvin: There you go, sweetheart.

Britney: Hmph.

Jeanette & Eleanor: Thanks, Alvin.

Ever ever after
The world can be yours if you let your heart believe in ever after

There, many animals along with a familiar Koopa waited in line.

Theodore: All right, everybody, don't crowd now.

Simon: Plenty of copies for everyone.

Back in the human world, Mickey, Minnie, and their friends were happily playing with their neice, nephews, Vanilla, and Cream.

No wonder your heart feels its flying
Your head feels its spinning

The humans joined in as they ran through the halls together, laughing.

Each happy ending's a brand new beginning

The group danced happily through the rooms together.

Let yourself be enchanted
You just might break through to

Ever ever after
Forever could even start today

We finally pan out of the apartment complex and pan toward the sky, with Troubadour looking at the sky with a smile.

Troubadour: And so, they all lived happily ever after.

Ever ever after
Maybe its just one wish away
Your ever ever after

Ever Ever Ever After

oh Ever Ever After

I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss!

The book finally closed, ending the story before we fade to black.

The End

A/N: Hooray! My Enchanted Parodies are finished. This is great. Now I can concentrate on both my Toons Take Manhattan and Swiper Hears a Toon fics. Hope you enjoyed these Enchanted Parodies.
The first Enchanted parody starring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and many others.
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