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A/N: This Nack & Psycho continuity fanfic takes place some point after Light Side of the Moon and the upcoming Duck-go.

(OP: JIG THE UPPER by Hoi Festa)

Mr. Bump's Night At the Museum

In the city of New York, as the sun rose, the entire city itself went on with its busy life. Nearby an apartment complex, a familiar bandaged blue Mr. Man darted through the streets before a taxi driver almost hit him, making him yelp.

Driver: (shouts) Hey, watch it.

Near a parking meter, Mr. Bump came to the one marked "Broken Meter" with it crossed out and the red mark drawn "Nice Try".

Mr. Bump: Oh poopity poop. The one place I have to park and it has a parking meter.

He looked at the car with ticket. Then, he yelped, noticing a boot on the car.

Mr. Bump: Oh come on! I was only gone for a few minutes!

He grabbed the car boot, trying to jiggle it free.

Mr. Bump: Oh, come on. Don't make me have to do what Homer Simpson did in that episode!

He angrily tried to jump hit it off, though he screamed, holding his bare feet in pain.

Mr. Bump: Ugh! I wish my pal Junior is here to help.

Later, near another apartment, Mr. Bump came up to a familiar tall Mr. Man fixing a sign.

Mr. Bump: Hey, Mr. Tall.

Mr. Tall: Hello down there. How you doing?

Mr. Bump: (looks around) You haven't seen Miss Whoops or the kids we're babysitting, have you?

Mr. Tall: I'm pretty sure they went home with Miss Hug and that rock monster who likes to say "radda" a lot.

Mr. Bump: (shocked) What?!

Mr. Tall: It was half day today. (motions) Uh Mr. Men and Little Miss Career Day.

He motioned to the sign marked "Mr. Men and Little Miss Career Day" which Mr. Bump groaned.

Mr. Bump: (frowns) Poopity poop.

At the door to another place, the bell rang before a pink girl with dark pink hair and flowers with a hairbow with red shoes and familiar rock monster opened the door, noticing Mr. Bump.

Mr. Bump: Hi, Schnitzel. Hi, Miss Hug.

Miss Hug: Hi, Mr. Bump. Come on in.

She hugged him, making them sigh a bit.

Miss Hug: (notices) Hey, you okay?

Mr. Bump: (groans) No. Why didn't anyone tell me it was Career Day?

Schnitzel: (frowns) Radda radda radda.

Mr. Bump: What do you mean that I was SUPPOSE to know?

Miss Hug: Well, May, Max, and Tron were busy, Miss Whoops was having her glasses fixed, and Junior DID say he was gonna tell you.

Mr. Bump: I guess I must've lost my e-mail. I'm sure he would've told me. Maybe he forgot to do so. What a pal.

Miss Hug: (dryly) You really are clueless, are you?

Then, up came a triangular light purple Mr. Man named Mr. Rush smiling.

Mr. Rush: There he is. How are you, Bump?

Mr. Bump: (grins) Good. How are you doing, Mr. Rush?

Mr. Rush: Good. (pauses) Can you believe this weather? (sighs) Chilly, right?

Mr. Bump: Yeah.

Mr. Rush: Chilly, chilly, (motions) Chilly Willy the Penguin.

Mr. Bump: (dryly) Yeah. Very cute, you Woody...Woodpecker.

Just then, Mr. Rush noticed his phone ringing.

Mr. Rush: Oop, my phone. (shrugs) Leave me alone. Hey, why don't I go tell the little corncobs you're here.

Miss Hug: (grins) Great. Great, that's great. Yeah, thanks.

The Mr. Man zoomed passed them.

Mr. Bump: (amazed) Wow, your fiance really manages to squeeze a lot onto that belt.

Miss Hug: (frowns) Stop it.

Mr. Bump: What? What?

She walked to the kitchen.

Mr. Bump: No, it's like he's the uh...the Batman of stockbrokers.

Miss Hug: Bond trader.

Mr. Bump: What? So he's Double 007 too?

Schnitzel: (snaps) Ra radda radda raddah!!

Mr. Bump: Hey, no cursing when kids are here.

She took a drink as she looked at Mr. Bump.

Miss Hug: Hey, how's it going with that virtual-reality driving range that you wanted to open?

Mr. Bump: It's uh, getting there, still waiting for the technology to catch up with the idea. I mean it's not easy, there are a lot of moving parts.

Miss Hug: (dryly) Right.

Mr. Bump: Hey, it's not 2015 yet so there's time.

Miss Hug: Well, we're still waiting for the flying cars. So how do you think I feel?

Mr. Bump: (pauses) Do you guys think the kids and Miss Whoops would like Queens?

Miss Hug: (groans) Oh no, Mr. Bump. You didn't get evicted again, did you?

Mr. Bump: Oh no, no. I didn't GET evicted. I didn't, no I mean it. It's like this: Miss Calamity was holding a fundraiser and we didn't make enough money so I'm currently broke.

Miss Hug: So you are getting evicted?

Mr. Bump: Hey, if all goes wrong, there's still my home in Toon County.

Miss Hug: Do you even remember where it is?

Mr. Bump: It's the white house, right?

Schntizel: (groans) Oh radda...

Miss Hug: (concern) Mr. Bump, listen to me. I don't know how much more your friends or sister or the kids you sit can take. Every couple months or every week, it's a new career, a new apartment. If it wasn't for Nicky, I wouldn't say anything, I would-I would stay out of it. It's just, it's too much instability. It's not good for them. ESPECIALLY the child troublemaker you hang with.

Mr. Bump: I'm trying to figure things out right now, okay?

She groaned, putting the bottle up.

Miss Hug: You know...I don't think that your sister should stay with you.

Mr. Bump: (stunned) What?

Schnitzel: Radda radda radda. (points) Radda ra radda. Radda radda. (glares) Radda radda.

Miss Hug: Schnitzel's right. It's just until you get really settled.

Mr. Bump: Hey, she's an adult, not a kid.

Miss Hug: Heck, with the way you've been acting due to too many bad accidents, even you shouldn't stay with yourself.

Mr. Bump: (frowns) I think I can handle things by myself, thank you.

Then, in peeked a familiar blue girl in glasses with pink bow.

Miss Whoops: Hi, Mr. Bump.

Mr. Bump: Hey, ready to carve it up?

Miss Whoops: Yep!

Miss Whoops holds out a chisel and hammer.

Miss Whoops: I got stuff to carve all right!

Mr. Bump: Uh I mean are you ready to take the kids we're babysitting to the ice rink?

Miss Whoops: Of course. Hockey and Ice Skating are a way to help your reflexes.

At the hockey rink, as people shouted, many ice skaters skated through the rink playing hockey.

Mr. Bump: (shouts) All right, good! Take it, Junior! Break away!

They watched the familiar koopa kid stealing the puck, then yelped as he was tripped to the ice.

Mr. Bump: Good grief.

He hopped to the ice rink while whistling was heard.

Random Citizen: Hey, what are you doing, idiot?!

Random Woman: Get off the ice, moron!

Mr. Bump yelped, sliding and landing on the ice by his rear.

Mr. Bump: Ow...(to Bowser Jr.) Hey Junior, you okay?

Bowser Jr.: Oh, I was until some idiot messed me up!

Mr. Bump: No problem, buddy! I will find the idiot and tell him of for you! (turns) Hey, idiot!

Mr. Bump then skate to the left, frowning.

Mr. Bump: Hey what?

Mr. Bump skates to the right.

Mr. Bump: You messed up my buddy! Apologize.

Mr. Bump skates to the left.

Mr. Bump: Tough! Make me!

Mr. Bump skates to the right.

Mr. Bump: Okay!

Mr. Bump then begins hitting himself, beating himself up like mad.

Mr. Bump: I will teach you to hurt my friend! Ha! You ain't so tough. Your pal's a wussie!

Bowser Jr.: (sweatdrop) Why do I even bother?

Random Kid: Uh can you get off the ice now?

Bowser Jr.: (frowns) Besides, you're not playing against me this week.

Mr. Bump: (quietly) Psst. Junior. Fidget told me something: Their left defenseman is a very weak skater. So you go left side, you got a clear shot at the goal. Okay?

Bowser Jr.: (dryly) Yeah, thanks.

Mr. Bump: Yay! (shouts) We're good here. We're good here.

Random Watcher: Get off the ice, moron!

Mr. Bump: Right, as you were, skatemeisters.

Then, the whistle was heard.

Mr. Bump: (shouts) Game on!

He was hit by the puck, knocking him down.

Crowd: (winces) Ooooh.

Bowser Jr.: Don't quote GX ever again.

Mr. Bump: (dazed) Yes, Cindy, it's half past 12 and here comes the Buckinghams with...Kind of a Drag

Later, the familiar figures with two kids named May and Max walked by the lake near Central Park.

Mr. Bump: I'm telling you, you tore it up out there today. Thinking the NHL is a serious possibility.

Bowser Jr.: Yeah, I don't really wanna be a hockey player anymore. There's not enough cash to win at it.

May: These games are charities.

