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Disclaimer: I do not own any characters nor the name of the Mouse King in this fic.

A/N: Well, today's the day. Today, I'll do my Enchanted parodies. This is one of them. And some of Disney's 3 Musketeers is also added into some scenes in this version. Enjoy.

"Julayla Presents"

In a stage area, a turtle wearing white gloves named Troubadour was reading a pop-up book with the title, "Minnie's Enchanted" while humming.

Troubadour: (singing) Singing, singing,
I will be singing all day long.
When I'm singing,
There is nothing wrong.

He put down the comic before jumping off the chair.

Troubadour: (singing) Heroes, hey!

He then noticed some stares before chuckling nervously. He then sat back on the chair, reading his comic while humming.

Voice 1: Talent to the set, please.

Voice 2: We're live in 60 seconds.

Trobadour: (shocked) 60 seconds!?

He then ran to the dressing room, then knocked on the door.

Troubadour: Monsieur narrator, uh, monsieur narrator! (knocks on the door) Monsieur, monsieur, it is time!

Then, the door opened, hitting Troubadour against a wall with a light. The narrator, who's face could not be seen, got out as he looked at a book with Troubadour following.

Troubadour: Ah, monsieur. But today is the day, right monsieur? Because you promised I can sing my songs about Minnie Mouse, right?

He took out a guitar from his shell and began to play it.

Troubadour: (singing) All for one-

The narrator snatched the guitar and hit the turtle with it before leaving him.

Troubadour: (sadly) But monsieur, you promised!

He then started to start having tears until he stopped, noticing where the narrator was going: to the trap door. Quickly, he headed over to him.

Troubadour: Ah! Oh, no, no!

Unfortunately, due to the book the narrator was using to read, he did not notice it.

Troubadour: No, no, no. Monsieur, monsieur, monsieur! Wait, wait!

It was too late as the narrator yelped and fell in the trap door.

Troubadour: The stage is this way, stage left. Remember?

Voice 3: Let's have some quiet people.

The book that the narrator had earlier flew out of the trap door, hitting Troubadour. It landed on a loose board Troubadour was on, sending him flying and ricocheting on to the stage.

Voice 1: 5 seconds to air.

Then, all of a sudden, the turtle fell and landed on the chair where the narrator was suppose to sit.

Voice 3: Cue music!

Voice 2: And...action!

The turtle looked around, looking confused.

Voice 1: (quietly) What's that turtle doing here?

Troubadour looked around, then noticed himself on the set, hearing the voices of the stage crew.

Voice 2: Where's the narrator?

Voice 1: (quietly) Shhh! We're live. Just go with it. (to Troubadour) Hey you!

He noticed one of them asking him.

Voice 1: (quietly) Don't just sit there like a turtle, do something!

He yelped, only going into his shell before the voice continued.

Voice 1: You're on camera. For Pete sake, say something. Anything!

He then came out, then looked at the camera as he gulped a bit.

Troubadour: (nervously) Um, bonjour madames and monsieurs. Ah...

He then noticed the book he was reading earlier as he grinned, no longer nervous.

Troubadour: Ahem. I will tell the tale of...

He then showed the book as he continued smiling.

Troubadour: Da-da-da! Minnie's Enchanted! (smiles) This is my favorite version...the one with pictures and in pop-up form. (smiles with pride) And it has some of my songs.

Then, the pop up book began to open up as the title was shown.

"Minnie's Enchanted"

Chapter 1: (Her Kingly Love?)

The castle was then shown before a female was shown. She was a black haired brown mouse with her hair tied up with golden eyes. She wore red lipstick, and what appeared to be a Fire Nation uniform. Her name was Azula.

Troubadour: (narrating) Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known as Animaland, there lived an evil mouse queen known as Azula.

The next pop-up showed a silhouette of another mouse.

Troubadour: (narrating) Selfish and cruel, she lived in fear that one day, her step son would marry, and she would lose her throne forever.

In the forest, as it was becoming reality, the turtle, now donning a black feather hat and black shoes came as he looked at the cottage.

Troubadour: And so, she did all in her power to prevent the prince from ever meeting the one special maiden, with whom he would share true love's kiss.

He then noticed a figure humming happily.

Troubadour: (grins) And...speaking of is our maiden.

Inside, many animals were helping a mouse with a mechade statue that wore a black-white shirt, red shorts, yellow shoes, and particular ears of some sort.

Birds: Minnie, Minnie, how about this for your statue?