Bowser Jr.: (sweatdrops) That explains so much!

Mr. Bump: All right. What do you wanna be?

May: I wanna be a Coordinator to contests.

Max: Me? I think a bond trader.

Tron: I think um...maybe a scientist or something like my mom? I mean I DID make a Servebot after all.

Bowser Jr.: (frowns) I'm not telling you what I'm gonna do.

Mr. Bump: Wait. A bond trader?

Max: (nods) Yeah, it's what Mr. Rush does. He took me to his office last week.

Mr. Bump: Uh-huh. That's cool. So you wanna dress up in a monkey suit and tie every day? (mockingly) Like an automaton robot?

A few laughed a bit.

Miss Whoops: Trust me, you can't play hockey in a cubicle. Kind of awkward. Not to mention it happened during one of Junior's Biz Cas Fri times.

Mr. Bump: Tell me about it. Junior is still complaining about the lack of internet while trying to do e-mails in his own cubicle.

Bowser Jr.: Ugh, should've used notepads instead of those water coolers!

Max: (grins) Well, he's got a pretty big office.

Mr. Bump: That's not the point. Come on, you love hockey.

Max: I still like it, but bond trading's my fallback.

Some: (confused) Your fallback?

Bowser Jr.: Wait a minute. You're too young to have a fallback, okay?

Mr. Bump: And also, where did you ever even hear that word?

Tron: Miss Hug and Schnitzel were talking to Mr. Rush about all your different schemes.

Bowser Jr.: (annoyed) She called them schemes? (scoffs) I call them scams. GOOD scams, not crappy ones that Mr. Dummy can't get through!

Mr. Bump: I thought teeth grew back, honest!

Max: She said it was time you found a fallback.

Mr. Bump: Uh...

May: (pauses) Are you really moving again?

Mr. Bump: I don't know. We'll see. I mean...there's some pretty cool places out in Queens.

Bowser Jr.: When he isn't in his home, if he ever finds it, in Toon County...(or annoyed) Or breaking into my house!

Some: Yeah.

Mr. Bump: Hey...(lifts their chins) Hey, guys. Look at me. I wanna tell you something.

Bowser Jr.: No, I don't want to see if you got pimples again like last time we went out for a walk.

Mr. Bump: That's not it!

Miss Whoops: Those pimples WERE out of nowhere. Honest.

Mr. Bump: No, I was going to say that (looks awkwardly) I know that I let you guys down as of my other friends...a lot, (rubs his head) and things have been moving around lately, and that's hard for all of you, ESPECIALLY Junior...but I really feel like my moment's coming and when it does...everything's just gonna come together, you know?

Miss Whoops: (concerned) What if you're wrong and you're just an ordinary Mr. Man who should get a job that he never keeps?

Mr. Bump: Hey, we always do the same in Dillydale, why is that any different?

Bowser Jr.: Because you're the only one who gets fired every 5 seconds per job.

He prepared to speak, pausing with a bit of concern, looking down a bit.

Mr. Bump: Um...well...okay then. (pauses) You know what, we'll figure it out, okay? All right? (pauses) Come on, let's take you guys home...IF Bowser's not in prison again.

Bowser Jr.: Awww, dad will always break out.

Mr. Bump: (happily) That's why I like you.

Bowser Jr.: (pauses) Get the heck away from me!

They finally departed, leaving the park together. The next day, at a familiar former psychotherapist place, Betty looked at the resume while Mr. Bump was looking eager with Miss Whoops, Bowser Jr., and Miss Calamity glancing.

Mr. Bump: ...and you see, I kinda am searching for one that doesn't get me fired every 5 seconds daily.

Miss Whoops: What about Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

Mr. Bump: No way! I heard that place is haunted and people die over there. I ain't that desperate for a job.

Bowser Jr.: I got one: How about working for Moe's?

Mr. Bump: No thanks, I prefer to keep my dignity.

Miss Calamity: Maybe you can help in the Arbortorium that I do my charities.

Mr. Bump: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-(frowns) No. That's the job I got last year and all the apple trees broke off when Miss Whoops joined.

Betty: Now Mr. Bump, I can honestly say, in 43 years at this agency-

Bowser Jr.: Don't lie, Betty. You're not even THAT close to age, let alone your place being ancient like never.

Betty: Anyway...I've never seen a resume quite like yours.

Miss Calamity: So now you're a career agent? I thought you were Queen of Canada.

Betty: Not anymore. Long story.

Mr. Bump: Wow. And I thought I have a hard time in keeping a job for more than 5 seconds.

Betty: By the way, that wasn't a compliment, Mr. Bump.

She looked at the resume.

Betty: It says here you were the CEO of...what's this again? Snaptime Industries? Care to elaborate on that?

Bowser Jr.: It's that crappy ripoff he's got. That's all you need to know.

Mr. Bump: It's not a ripoff, that was the umbrella corporation for my invention, the Snapper. You know, (snapping) you snap, the lights come on. Snap, they come off.

Miss Calamity: (pauses) Didn't they already make that? You know, like...

She clapped a bit.

Mr. Bump: No, no, that's the Clapper, which, obviously...stole a bit of our thunder. Personally, I don't really see what the big difference is, I mean: You know, whatever, but...apparently there is a significant portion of the population that has trouble actually...(snaps fingers) snapping.

Betty: Clapping's easier.

Mr. Bump: (rolls eyes) Debatable.

Bowser Jr.: I prefer that Slapper.

Betty: You're missing the point! Bump, I can't help you.

Mr. Bump: (glares) It's because I may get fired for turning in my resume, isn't it?

Betty: It's nothing personal, it's just, with your experience, I doubt you will get a lot of jobs.

He glared at her.

Mr. Bump: Come on, Betty. You like the name Betty, right? I felt a connection when I entered your place. And I don't know, I feel like you did too.

Betty: I didn't feel a connection.

He face faulted.

Miss Calamity: (panics) Uh Bump, Betty, before we continue this pointless nonsense, I need to tell you that he DID help you in finding a boyfriend, didn't he? And I don't want him crashing into my house again.

Betty: But I don't have ANY job openings.

Bowser Jr.: (sarcastically) There's a surprise.

Miss Calamity: Not even Freddy's?

Betty: No, I wouldn't recommend that place! That would be like giving someone a death sentence!

Mr. Bump: (worried) Okay, look. I NEEEEEED a job tomorrow, okay? If I don't have one, I'll have to stay with Junior again.

Bowser Jr.: (snaps) No, you will not!

Mr. Bump: Well, I just need it, okay? Pleeeeeaaaase!?

Betty groaned before noticing a glowing paper, taking it with concern.

Betty: (to herself) Weird. I don't remember getting an application for this, but...(to Mr. Bump) I might have one thing.

Mr. Bump: YAY!!

She looked at the application a bit.

Betty: They've turned down everyone I've sent over there, but-

Mr. Bump: Great. I'll take it!!

Betty then wrote down the address.

Betty: Who knows? You might get lucky.

They looked at the address with Mr. Bump scratching his head with concern.

Mr. Bump: This place? Out of the jobs you picked, THIS is the one that needs me...maybe?

Betty: Hey, I only gave you the address.

Miss Calamity: (ponders) Mr. Bump, you sure you can handle this?

Mr. Bump: (seriously) I gotta, Miss C. My friends, sister, and you depend on it!

Bowser Jr.: Yeaaaaaaa-no, not happening.

(End of Act 1)
Mr. Bump's Night At the Museum 1
Story set after both Light Side of the Moon and the upcoming Duck-go: Mr. Bump lands a job as a museum night watchman, though when night comes, a spell happens that brings the lifeless artifacts, including skeletons, to life and he must do all he can with the help of Mr. Happy (as Teddy Roosevelt) to get things in order.
EDIT: Moved due to slight revamping.

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Mr. Bump's Night at the Museum Plot: (Mr. Bump lands a job as a museum night watchman, though when night comes, a spell happens that brings the lifeless artifacts, including skeletons, to life and he must do all he can with the help of Mr. Happy (as Teddy Roosevelt) to get things in order.)

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Sailor Moon Toon: Cowardly Toy Way Plot: (Courage learns, to his horror, that Fussilli, a villain from his past, has arrived to entertain the guests. However, as from the previous experience, it's not what it seems and only Courage, Rini, and Hotaru must find a way to stop him.)
Sailor Moon Toon: Rockin' It Out! Plot: (Puffy AmiYumi has arrived as does three mysterious people called the Three Lights. However, when a monster attack happens while posing as band members, can the band members put aside their differences and ally with the Sailors when it becomes too much for them?)
Sailor Moon Toon: Toons of All Kinds Plot: (When visiting California (mainly for Serena, Courage, and Bubbles to prove the Toon world exists), the barrier to the Toon World is unsealed as the gang learns that Maleficent plots to take over the real world. Can they along with a keyblade wielding Mickey and a boy named Sora and their friends stop her?)
Sailor Moon Toon: The Return of the King Plot: (As Dora, Boots, and Swiper come to visit, Swiper learns that his friend from the past was murdered from a previous Christmas. However, a familiar face to him and the Sailor Soldiers return with his real memories restored and he's not alone!)

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Sonic Underground 2: Live & Reloaded (Ep 1-13 and sequel to SU Remake; On Verge of Remake) Plot: (Sonic and friends head to Windy, meeting new allies and foes while trying to help Conker find his way home and learn the secrets of the bounty hunter known as Nack and the strange half-robotic professor while finding Aleena, dealing with foes old (Robotnik and his minions) and new (the Panther King, the Tediz, and the mysterious Von Kriplespac), and a rivalry between the weasel and a vampire squirrel.)
Sonic Underground 2: Babylon Rogues Saga (Formerly The Crocbot Saga) (Ep 14-26 of SU2 and sequel to SU2: Live & Reloaded) Plot: (Two weeks after the deal with the Bad Fur Day and Robotnik's suppose death, the bounty hunters are asked to head to Station Square while during their next adventure, they encounter a young boy named Chris, who holds many secrets of his own and three rogue thieves with Extreme Gear who are not what they seem. All while teaming up with a new set of heroes called the Fearsome Four...or are they? And is Eggman aka Robotnik back from the dead?)
Sonic Underground 3: Adventure & Ark (Ep 1-13 of SU3 & Sequel to SU2) Plot: (Six months had passed since the incident in Station Square as the Sonic Underground & friends not only learn that Eggman once more plans to take over the planet starting with Station Square, but also learn the mysteries of Chaos and a black hedgehog claiming to be the Ultimate Lifeform while another main character, thought to be dead, returns.)
Sonic Underground 3: Heroes & Shadows (Ep 14-26 of SU3 & Sequel to SU3: Adventure & Ark) Plot: (Eggman once again tries taking down Sonic and friends all that while one familiar hedgehog awakens with amnesia and must find a way to get his memories back while battling not only Metal Sonic, but also the creatures that seem to know about both Batula and Shadow's past called Black Doom.)
Sonic Underground 4: Dimensions of All Kinds (Formerly Sonic Underground Advance) (Sequel to SU 3) Plot: (After Ze Professor finds a robot named Emerl, things become strange and start going chaotic while learning about a mysterious figure from Batula's past and a plant girl both from a dead universe. What's more, dimensional portals from the Cosmic Interstate are opening and the Sonic Underground and their allies are separated. Can they solve the different worlds' problems and reunite together to stop the one that caused all of this: Scourge? May include the worlds of the original Sonic Underground, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Archie, Sonic X, the parallel world from the first SU Remake series, the Rare worlds, and the different fan made worlds. Different pairings involved.)
Sonic Underground OVA: Altered Destiny (may be changed soon) Plot: (The Sonic Heroes return to the alternate dimension some of the SU once had gone, only to find that Nack's alternate universe self, Dominos, has taken over most of the altered Mobius. They must now fight off the evil weasel of the alternate future while acquiring help from two new allies calling themselves Blaze and Silver.)
Sonic Underground OVA: Solaris (Semi-AU) Plot: (The Sonic Heroes attend a party while meeting a strange woman named Elise, who Chris starts falling for, despite having his body physically younger, though a new enemy may prove more threatening than Eggman himself. Could it also bend the fabric of space and time? And what does it have to do with the past selves of Nack and Sleet back when they were young and rivals? Also, what is with the strange newcomers from the other dimension 8 months from their time?)
Sonic Underground OVA: Arabian Nights (Sequel SU OVA: Altered Destiny) Plot: (Ze Professor tells a bedtime story to Tails and the kids: Sonic and a few others are trapped in the Arabian Nights as they must help restore the land and defeat an evil genie.)
Sonic Underground OVA: Black Knight (Sequel to SU OAV: Arabian Nights) Plot: (Another story is told by Ze Professor: Sonic and a few friends are trapped in the world of King Arthur, where he's been corrupted to be the black knight. Can Sonic and friends free King Arthur of his corruption?)
Sonic Underground OVA: Nuts & Bolts! (Based on Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts) Plot: (Takes place after Sonic Underground 2: The Lord of Games aka LOG has brought the Sonic Underground, Banjo with Kazooie, a skull headed Gruntilda in a robot body with a glass, the Destructix, and Eggman to Showdown Town where hero and foe are pitted against one another. The winner would have the deeds to Spiral Mountain, Windy, Knothole, and Station Square, while the losers would be forced into the factory by LOG. Can the heroes win against Eggman, Gruntilda, and the foes? Warning: Extreme 4th wall breaking.)

Sailor Moon Phage (Sequel to the PPG: Julayla Saga Pt 2) Plot: (The Teknophage destroys Townsville, some of its citizens and forces not only the former Beat Alls, but Julayla and Vultureman themselves to partake in joining his plans to conquer Earth. Now it's up to the Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Soldiers, and Courage with Shirly combined to stop him & free them from his grasp while protecting the important target Phage is after: Snake.)
Sailor Moon Phage OAV Plot: (Some sub episodes that take place during Sailor Moon Phage filled with hilarity, drama, and character development.)
Confrontation in the Digiworld Plot: (While taking care of the Digimon in the Digiworld, the Digidestined discovered that there may be more than one world in the vast of Cyberspace, all while Hacker teams up with the Digimon Emperor and plot to take over the Digital World.)
Of Droids & Net Navis: (Inez finds a girl Net Navi named Roll, but when Hacker learns of the Net Navis, including one named Bass, he'll stop at nothing to get to them. Only with the help of Slider and Shari Spotter can the Navi known as Megaman and his human, Lan defeat Hacker's new plot.)
Grim Adventures of Cyberchase Plot: (While going through worlds with Billy & Mandy in order to find the planet of chaos, Grim's scythe gets stolen again, but this time by Hacker. Now Billy, Mandy, and Grim must rely on working with the Cyber Squad in order to stop Hacker from creating universal chaos, that is, if Billy doesn't annoy everyone first. Special Guest: Fred Fredburger. PBS Version G/Cartoon Network Version PG)
Codename: Cyberchase Next Door Plot: ((Takes place before Operation: Interviews) Father has found the gateway to Cyberspace and teams up with Hacker to take over both worlds. When even the Cybersquad can't handle it, they turn to the Kids Next Door for help and they must find a way to stop them. All while learning the truth about what really happens to some of the special teens and learning about a new Kid/Teen treaty.)
When Worlds Collide Plot: (Delete discovers a mysterious device which sends himself, Puffy, and the Cybersquad to different dimensions (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Jake Long, Atomic Betty, Danny Phantom, and Juniper Lee) and they with the help of Megaman and the Digimon must find their way back while uncovering many secrets and hidden romances and avoiding the foes that live there, including Machinos (Mitzi's character, she owns him).)
Videoland Troubles Plot: (When the heroes of Videoland go missing, Roll along with her friends turn to the Cybersquad for help. However, Hacker has other plans when he makes an alliance with the Crazy Hand, who was the one responsible for the kidnappings.)
Great Mouse Kid Detective: In Her World (Fan Sequel to Great Mouse Kid Detective, inspired by fics by Mouse Avenger and KP-Chan) Plot: (Three months had passed since the fateful night and a human girl (transformed to a mouse) with her Digimon, shrunk to mouse size, must find a way back home while dealing with a mouse kid detective, an Emperor thought to have been dead, and even someone who may be the true enemy calling himself Black Ghost. Kenyako)
Great Mouse Kid Detective Mini Series (Fan Series of the Great Mouse Kid Detective) Plot: (Detective Conan with Jaq and Gus embark on many cases, one of them involving something sinister in Baskerville!)
Sonic and the Head Vampire (Sega-Sonic Universe) Plot: (When Sonic along with Banjo-Kazooie are summoned to the world of Dracula, they must face off against not only Dracula himself, but also the witch who had also gotten into the book as well: Gruntilda! Also, they must work together with the citizens taking forms of their friends and someone thought to have been dead in order to save the book world...Batula! Mainly hint of BatulaxRouge)
Super Smash Bros: the Anime Series (will used Mario & Other Games along with it) Plot: (Adventures that are told within the Videoland world along with the ones from the real world as they deal with foes, mysterious forces, and a koopa who has a huge crush on Princess Peach!)
Sailor Moon Remake Zero: Swiper's Untold Tale Plot: (When Swiper swipes a Shen Gong Wu found by Dora and accidentally says the words to activate it, he is sent back to the past where he meets a few new faces and the role he would play in the past would all lead up to his destiny.)
A Mouse King's Tale Epilogue (Set somewhere after the end of a friend's fanfiction) Plot: (Valentines has arrived as Arthur the former Mouse King realizes that the one thing he feels is missing, besides the humans who take care of him, is a family of his own. That changes when a mouse female is discovered alongside a plot of a clan of rats that plan to kill her.)
Nutcracker Prince/Great Mouse Detective: Accept or Forbid (takes place after my Nutcracker Prince POV fics) Plot: (After 6 years of hiding after his failure, Ratigan shows up in London once more to try to make his plan into fruition, but when his son, Malcolm, starts having a secret relationship with the daughter of a familiar mouse king, things may get awkward, especially due to the Mouse King's disliking of Ratigan.)