A female mouse smiled as she was given an item from the two birds. She was a black mouse with eyelashes and black eyes. She wore white gloves, a pink bow with a flower, and a pink dress. She was known as Minnie.

Minnie: Oh, this will be perfect, thank you.

Birds: You're welcome.

Then, three chipmunks motioned the birds away. The first one was a semi-thin chipmunk in a red sweater, the second one was a tall thin chipmunk wearing glasses and a blue sweater, and the last one was a chubby chipmunk wearing a green sweater. They were known as Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.

Alvin: Okay, okay. Come on, come on. Okay, ya guys, move it!

Simon: Alvin! Uh, please continue looking if you like, my bird friends.

Theodore: At least you're not falcons.

The birds flew away while Alvin continued.

Alvin: (frowns) We have got a face to put together here while it's still engraved in her sub-cranium!

Other Chipmunks: Alvin!

Alvin: What?

Four animals then came as Minnie smiled at the statue. The first one was a brown furred lion with spiky mane, the second was a gray lion with silver hair, the third was a pink lion with red hair, and the last one was a white cat with a blue hair strand. They were known as Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Felicia.

Felicia: Awesome job, Minnie.

Minnie: (smiles) Oh, guys, it was such a lovely dream. (dancing) We were holding hands and dancing and-

Sora: (chuckles) We know, and you knew he was your true love when the first sign was that he made you laugh.

The rabbit, Thumper, jumped to where Minnie was.

Thumper: (shows the jewels) How about these for the eyes?

Minnie: Red rubies that sparkle? How did you know?

She looked through the jewels before she giggled.

Minnie: (smiles) And they sparkle, just like his.

Riku: Too bad brown jewels don't exist, otherwise, I'd say it matches.

Kairi: Riku...

The mouse then went to the statue and put the jewels on the statue.

Minnie: Okay, there we go. (gasps) Yes, that's it!

Theodore: (chuckles) Okay, yeah. Yeah.

Simon: Nice.

The chipmunks went to where the animals were watching while Alvin grinned.

Alvin: (grins) It's all yours, honey.

Minnie: (smiles) Presenting, my one true love.

She then turned the statue around, showing the custom made statue of what appeared to be a mishapen mouse.

Minnie: My prince. My dream come true.

All: Awwww.

The female mouse gasped as she realized something.

Minnie: Oh my goodness.

Riku then got on Minnie's shoulder, looking concerned.

Riku: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What? What's the problem?

Minnie: Hmmm...I didn't give him any lips.

Riku: Oh.

The small deer, Bambi, looked a bit worried to her.

Bambi: Does he have to have lips?

Minnie: (nods) Of course.

She then began to speak before singing to her animal friends.

Minnie: When you meet the someone who was meant for you

A few birds landed near the statue.

Minnie: (singing) Before two can become one there is something we must do

Thumper: (pulling Sora's tail) Do you pull each others tails?

Sora: (pushes him away) Hey!

Bluebird: Do you feed each other seeds?

The bluebird shoved some seeds into the other one before it spit the seeds out before the bird nearly fell to Minnie's hands.

Minnie: (giggles) No.

She then put the bird on top of Kairi's head as she continued.

Minnie: (singing) There is something sweeter everybody needs

She touched Kairi's cheek, making her giggle a little. She then went to the dresser where a skunk named Flower gave her a brush before Minnie brushed herself.

Minnie: (singing) I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a prince I'm hoping comes with this

She then got up and went to an owl named Archimedes while singing with some of the animals nearing him.

Minnie: (singing) That's what brings everaftering so happy

She then forced the owl to smile, much to his annoyance. All while some of the animals was trying to balance themselves with a turtle named Toby on top, holding a rose.

Minnie: (singing) And that's the reason we need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch

Toby bowed before giving her the rose. The mouse gave the turtle a kiss on the forehead, making him blush before he with the other animals fell to the ground.

Minnie: (singing) So to spend a life of endless bliss

The animals laughed with Toby blushing a bit. Minnie, once more, neared the statue, putting the rose on the jacket.

Minnie: (singing) Just find who you love through true love's kiss

The lions and cat sighed with grins on their faces.

Minnie: Now, if we're going to find a perfect pair of lips, we're going to need alot more help.

The female mouse then looked out the closed window, then she opened it as she gave out her call.

Minnie: (singing) Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa

Soon, many animals came out of hiding as they heard her call.

Animals: (singing) Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa

Soon, many animals came as Minnie danced with the many animals singing and helping her.

Animals: (singing) She's been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a prince she's hoping comes with this

A frog named Mr. Toad slipped and fell into the sink, but he did not mind it much. All while a raven gave one of the animals some items, which each animal passed to Minnie. The mouse tried figuring out which one was right, trying to find the right one.

Animals: (singing) That's what brings everaftering so happy

Minnie sighed as she looked at Bambi and the chipmunks before a small worm came out of the apple. She grinned and took him out of the apple she held.

Animals: (singing) And that's the reason we need lips so much
For lips are the only things that touch

She then put the worm on the statue, making a smile out of it while she grinned. The worm frowned a bit before it left. Minnie then sat on the statue's lap while the animals watched.

Minnie: (singing) So to spend a life of endless bliss

The last of the birds came with a wreath of flowers, putting them around the female mouse and the statue.

Minnie: (singing) Just find who you love through true love's kiss

Troubadour, meanwhile, smiled at the site as he sighed.

Troubadour: Ah, love. It is in the air.

He then heard a roar before taking out his telescope. He then looked through it and grinned.

Troubadour: Ah, and speaking of which, here is the one chosen for Minnie...or so it seems.

Meanwhile, a black anthro dog was trying to hold onto the rope. He wore a funny yellow hat, red goggles, a green turtle neck, a black vest, white gloves, yellow cargo pants, a black belt, and yellow shoes. He was known as Goofy.

Goofy: Whoa! Slow down! Slow down!

Voice: Must I do everything myself?

Goofy looked as he saw another figure jump and grabbed the rope, tying the creature Goofy was trying to tie up. He was a fat brown mouse with some light brown on most of his face and chest area with dark brown bushy eyebrows, dark brown hands, feet, and tail along with a red nose and reddish eyes. He wore a gold crown, a bluish tunic with a deep red cape and black belt to hold his sword. What was noticeable was his bent tail. He was known as Hiram, the soon-to-be Mouse King.

Goofy: (sees him) King Hiram! (realizes) Oops, I mean soon-to-be King Hiram.

Hiram: Where's Donald?

Voice: WAAAAK!!!

The two looked as they saw a cowardly white duck with blue eyes hanging on while having his eyes shut. He wore a midnight blue shirt with a zipper going down the middle, yellow wristbands, a small blue cape of some sort, and a blue hat with a few zippers on it. He was known as Donald Duck.

Donald: Get me out of here!

Goofy: (grabs him) Gotcha, Donald! (shouts) Look out below!

Then, the figure with the trio on top landed on the ground with a thud, all tied up. It was a seven foot tall, muscular koopa monster who had sharp teeth, with yellowish-orange scale-like skin, and a big green shell with orangish yellow spikes on his back. The top of his head was green and he had a tan-colored snout. He also had two small yellow horns on top of his head and some big claws on the ends of his hands and feet. He also had scraggly red hair, baggy red eyebrows, death red eyes, a spiked collar, spiked wristbands, spiked shoulder bands and some sort of shell pad on the front of his body. His name was Bowser.

Goofy: A-hyuck, nice one.

Then, some figures came to them with smiles on their faces, though the youngest's was a sweet smile. The first one that giggled was a purple creature with no legs and had her eyes hidden by her pink hair and red-white striped hat. She also wore gloves and pink lipstick. Her name was Vivian.

The second one was a female white duck who wore a purple bow, a matching dress, two gold bracelets, a ponytail for her hair, and purple high heels. She was known as Daisy Duck.

The third one was a white ghost with yellow eyes, a red tongue, and wore a party hat. He was known as Dooplis. (A/N: This will be Dooplis' form temporarily for the Animaland side.)

The fourth was like Vivian except she was overweight, had red hair and a yellow-white striped hat covering her eyes along with white gloves. Her name was Marlyn.

The fifth one, who was the oldest, was like the other two purple creatures, except she had purple hair. She wore a blue-white striped pointy hat that hid her eyes and white gloves. Her name was Beldam, leader of the Shadow Sirens.

And the last one was a red furred baboon spiky, red hair and he had a painted on scar under his eye. He wore yellow goggles, a black trench coat, black trousers, and black and gold boots. His name was Jack Spicer, the Evil Boy Genius.

Vivian: Hooray! You did it!

Daisy: (rolls eyes) Yeah, they did.

Dooplis: Yep.

Jack Spicer: Amazing, sire! Your tenth monster this month.

The five headed up to the group, though Jack's arm got caught in Bowser's nostril.

Jack Spicer: Ewww!

Daisy: (sarcastically) We looove hunting monster with you guys.

Vivian nearly slipped off before Beldam began climbing.