Extended/Remake Fics:
The Simpsons Arcade Game: Extended Edition (I really feel this would be a good Simpsons episode if it was done right.) Plot: (When Maggie gets taken with a diamond stuck in her mouth, it's up to the Simpson family to not only find her, but also figure a way to get the diamond off of her.)
Sonic SatAM Remake (Prequel to Sonic X Remake) (May be Co-written)
Sonic X Remake (Takes Place Before SSB: Beginnings) Plot: (A remake of the Sonic X series featuring the elements of the Sonic comics, TV shows, and games along with elements of Rare mixed in & the sequel to Sonic SatAM Remake.) (May be Co-written)
Sailor Moon Remake (A remake of Sailor Moon with the Sailor V origin, some characters guest starring from Dora the Explorer, Courage the Cowardly Dog, & Powerpuff Girls, and the two part finale (featuring the Phage) that connects to my other series: Sailor Moon Toon!)
Little Nemo: Extended Edition Plot: (An extended edition of the infamous game/movie, Little Nemo.)
Care Bears Remake Plot: (A remake to make it more canon with the TV series, movies, and even the Alice game sequel.)
Super Mario Bros Movie Remake (Will be prequel to Super Smash Bros Anime) Plot: (Raised in Brooklyn from their home in Videoland, Mario and Luigi's adventures begins when a gorilla called DK takes a friend of theirs, Pauline and it leads up to them having to help the people in Videoland, work together with DK and the monkey friend Diddy, and having to deal with the one called Bowser whom kidnapped Princess Peach!)
Super Smash Bros Melee: Bowser's Ambitions Plot: (After Kevin and Ash's worlds merged in Videoland, the gang learns about Bowser's plot on taking over the world of videogames, with the help of the Master Hand while it involves going to the past to stop the heroes from being born. Can the gang stop him?)
Secret of NIMH 2 Remake Plot: (A remake to be a better version of the sequel with plot points filled such as the amulet.)
Sonic Generations Remake

AniToon Fantasy:
AniToon Fantasy 1
AniToon Fantasy 2
AniToon Fantasy 3
AniToon Fantasy 4
AniToon Fantasy 5
AniToon Fantasy 5: Legend of the Crystal
AniToon Fantasy 6
AniToon Fantasy 7: Before Crisis
AniToon Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
AniToon Fantasy 7
AniToon Fantasy 7: Advent Children
AniToon Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus
AniToon Fantasy 8
AniToon Fantasy 9
AniToon Fantasy 10
AniToon Fantasy 10-2

Nack & Psycho:
Furry Gun 2 1/2
Furry Gun 3 1/3
The Lumpkins Movie (Based on the Simpsons Movie) Plot: (After accidentally polluting the lake with all of his garbage, Fuzzy Lumpkins is wanted by an angry mob while a sinister fiend plans to destroy the polluted town. JulaylaxFuzzy)
Honey I Shrunk the Gang Trilogy
The Road to El Toonado Plot: (Set in dream sequence: Nack and Psycho along with their comrades and a horse named Maximus discover a lost city where they're believed they're Gods while the sage of El Toonado, Slade, has other plans. NackxRouge & PsychoxSarah)
The Nack & Psycho Movie

Moon Hearts: Birth by Slumber Plot: (Years before Serena takes the keyblade, three friends go on a journey to become a Keyblade Master, however, things are not what they seem, especially around the two named Ventress and her apprentice, Selene, especially when Colette goes missing!)
Moon Hearts: Place of Memories Plot: (While searching for Betty & Sailor Mars, the gang head to the mysterious place called Castle Elimination trying to find a mysterious person close to Serena's heart, but who? Could it be a trap? Meanwhile, Raye and her group must deal with her own darkness. Can she accomplish it?)
Moon Hearts: Many Days Plot: (The new recruit, Excel, begins to help the Organization hunt for Heartless all while something mysterious about the other new recruit, Tsukasa, comes.)
Moon Hearts II Plot: (After one year, Sailor Moon is back and she and the others must deal with the Heartless, Nobodies, the foes, and Organization, all while trying to find the kidnapped Tuxedo Mask!)
Moon Hearts Code Lyokoed Plot: (Dukey, after learning a mysterious page, informs Betty about the strange message as they with their comrades use a data version of the Senshi to unlock what it truly means.)