Jack Spicer: Yeah, yeah. Big monsters. Little monsters. Monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters.

Vivian: But I'm tired of monster chasing! Can't we chase butterflies or something?

Beldam: (frowns) Vivian!

She accidentally tripped and hit Dooplis who hit Jack, making his arm go into Bowser's nostril.

Dooplis: Ewww!

Bowser: You and ghost boy better get use to it, mama's boy!

Jack Spicer: (frowns) Cut that out!

The three above helped the ones below with the mouse speaking.

Hiram: Yeah, monsters are a fine to pass the time, guys, but...

Donald: (slaps his forehead) Oh brother, here we go again.

Hiram: (stands up) But my heart longs to be joined in song.

Daisy: (sighs) Here we go again.

The mouse and youngest Shadow Siren then started dancing with Jack and Donald being grabbed by each as he began to sing. (A/N: Imagine his singing voice being Johnny Depp's okay?)

Donald: (to himself) I hate this part.

Hiram: (singing) I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss
And a-

The two then stopped as he heard Minnie's singing.

Minnie's Voice: (singing) -prince I'm hoping comes with this

They dropped both Jack and Donald, looking surprised as did most of them, except for Jack, Beldam, Dooplis (the first three worried), and Marlyn.

Hiram: you hear that maiden?

Daisy: I hear it. I hope it's not a commoner though.

Goofy: Well, the king, before he died, did say that he has to find the maiden he believes is worthy.

Daisy: Even so, how am I gonna explain it

Donald: What about you guys?

Jack Spicer: (surprised) What? Me? No, no, I didn't hear that. I hear nothing, nothing at all, your duckiness.

Marlyn: Guh!

Dooplis: (sing-songy) La! (normal tone) Oh, I don't think-

Vivian: Go for it!

Beldam: (glares) Vivian!

Vivian: What?

Hiram: (grins) I must find that maiden that belongs to that sweet voice!

Goofy: Wait for us, Your Highness.

The others headed off with Beldam, Marlyn, Dooplis, and Jack chasing after them.

Jack Spicer: Oh no, come back, sire!

Beldam: Don't go!

It was too late as Vivian helped Goofy and Daisy onto a horse named Cyril while the fat mouse got on the horse himself.

Hiram: (smirks) To my destiny!

The three headed off as the luckless Donald jumped and grabbed the horse's tail, hanging on for dear life.

Donald: Wait for me, you big palooka! Waaaak!!

The other four groaned as the five watched them leave the area.

Vivian: Good luck, Your Majesty!

They glanced at her for a moment.

Vivian: What?

Dooplis: Oh, poo!

Jack Spicer: (worried) Oh no! Oh no! This isn't good! All those times of monster hunting and trying to keep him from ever meeting a girl! (takes out a locket) Oh, my queen! Oh no!

He then took out the locket containing a picture of Azula grinning.

Vivian: I still don't like your crush with her, Jack.

Jack Spicer: (narrows) It's not a crush! It's worshiping her like you sirens do.

Vivian: There's a difference between crushes and worships, Jackie.

Beldam: Both of you, knock it off!

Both: (sweatdrops) Sorry, Beldam.

Jack Spicer: Oh, the queen, she's not going to like this.

Just then, the group heard Bowser singing, turning around.

Bowser: (singing) True love's kiss.

Then, Jack Spicer chuckled wickedly as did the others, minus Vivian, closing the locket.

Vivian: Oh no, why do I feel that this isn't good?

Meanwhile, the four (with Donald just recovering) continued onward with the mouse singing.

Hiram: (singing) Aaaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaa aaa true love's kiss

The four then heard some stomping noises before they looked back. They yelped as they saw a familiar koopa running to their direction.

Donald: (in fear) Wak!

Bowser: (singing) True love's kiss

Hiram only smirked before he spoke.

Hiram: Oh, you are sooo not gonna succeed, King of the Koopas. That maiden is mine!

Donald: (gulps) Do we have to?

Goofy: We gotta, Donald. It's in the script after all.

Back with Minnie, she looked out the window before looking at the chipmunks, who came to her.

Simon: Minnie, do you really think your dream boy exists?

Minnie: Oh, Simon. I know he's out there somewhere. I mean Sora and Riku found true love with both Kairi and Felicia respectively after all.

She had her head turned, not knowing Bowser looked at the window. Only the animals noticed. They gasped and pointed to the window with fear in their eyes, though Sora and Riku were the only ones preparing to fight.

Animals: I-I-I-I-

Minnie: I-I what?

Bowser: I gotta do what the script says and eat you now, mouse girl!