Hocus Pocus Fanmake Plot: (Newcomer to the town of Salem, Jake Long, lights up a virgin candle, which summons three powerful witches and want to suck the lives out of all the children, but he along with Haley, a girl named Sabrina with her cat, and a boy cursed as a lion, Sora, must find a way to destroy the dastardly three witches. JakexSabrina)
The Mongoose King Plot: (Tommy just can't wait to be king, but his uncle, Xemnas, plans to do both him and his father, Stu Pickles in. Manily TommyxGaz)
The Mongoose King 1 1/2 Plot: (A tale of what happened with close friends in-between the first one and more.)
The Mongoose King 2: Tommy's Pride Plot: (Swiper and Mina have fallen in love with each other, but must keep their bond strong while dealing the struggling war between the Pride Landers and the Outsiders as well as their parents (adopted and biological). Mainly SwiperxMina)
Return of Doom Plot: (Judge Doom has returned and plans his revenge on Roxas and friends. And with a thief, he plans to take out Roxas and the others, not knowing on the former allies of his joining the good guys: The Toon Patrol!)
Roxladdin OAV Plot: (Some events that takes place between the second and third movies.)
Roxladdin & the King of Thieves Plot: (The time has come for Roxas and Namine to finally get married but the wedding was suddenly interrupted by a group of 40 Thieves. What's more, Roxas discovered that his sister is still alive!)
Gangreen of Toodre Dame II Plot: (Snake falls for a girl named Cherry, not knowing that she and her siblings are assistants to the evil Dr. Facilier plans to steals Toonre Dame's most beautiful bell. Mainly SnakexCherry & MirokuxSango)
The Little Heroine 2: Return to Solaris Plot: (Marie, Julayla and Fuzzy's daughter, dreams of being a super heroine, despite her parents' wishes. She however finds herself a victim of an evil plan of the Teknophage, Him's old partner who plans to take over the world. JulaylaxFuzzy, SwiperxMina, and Mariex???)
The Little Mer-Droid 2: Return to Sea Plot: (Jenny, Delete and Betty's daughter, dreams of being a part of the sea, despite her parents' wishes. She however finds herself a victim of an evil plan of Vexus, Hacker's sister who plans to take over the sea. DeletexBetty, MaximusxNemesis, and JennyxBrad)
The Little Artist 2: Return to Nobody Land Plot: (Bowser Jr, Bowser and Namine's son, dreams of being part of the World that Never Was, despite his parents' wishes. He however finds himself victim of an evil plan of Wart, Yubaba's cousin who plans to take over the World that Never Was. BowserxNamine, DannyxJune, and Bowser Jr.x???)
The Little Artist: Namine's Beginning
The Little Mer-Droid: Delete's Beginning Plot: (Music has been forbidden in the kingdom ever since Jasmine Lee's husband's death. Now Delete and his friends must find a way to bring music back to Bikini Bottom and let Jasmine see the light.)
The Little Heroine: Julayla's Beginning Plot: (For the longest time, music was forbidden in Solaris. However, Julayla and her friends have to find a way to bring it back.)
Yumi's Magical World Plot: (See great tales at the castle as Grievous, Yumi, and their friends learns forgiveness, love, and to be kind to one another.)
Deenochio Plot: (When brought to life by the good fairy, Shari Spotter, Delete tries to become a real boy with the help of his consciences, Jiminy Cricket and Mushu while going through dangerous obstacles.)
Mick-Laddin Plot: (When the street mouse, Mickey, plans to win the heart of Princess Minnie, he goes to the Chamber of Secrets and finds a magic hat. But when the evil Ratigan and his sidekicks, Fidget and Swiper, plan to steal the hat, can Mickey, Donald, and Goofy save the day? MickeyxMinnie & DonaldxDaisy)
Return of Ratigan Plot: (Ratigan and Fidget have returned and they plan on taking vengeance against Mickey and his friends. And with a thief, Mortimer, he plans to take the heroes out, not knowing Ratigan's former ally joining the good guys: Swiper!)
Mick-Laddin & the King of Vermin Plot: (The time has come for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy to finally get married, but the wedding is interrupted by a group of 40 Vermin. What's more, Mickey and Donald discover Mickey's father and Donald's uncle are still alive!)
Sleeping Minnie Plot: (The evil Narissa has cursed Minnie into a deep sleep and must be awakened by her one true love: Mickey.)
Nemo & the Giant Pecha Berry Plot: (An orphan boy named Nemo gains magical Totodile tongues, and when they work their magic, marvelous things could happen. Now he along with his new rodent friends must journey to New York City before his wicked aunts get to him.)
Sister Animal Act Plot: (After witnessing a murder by her ex-boyfriend, Nemesis must go to hiding in the least likely place Warren would look: the church as a nun named Janet O'Malley.)
Sister Animal Act 2 Plot: (Nemesis and the nuns are back as Nemesis goes undercover as Janet once more while trying to not only help a class learn to become singers, but also save the school from destruction.)
Ayaka's New Groove Parody Plot: (A selfish ruler named Ayaka gets transformed to a panther and must team up with a peasant named Po and her rival, Ryoko, to get her throne back, not realizing her adviser, Tai Lung, and the sidekick, Pinky, are planning to do him in. PoxTigress & RyokoxTenchixAyeka Triangle)
Pinky's New Groove Plot: (When Pinky learns that his father, the Mouse King, is coming to visit, he must do all he can to make his father proud, even by getting help from a familiar foe.)
Betty-hontas II Plot: (While grieving for the assumed dead Jake, Betty journeys to Toongland in hopes to convince the king not to go to war with her people. But her quest is getting interfered in by the revenge seeking Giovanni. BettyxDelete with hints of BettyxJake)
Return to Cyberspace Plot: (When Hacker kidnaps June, mistaking her for Ami, it's gonna take Delete along with the lost boys and Inez to get her to learn to accept hope, trust, and pixie dust.)
The Scepter in the Dream Stone Plot: (A young boy is being trained by a professor magician and learns about many things, not knowing that it will lead him to his destiny with the Scepter in the Dream Stone. Partially NemoxCamilla)
The Spatula in the Grease Plot: (A chubby boy named Chowder is being trained by a highly skilled chef magician named Mung Daal and learns about many things (while dealing with Endive and an animal girl who likes him named Panini, much to his horror), not knowing that it will lead him to his destiny with the mystical spatula. (More of a parody than actual movie))
The Fire Cauldron Plot: (A boy named Jake along with some new friends named June, Stitch, and Billy must find the mysterious fire cauldron and destroy it before the evil Jafar plans to use it to bring about the undead and kill everyone. JakexJune)
Nemo's Jungle Book Plot: (A boy named Nemo must be taken to the Man Village while meeting some animal friends, including a cat named Streaky and trying to escape the wrath of the Nightmare King.)
Nemo's Jungle Book 2 Plot: (When Streaky takes Nemo from his village, the duo must once again outwit the Nightmare King while Camille and her brother, Young Link, with Young Zelda following, try to find the missing boy.)
Ryo-lan Plot: (To help her father, Ryoko goes to the camp to pose as a boy to an army of soldiers. But she will need the help of an Imaginary Friend, a lucky cricket, and her friends in order to save her land from an evil overlord, Slade. TenchixRyoko)
Rachaelan Plot: (To help her father, Rachel goes to the Boys Next Door Camp to pose as a boy to an army of boy soldiers. But she will need the help of an ottsel, a lucky robot disguised as a dog, and her friends in order to save her land from an evil overlord, Father. NigelxRachel)
Ryo-lan 2 Plot: (Ryoko's back and once again, with her friends, she must travel with three maidens arranged to marry at the other country, unless Bloo's plans interfere in order to keep his place as high guardian. TenchixRyoko, PoxTigress, DaffyxMelissa, and MaximusxNemesis)
Rachaelan 2 Plot: (Rachel's back and once again, with her friends of the now named Heroes Next Door, she must travel with three maidens arranged to marry at the other country, unless Daxter's plans interfere in order to keep his place as high guardian. NigelxRachel, HoagiexAbby, Numbah 19th CenturyxFanny, and WallyxKuki)
Deelerella Plot: (A droid who is forced to be a servant by his cruel stepfather and stepbrothers finds a chance to make his dreams come true with the help of his fairy godparents and his animal friends. Mainly DeletexBetty & MickeyxMinnie)
Deelerella II: Dreams Come True Plot: (Three stories are told by Delete's friends as we learn about being yourself, the advantage of being small, and being true to your heart. Mainly DeletexBetty, MickeyxMinnie, & JakexJune)
Deelerella III: A Twist in Time Plot: (Delete's evil stepfather, The Hacker, steals Wanda's wand, destroys Cosmo's, and uses it to changed time. Is there any chance for Delete's dreams to come true after one event got changed? And will Jake realize the error of his way? Mainly DeletexBetty & MickeyxMinnie)
The Kitsune & the Weasel Plot: (Tails and Psycho have been best friends, not knowing they are suppose to be enemies. TailsxCosmo & PsychoxSarah)
The Kitsune & the Weasel 2 Plot: (When a traveling show comes to the fair and Psycho is picked to help out the show, Tommy's lover, Gaz become jealous and Tails feels like he is losing his friend. TommyxGaz)
Brother Weasel 2 Plot: (Fuzzy learns that Julayla, his old friend, is arriving as they must burn the amulet that bonded them together while Psycho believes he would lose the brother he never had while having troubles of his own. FuzzyxJulayla, PsychoxSarah, SheriffxBrandy, and SleetxNic)
The Hedgehog Diaries Plot: (A young girl named Amy learns from her grandmother, Aleena, that she's a princess and must learn to be one to decide if she would take the responsibility or not.)
The Hedgehog Diaries 2 Plot: (When Amy learns she has to marry someone to rule Metropolis Zone, she and the gang try to do whatever it takes to find a way to have a fiance.)
Anitasia 2000 Plot: (The music and fun returns as the sequel gets new segments, with the return of a favorite. One featuring Butterfree, the second featuring many sea Pokemon, the third being life in the big city, the fourth being a retelling of the Tin Soldier staring Hans & Clara (of the Nutcracker Prince), the fifth about a bird with a yo-yo wanting to have fun, the sixth a return of a classic, the seventh of a Noah's ark retelling featuring Plucky and Shirley, and the final one about the tale of a spring fairy called Tinker Bell. Pairings may be included)
Swiper's Treasure Planet (more fanmake based on the actual Treasure Planet) Plot: (Wanting to make his family proud of him, Swiper the Fox with Silver Hedgehog, Tails, and his friends join the RLS Legacy to journey to the mystical Treasure Planet while befriending a peg-leg fox named Long John Silver (Legends of Treasure Island version), not knowing that he may plan to get the treasure by any means necessary. SilverxBlaze)
Mickey's Rescuers Plot: (Mickey and Minnie along with their friends must help a little girl named Dora and stop Cruella and her goons from taking the fabled Ruby Skull. Mainly MickeyxMinnie & DonaldxDaisy)
Mickey's Rescuers Down Under Plot: (Mickey, Minnie, and their friends go to Australia where they must help a boy named Tai with his sister Kari protect the fabled Phoenixmon from the poacher, Brady Culture. All while Mickey has to deal with competition. Mainly MickeyxMinnie & DonaldxDaisy)
Krypto! Plot: (A TV Star dog who never left the set thinks his owner, Kevin, is captured by the TV villain, Hector Con Carne. However, when trying to find him, he accidentally get sent to New York where he must work together with a dumb dog, a smart-allelic cat, and a hyperactive fast-speeding mouse to get back to Kevin.)
Cool & Fancy Free Plot: (Hosted by Mushu, we see two adventures that has one starring a circus squirrel and the other that has three Jacks (Samurai, Spicer, & O' Lantern) trying to save a Miss Helpful harp from a silly scatterbrained giant who has a gigantic crush on her. RodentxAmy with hint of ScatterbrainxHelpful)
4 Toon-balleros Plot: (Daffy Duck is celebrating his birthday with Bugs when he gets gifts from South America with an old friend of his (Greasy) returning along with a new one (Pedro) along with many girls Daffy goes ga-ga over.)
4 Toon-balleros Rides Again Plot: (After being left behind in Mexico, Bugs & Daffy run into their friends, Greasy and Pedro while they must elude capture of the infamous Scourge.)
The Magnificent Few (minus 3) Toon-ballleros Plot: (While trying to find himself due to being fired again, Bugs and Daffy once again meet up with Pedro and Greasy in Brazil where they embark on a journey while dealing with the likes of Lotso and his clan.)
101 Avians Fanmake Plot: (When the baby birds get kidnapped, the parents Iago & Thundra along with the animals must do something about it before Madame Medusa makes them into a fur coat! AladdinxJasmine & IagoxThundra)
101 Avians: Jet's Twilight Adventure Plot: (Tired of being just one of a '101 Avians', Jet teams up with his idol, Bolt, as they try to save Jet's siblings from the returning Madam Medusa.)
The Aristofurs Plot: (Separated from their home, a family of cats must find a way home with a street cat named Nemesis aka Janet O'Malley. MaximusxNemesis)
Danicules (in Nack & Psycho continuity) Plot: (After being made a mortal due to Red's minions, Meowth and Dr. Viper (though with still his god strength), Danny must find a way to become a true hero in order to return, though not if his dastardly uncle Red has something to say! Can Danny and his two new time traveling friends stop Red's plot? DannyxSawyer)
Storm Little (More based on the 40s version) Plot: (A cunning hungry wolf tricks the dumb bird, Storm and a flock of animals in the fence that the sky is falling. Contains a dark ending.)
Julayla's Pigs is Pigs Plot: (A short story tale on a fat wolf having to go through the hassle of multiplying guinea pigs after a customer refuses to pay more money for them.)
Darling, I Shrunk the Rodents
Darling, I Blew Up the Mouse
Legend of Zelda: The Tangled Long Haired Maiden (more in lines akin to the Legend of Zelda series and serious) Plot: (When a young thief by the name of Link climbs up a suppose abandoned tower, he is encountered by the young woman who goes by the name of Zelda. And what happens when they escape together in the tower, it causes a big mess with being chased by the Hylian guards, a stubborn horse, and two witches whom plan to continue keeping Zelda locked up for their own purposes while their master plots. LinkxZelda)
Twisted Tangled Plot: (A kleptomaniac thief called Swiping Hood aka Swiper arrives to a tower to hide from six Equestrian ponies before he encounters with a long haired mongoose named Mina. Hilarity ensures as the two get in the mess being chased by guards, two former friends, Mina's adopted mom whom has her own desires, and even the Mane Six. SwiperxMina)
National Treasure 1 & 2 Fanmakes

Phantom Trigger Untold Stories: Dimensional Vortex & Alt. Endings
Phantom Cross (Sequel to Phantom Trigger) Plot: (A boy travels to another dimension and finds himself in a strange place where mysterious thieves named Momoko, Miyako and Kaoru help him while fighting the evil forces of those that would harm them, including the mysterious Swiper.)

Julayla's Airplane Plot: (Psycho must conquer of his fear of flying a plane in order to save a plane full of sick passengers right after the crew itself fell to the same sickness of poisoned fish. PsychoxSarah & DannyxSawyer)
Julayla's Airplane 2: The Sequel Plot: (After escaping from a mental institute, Psycho has to save the day again, this time he got to saved a shuttle that is hijacked by a fouled up computer that is taking its passengers to the sun! PsychoxSarah and DannyxSawyer)
Julayla's Spaceballs (Redux of actual fic) Plot: ((Gender-switch one) Space pirate Ryoko along with her half-girl half-cat companion, Loud, must rescue Nobiyuki's son, Tenchi from the clutches of the evil Azula with hilarious results.)
Simba's Producers Plot: (Three producers named Timon, Pumbaa, and Simba plan to make the worst musical ever, not knowing it will be a success. Hilarity ensures. SimbaxNala)
Weasel Mafia Plot: (The tale of how a weasel rose up to power and how his grandson wanted to be a somebody, all in a spoofish way!)

Kouja no Senshi Series:
Sailor Moon's Asian Adventure (based on TMNT III Movie) Plot: ((Takes place before Season 3 of KNS) While finding the Shen Gong Wu called the Time Scepter, Jack Spicer and a Japanese Warrior dubbed Samurai Jack switch and now the teams must find Jack Spicer and, with the help of Inuyasha's group, help restore Feudal Japan from the clutches of a sleezy soldier and the evil spirit, Aku.)
Rock 'n Growl (based on a Tiny Toons ep) Plot: (When mistaking a few dinosaurs and an egg for lost sports balls, the Sailor Soldiers raise the dinosaurs, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, the hatched Chomper, and Littlefoot, though when they cause trouble, can they avoid Glomgold and return them to the dinosaur realm, the Great Valley?)

Toon Wizard of Oz Plot: (Frankie finds herself in the strange new place while encountering the likes of the Scarecrow (Danny), the Tin Thing (Fuzzy), and the cowardly lion (Jonny with Plank) and getting the help of the North Witch (Enuj) while avoiding the Wicked Witch of the West (June's Nobody, Enujx))
Toonvision 3D Plot: (During the course of the show, June yells at Swiper for ruining her song, which causes him to run away. Can they find Swiper and let June apologize and what is with the new creature Jumba created?)
The Adventures of Cream in Furryland Plot: (After an argument, Cream goes inside the Over the Hedge gang's trash and into the new world to find her blanket where she must learn of sharing while fighting off the greedy Eggman.)
The Toonpet Show Seasons 1-3
The Toonpets

Silly Toons:
The Meowthsters Plot: (Meowth, as a gameshow host, tortures his contestants throughout the game, though how long will it last?)
The Scarlet Kitty-nickel Plot: (Meowth writes a script for a dashing action old time movie starring himself, Katz as his rival, and Meowsie (who speaks in this version), though with some exaggerations.)
Feathers Anonymous Plot: (Through a meeting, Katz tries not to think about eating birds. However, he gets tempted at times, especially around Arthur. Will his new friend, Cat R. Waul help him through or will Katz let temptation get the better of him?)
Little Beau Greasy Plot: (Enlisted in the French army, Greasy spots Frankie and tries to win her over through the scorching desert.)
Meowth Dodgers Plot: (Meowth and his space cadet, Peter, go to the planet X to retrieve the rare shaving cream atom, though when the alien, Purple Tentacle, lands on the planet tries claiming it, both of them fight back.)
Yumi in Wonderland Plot: (Yumi arrives to a strange place called Wonderland where crazy things happen as she sets out to find the rare March Hare and Mad Hatter.)
Dough for the Imaginations Plot: (Remake of Yumi in Wonderland, though with different characters: Ordered by the Sith, General Grievous arrives to a crazy place called Imaginationland to hunt down and find the rare blob, Bloo.)
Hide and Go Wart Plot: (When Katz tries to capture and eat his rival bird, Arthur accidentally stumbles to Dr. Jekyll's Hyde potion, turning him to a big monstrous bird at random, much to Katz' horror.)
Pink Riding Hoodwinked Plot: (Rini goes to visit Madam Foster's with her bird friend, Arthur. However, Bobcat and Katz both plan to have them for dinner!)
The Egg's on You Plot: (Discovering a gold egg that was dumped by one of the failed magic users, Katz and Meowth try to claim and swipe it from one another!)
The High and the Kitty Plot: (Takes place in KNS Universe: Meowth, as a salesman, tricks two rivals at Tokyo Academy, Max Sr. & Kurata, by selling them his gadgetry.)
Design for Moving Plot: (Meowth cons King Hiram for a push button home, with disastrous results.)
Fox of Seville Plot: (Swiper, while trying to avoid the hunter after him, stumbles to an opera stage and plans to humiliate done in operatic style.)
Psycho Hood (based on a Tiny Toon short segment) Plot: (A spoof of the Tiny Toon version featuring Psycho!)
Swiper the Fox's 1001 Fox Tales Plot: (After trying to find books to sell for both Meowth and Swiper, they both get lost as Swiper ends up in a sultan's palace where he must read stories to Scourge's whiny sidekick, Miles or else be boiled in oil.)
Fox Fire Plot: (A hunter comes to search for a fox, though Swiper manipulates him to hunt for Meowth instead, resulting in a triangle battle.)
Fox Seasoning Plot: (Once again, it's hunting season as Swiper tries to outwit the hunter and Meowth with his cleverness.)
Fox! Meowth! Fox! Plot: (In the winter, Swiper tricks the hunter again to think Meowth is what he claims to be while tricking him to believe it's that animal's season.)
Show Biz Swiper Plot: (Both Swiper and Meowth compete on stage while Meowth desperately tries to outdo him in any way possible.)
Silly Toons: Back in Action Plot: (Meowth goes on an adventure with Matt, the nephew of a famous spy in order to make a fortune, though Swiper, Mina, and Mimi, the agent that wants Meowth back, also have to help while the head of the corporation (Mack Salmon) plans to steal the mystical Chaos Ring. MattxMimi & SwiperxMina)
Meowth Amuck Plot: (Meowth tries to play the part of some movies, though someone from the 4th wall is messing with him. Who could it be?)
Robin Hood Meowth Plot: (Meowth tries to prove to a friar that he is indeed the one Robin Hood, though with disastrous and hilarious results.)
Fox's Kin Plot: (Swiper meets with a younger fox cub named Todd whom is hiding from a hungry bear named Br'er Bear in which he must outwit to protect the fox cub.)
Pullet Surprise Fanmake Plot: (Br'er Bear returns as, during his search for food though stupidly mistakes the college dorm people for food due to a food cosplay day, his is outwitted by another unlikely person.)
Fox-way to the Stars Plot: (Swiper, while trying to wake up, unintentionally gets sent into space and lands on Mars. There, he must deal with the dreaded Purple Tentacle who plans to blow up the Earth!)
Arthur and the Beanstalk Plot: (Some beans are tossed out by Jack's mother after Jack absently trades the cow for beans. However, when the beans grow to a beanstalk, the owners' cat, Katz, arrives to a land of giants where he sets his sights on nabbing a giant-sized Arthur!)
Olivialocks and the 3 Katz Plot: (In a spoof of Goldilocks, Olivia arrives to the cats' home where after being awakened to find the cats, she is persued by Katz whom tries to please his own nephew, Meowth, in having a mouse for dinner.)