The mouse finally noticed as did the chipmunks. The four screamed with Minnie beginning to run.

Kairi: Hurry!

Felicia: Follow us!

Sora: Come out, you dumb koopa!

Riku: You don't scare us!

The two gigantic arms surrounded the group while Bowser tried grabbing Minnie.

Bowser: Ha! Gotcha!

The koopa king then noticed Minnie and her friends on the roof, looking confused before pulling something out. He then noticed the statue Minnie was making before he frowned, crushing and destroying the statue.

Bowser: Hey, that's cheating!

He then jumped on the house, chasing after her while destroying it in the progress. The animals climbed up the tree and tried getting away from the furious reptile.

Bowser: I'm suppose to eat you!

Alvin quickly jumped to the branch, preparing to fight.

Alvin: Oh no you don't, you big jerk!

Simon & Theodore: Alvin!

The chipmunks quickly jumped on the koopa's head, much to his confusion. Sora, Riku, Kairi, and Felicia jumped on his head as well, giving out more confusion. Just then, everyone on the branch began to fall.

Minnie: Ahhh!

They almost neared halfway to the giant tree's bottom while Simon frowned.

Simon: I think you better lay off the nuts, Theodore.

Theodore: What?

The mouse gasped as Bowser was closer to her.

Minnie: Get away!

Bowser: Look, I know koopas don't eat mice, but you know I have to follow script after all.

Sora: (frowns) Don't remind me.

He laughed wickedly before a familiar blade pinned the koopa's bracelet wearing arm from reaching her.

Bowser: What!?

Kairi: What the-?

They looked down as they saw a familiar mouse with Goofy speaking.

Goofy: Don't worry.

Hiram: Fear not, young mouse, for I've arrived.

Daisy: Great, a commoner. Why a peasant mouse?

Minnie, however, smiled and giggled in embarrassment before she started to slip.

Minnie: Ahhh!

The lions and cat began slipping while holding on to the bottom of the mouse's dress as the chipmunks grabbed Minnie's foot.

Chipmunks: Gotcha!

Unfortunately, it was too heavy for them and they began slipping as well.

Minnie's Group: Whoa!

They then fell off to another branch, where Minnie grabbed it. That made the koopa king realize something.

Bowser: (to the camera) Don't you hate it when this happens?

He was then flung away from the area with a scream. Minnie with the lions and cat gasped as the mouse started to slip.

Minnie: Uh, guys!

The chipmunks yelped a bit before climbing up to her arm before Simon spoke.

Simon: Now hang on, Minnie, we're gonna-

It was too late as Minnie finally slipped and screamed, falling with her four animal friends. They hit some of the leaves before the other animals landed on Daisy's arms, and Donald & Goofy's heads. Minnie, however, landed in Hiram's arms. She blushed a bit before grinning.

Minnie: Oh my goodness! (lovingly) It's you.

Hiram: (smiles) He-he. Yes, it's I, Hiram, your true love. And you are...?

Minnie: Minnie Mouse.

Hiram: Oh, Minnie! We shall be married in the morning.

Then, a familiar turtle appeared before he spoke.

Troubadour: (leans near him) Shall I, sire?

Hiram: (nods) Of course, Troubadour.

Troubadour: (to the camera) Song cue!

Hiram then held Minnie's hand as he began to sing, though while Donald showed Sora to Kairi, making the two cubs blush, Donald grinned to Daisy, though she rolled her eyes.

Hiram: (singing) You're the fairest maid I've ever met
You were made...

Minnie: (singing) finish your duet

The group headed off with the chipmunks landing behind the couples and Goofy.

Hiram & Minnie: (singing) And in years to come we'll reminisce

The chipmunks smiled before Alvin whistled. Then, the animals followed the group on the horse.

Hiram: (singing) How we came to love

Minnie: (singing) And grow and grow love

All: (singing) Since first we knew love through true love's kiss

The animals (save for the four with Hiram's group) watched them off as they smiled before the song ended.

Troubadour: Ah, love...or so it seems. (to the audience) But I have a suspicious feeling...

Meanwhile, in a lair of some sort, Azula looked at the situation while watching from her glowing orb.

Azula: Ah, so this is the little forest rat who thinks she can steal my throne.

She then glared before throwing down her spell as the evil mouse shouted.

Azula: NEVER!

A huge fiery cylinder was made while a shadowy form was made.

(End of Chapter 1)
My first version of my Enchanted parody starring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and many others.
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Please continue! Oh, I can't wait for the next chapter! ;)
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