Mr. Bump's Battle at the Smithsonian Plot: (When the artifact friends are sent along with the magical tablet to the Smithsonians, Mr. Bump and Miss Whoops must take it back and rescue their friends from the priest's rival. All while a life-like statue of Amelia Earhart (played by Miss Daredevil) and a new security guard named Mr. Bounce helps out as best as they can. HappyxSunshine, BumpxDaredevil, & BouncexWhoops)
A Shrek the 3rd Parody Plot: (Fuzzy, not wanting to be the new king, due to Prince John's illness, seeks out Julayla's brother in order to return to his forest while the Gangreen Gang plan to attack the castle and the pregnant Julayla! FuzzyxJulayla)
A Shrek the Halls Parody Plot: (Fuzzy, having no idea about Christmas, tries to make a special Christmas for him and his new family, that is, until Daxter and the guests arrive. FuzzyxJulayla)
A Scared Shrekless Parody
A Shrek Forever After Parody Plot: (When Fuzzy (wanting to relive the good old days) unwittingly signs a deal with the devil, Him, Fuzzy must restore his timeline by true love's kiss with an alternate Julayla who can't stand him! FuzzyxJulayla)
Grease in Boots
The Tigger in the Hat (Parody of the Cat in the Hat) Plot: (While a rainy day appears, two kids meet with Tigger and the trio must outwit the evil neighbor while finding the lock to Tigger's Mystery Box before chaos ensures, if the chaos hasn't broken enough already.)
Fuzzy Fuzzes the Tigger in the Hat (Sequel to the the Tigger in the Hat and parody of the Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat) Plot: (Due to the influence of his reflection (Him in disguise), Fuzzy Lumpkins tries to get Tigger, but even Tigger has to outsmart the pink beast and find out why he's like that before it's too late.)
Psycho Hears a Who Plot: (Based on the Chuck Jones Version: A silly insane looking weasel one day hears a sound from a speck. Now he must protect Danny Cat's world (and his city, Aniville) from Mirage, the Koopa Bros., and Vultureman.)
AniToon Tale (on verge of remake) Plot: (The human, Jake Long, has been believed by everyone else to have killed the son of the mafia don, Don Weazo while taking this white lie. Meeting with the remaining child of his, Psycho, the duo must outsmart the don and the mob. JakexMisty)
Digimon Jumanji Plot: (During a game found in a construction site, Tai is sucked into it. Now years later, two brothers discover the game and release the contents. Now they with Sora (along with Kari) must finish the game as quickly as they can. All while encountering the now older Tai from inside the game with four Digimon inside the game to help them and an evil Digimon wanting Tai's head. Taiora and Takari)
Hoodwinked Fanmake Plot: (Four victims called Frankie, Sleet, Kronk, and Madam Foster tell each side of their story in this so-called basic "Red Riding Hood" tale while a real villain plots to steal the goodies from the whole forest.)
Shari Spotter and the Cup of Flames Plot: (Somehow, Shari gets entered to the Tri-Wizard tournament and she with the other competitors must outwit and finish through the tournament, not knowing it may be a trap for Shari.)
Shari Spotter and the Order of the Phoenixmon Plot: (Shari and her comrades, while being watched by Arukenimon, must teach themselves how to fight against Naraku and his comrades, but when the time comes, at what cost?)
Shari Spotter and the Half Demon Prince Plot: (As the next year begins, things are getting more intense, especially with Shari falling for Digit. Hints of DigitxShari)
Shari Spotter and the Deadly Heartless Part 1 Plot: (After the death of Professor Stumbelsnore, Shari and her friends must deal with the organization group lead by Naraku.)
Shari Spotter and the Deadly Heartless Part 2 Plot: (The time has come for the final showdown. Who will win or die? Read the conclusion to find out.)
Loud High Anxiety Plot: (Loud, a cat who just became the head of an psychoneutrotic institute, suffers from Loud High Anxiety, an extreme fear of heights, and discovers some evil doings at the institute. But when he gets framed for murder by Nurse Mirage and Dr. Katz, he must confront his fear in order to clear his name. Mainly LoudxFifi)
Hacker Plot: (Married man, Dende Lee, along with Candice, must go back to where he had forgotten his childhood to rescue his children: Nemo and Jenny, from his foe, Hacker. All while Candace tries busting her brothers...again. DeletexBetty with hint of DeletexInez.)
Julayla's Heavy Metal (on verge of remake) Plot: (A deadly creature kills off a girl's father and she is force to witness all of its evil doings before she too will be placed to death by it.)
The Warden & the Sugar Factory Plot: (A lonely boy wins a ticket to the sugar factory where he and his grandfather along with four other kids with parents meet the fabulous Warden. May have Superjail references in there.)
Pan & the Candy Factory Plot: (After winning a trip to the candy factory, Pan with Grandpa Goku along with four contestants and their families arrive to the candy factory where they meet the Mad Hatter and his childhood friend the March Hare on a tour of the factory.)
A Twice Upon a Time Fanmake Plot (Parody of a forgotten classic: Two residents (Beast Boy & Freakazoid) aiming to be heroes must stop and defeat the evil Eggman before he and his minions unleash their Nightmare Bombs in the Rushers of Din (aka the real world) and become true heroes.)
Chaoes Plot: (When a kid is given a Chao for a present, many more Chao appear as they become monstrous with disastrous results in the town.)
Chaoes 2: The New Batch Plot: (Cheese gets taken in after he loses his master while later on, the new batch of dangerous Chao appear inside a huge building.)
Julayla's Meatballs Plot: (It's an experience in camp you don't want to miss as we go through the hassle with a camp runned by a crummy counselor named Bowser.)
Julayla's Little Shop of Horrors Plot: (A down on his luck guy finds an interesting plant, calling it Petey Piranah, but this plant may be more dangerous than it looks.)
Pasadena Mario & the Last Adventure Parody Plot: (The Marios reunite with their estranged father, Ansem as they with Yoshi try to stop the X-nauts before they get their hands on the Special Cup.)
Pasadena Mario & the Fate of Echidnaopolis (Three Versions) Plot: (The Marios and Yoshi embark on the quest to find out what happened to Echidnaopolis, though things may take a turn for the worse for our heroes. Can they along with a friend named Pauline deal with it?)
Pasadena Mario & the Kingdom of the Chozo Heads Plot: (The Mario Bros. team up with a girl named Louisa & a boy named Morty and reunite with Peach & Daisy to stop Azula who is looking for an ultimate power of the Chzo race their friend, Samus, was raised from. Mainly MarioxPeach & LuigixDaisy)
Re: AniToon Wars Series Plot: (A huge remake of the AniToon Wars Series)
Peach's Happily Ever After: (Gruntilda's brother, Chase Young, plans to get revenge on Peach for Grunty's death. When the Mario Bros are kidnapped, Peach and her friends teams up with the Little Misses to save them before it's too late. Special Guest: Miss Naughty as Mother Nature. MarioxPeach & LuigixDaisy)
A Toomerican Tail (Being Remade) Plot: (When separated from his family, TK must find a way back to his family while dealing with Heartless, a new friend who has a crush on Ami named Ash, and the one who is sinisterly collecting called Mr. Age aka the Phage.)
A Toomerican Tail 2: TK Goes West Plot: (After a brawl with Nobodies, TK and his family head off west, though after briefly reuniting them in a place called Green River, he must find a way to ensure the head known as Wacky and his crew have taken the fall while his adopted sister, Xion, has become a show girl!)
Mr. Men's Arabian Nights Fanmake (based on Scooby Doo's Arabian Nights) Plot: (Mr. Scatterbrain and Mr. Tickle, after nearly eating Mr. Uppity's main course, tries to escape from the miser's wrath while one disguises himself and tells him two stories of both Rave-laddin (starring Raven) and Sin-Courage (starring Courage) in order to try to escape.)
Mr. Scatterbrain: Pet Detective Plot: (When a goggled dolphin mascot is held for ransom, Mr. Scatterbrain must take on the case to find the kidnapper.)
Mr. Scatterbrain: When Nature Calls Plot: (After recovering from a traumatizing failed rescue of a raccoon, Mr. Scatterbrain is called upon once more to take up another case, though involving the animal he despises most: Vampire Bats!)
The Chocobo Princess Plot: (A young girl, Aerith, is transformed into a Chocobo thanks to the evil Sephiroth and only her true, Cloud love's vow can break the spell. CloudxAerith)
The Aardvark Concerto Plot: (The Aardvark tries to perform a concert until the usual snack of his he never catches, the Ant (current version), shows up. (may also have bits of elements from Rhapsody Rabbit))
The Chaos Emerald & the Fox Thief Plot: (When Swiper finds an emerald and tries to win the heart of his beloved, he is sent to sea and far away from his homeland and must do all he can to return home and to Mina. SwiperxMina)
Freelance Police Academy Series Plot: (A series of tales that features many faces having to go through the Freelance Police Academy with special guests, Sam and Max.)
Fantastic Mr. Hood Plot: (After stealing from three farms to provide for his family, Robin Hood along with his family are in danger of the hunters and dig all the way underground to hide from them. All while more of their animal comrades join them in the cause. What would Robin do?)
How to Train Your Digimon Plot: (When Davis shoots down a Digimon called ExVeemon, he doesn't have the heart ot kill it, instead befriending it. However, it is a forbidden friendship as Davis must do all he can to keep it a secret from his village. Mainly Daiyako)
All Wolves Go to Heaven
All Wolves Go to Heaven 2
All Wolves Christmas Carol
Donald's 3 Amigos Plot: (Donald with Jose and Panchito get fired from the studio after their last movie failure. Afterwards, the Cabballeros get a message, believing it's a call to fame, when it's really a message about taking down the most dangerous gun slinger down in Mexico!)
Daffy's 4 Amigos Plot: (After Daffy's ego gets himself, Greasy, and Pedro fired (with Bugs quitting due to his boss being a pain), the 4 Toon-balleros get a message saying that they're invited to a small town in Mexico, not knowing that the main "host" is actually the one who plans to endanger the town! Can the four overcome their act and become heroes for real?)
Maximus' Sleepy Hollow

More to Come...
EDIT: Moved due to slight revamping.

Due to the last one being buggy, I decided to do a new Fanfic journal list.

The Finished Fics (Removed Fics without backup, fics I hated/didn't feel right about):

Normal Fics:
Sailor Moon Toon Series:
Teknophage: Demon's Reign
PPG: Julayla Saga Pt 1 (to be remade)
PPG: Julayla Saga Pt 1 OAV: Kindergarden Blues (to be remade)
A Night of Truth or Dare (to be remade)
Sailor Moon Toon: Exchange Program Daze (to be remade)
WFRR 1 1/2: Toon of Their Lives (to be remade)
Sailor Moon Toon: True Love? (to be remade)
Of Weasels & Doom
Tales of a Zoot Weasel: Of Weasels & Doom 2
Of Father & Son II
Atomic Betty II Series:
The New Enemy (UPDATED)
The Return (UPDATED)
Wonderland (UPDATED)
Ling Ling! (to be remade)
Vampires from the Planet Nosferatu! (to be remade)
Mickey & Friends Series:
Meet Mickey's Gang (to be remade)
The Search for Parents (to be remade)
Adventure With Hyenas (to be remade)
Origins Through a Day's Coma (to be remade)
Trouble in Nottingham (to be remade)
A Leader's Choice (to be remade)
Of Father & Son
Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z Series:
The New Puffs
Techno Dr. Dude
LOTRD Series:
LOTRD OAV Ch 11: Bad Fur Day Arc
Neo Outsiders Holiday Special 1: Toyland Arc
Neo Outsiders Holiday Special 2: Nutcracker Arc
Legacy of the Red Dragon Special: Otherworld Demon Tournament
Neo Outsiders Holiday Special 3: Kaguya Arc
Neo Outsiders Holiday Special 4: Vampire Santa Arc
LOTRD: WWC Special 2: Davy Jones Arc
LOTRD Gen 1 Omakes
Kouja no Senshi Series:
Kouja no Senshi Season 1
Kouja no Senshi Season 2
Kouja no Senshi Season 3
Subspace Emissary: Extended Edition
Dragon Force Zeta II: Maximus IQ Saga Epilogue
Drawn Together Haiku
KH II Side Story: Donald & Goofy's Adventure
One Less Relative Problem
Eternal Beauty: An Alternate Machinos Omake
Delete & Betty's New Love
MK vs DC: Extended Edition
Nutcracker Prince: POV Fics

Fanmake Fics:
Princess Peach and the 7 Mr. Men
Julayla's Saludos Amigos
Dee Dee Pan
Rita & the Dodger
Sleeping Beauty: Disney/Mario/KH Version
Disney's Danny Hood
Disney's Psycho Hood
Sonic's Christmas Carol
The Great Mouse Kid Detective
Pikachu & Company (to be remade)
Who Framed Danny Phantom
The Little Artist
The Little Mer-Droid
The Little Heroine
Sailor Moon All Stars to the Rescue
Disney's Nutcracker
Disney's Princess & the Pauper
Beauty & the Beast: Crossover Style
Beauty & the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas~Xover Style
Minnie and Her Beast
Minnie and Her Beast: The Lovely Christmas
Roxladdin (to be remade)
Gangreen of Toodre Dame (to be remade)
Julayla's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Multiverse
Toon Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the White Pearl
Toon Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Serpent's Chest
Toon Pirates of the Caribbean: At Universe's End
Brother Weasel
Psycho, Courage, & the Sheriff: 3 Musketeers
Meet the Hoods
Minnie's Enchanted
Sarah's Enchanted
Mr. Men's Trick or Treat
Lonesome Ghost Pokemon
Scrooge's Christmas Carol
Julayla's Toy Story
A Furry's Life
Julayla's Toy Story 2
Demons Inc
Finding Trixie
The IncreD'OHbles
The IncreD'OHbles: Maggie Attacks
Furs Toons: Sheriff's Tall Tails
Mousatouille Teaser Trailer
Mr. Grumpy's Up
Bolt's Special Mission
Tall & Rude
Julayla's Toy Story 3
Furs 2
Toonpet Series:
The Toonpet Movie
Setoome Street Presents: Follow that Fox
Great Toon Caper
Toonpet Christmas Toy
Toons Take Manhattan
Toon Christmas Carol
Toon Treasure Planet
Tale of the Foxy Picnic
Toons at Walt Disney World
A Toon Family Christmas
Toon Classic Theater
Toons from Space
Toon Christmas: Letters to Santa
Christmas Eve on Sestoome Street
Mr. Happy's Christmas Tree
Trent and the Toonpets: A Christmas Together
Apple Bloom's Jug Band Christmas
Nack & Psycho:
Who Framed Buster Bunny
Insane Mansion
NAP Hit the Road
A Mouse King Movie
Keeper of the Reaper~Nack & Psycho Style
Tune Squad
NAP TV Series
Nack & Psycho in Furry Gun
Little Chris
Billy & Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween~Nack & Psycho Style
Sonic the Hedgehog: Freelance Attorney Movie
Mons vs Chimeras
Day of the Irkin
The Devil and Chad
NAP Save the World
Edna & Harvey: The Breakout~NAP Style
Harvey's New Eyes~NAP Style
Mr. Nervous: Puzzle Agent
Nutcracker Prince~NAP Style
JusSonic's NBC: The Pumpkin King
Billy & Mandy Save Xmas~NAP Style
NAP Beyond Time & Space
Mr. Nervous: Puzzle Agent 2
Wolf Loom
The Blood Ruby
Back to the Toon Future Trilogy (Reduxed)
Song of the South~NAP Style
Pinocchio~NAP Style
Emperor of the Night~NAP Style
A Foreigner's Tail
A Foreigner's Tail: Treasure of New York
A Foreigner's Tail: Case of the Night Demon
A Foreigner's Tail: Timmy Goes West
Back to the Toon Future: The Game
Nack & Psycho's Day Off
Nack & Psycho: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut
How I Spent My Summer Vacation~NAP Style
Nack & Psycho: Destination: Toyland
Despicable We
Ultra Koopa
Ultra Koopa: The Switch of Doom
Big Boogey Adventure~NAP Style
Nack & Psycho: Him's Playhouse
Nack and Psycho's Big Picture Show
AniToon Wars: (All given to JusSonic with new one to be remade)
Ep 1: The Phantoon Menace
Ep 2: Attack of the Cy-Clones
OAV: Cy-Clone Wars
Ep 3: Revenge of the Phantom
Ep 4: A New Toon Hope
Ep 5: The Heartless Strike Back
Ep 6: Return of the Heroes
A Toomerican Tail
Labyrinth: Yumi's Tale
A Shrek Parody (to be remade)
A Shrek 4D Parody (to be remade)
A Shrek 2 Parody (to be remade)
Blazin' Saddlez!
Young Unostein
Psycho Hood: Toons in Tights
Batula: Dead & Loving It
Julayla's Princess Bride (to be remade)
Kingdom Hearts:
Cyber Hearts! The Remake
Cyber Hearts! Omake
Cyber Hearts! Castle of Memories
Cyber Hearts! Castle of Memories Omake
Other Kingdom Hearts:
Delete & Betty's Kingdom Hearts
Delete & Betty's Chain of Memories
Atomic Kingdom Hearts
Sonic Heroes:
Sonic Heroes the Movie
Sonic the Hedgehog in Wonderland
Julayla's Cream
Sonic Heroes Nutcracker
Dr Seuss Fanmakes:
Halloween is Fuzz Night
How Fuzzy Lumpkins Stole Christmas
Swiper Hears a Toon
Nightmare Before Christmas:
Nightmare Before Christmas~Crossover Style
The Mummy Cat Bride
Nightmare Before Christmas~Crossover Style: Piedmon's Revenge
5 Days a Figure
7 Days a Monster
Ash's Notes
6 Days a Murder
Phantom Trigger: Member's Journey
Phantom Trigger
Julayla's Subspace Emissary (to be remade)
UPDATE: Secrets of Mankey Island
Shari Spotter:
Shari Spotter and the Alchemist Stone
Shari Spotter and the Lair of Secrets
Silly Toons:
Julayla's What's Opera Doc
For Ghost-Scent-imental Reasons
Night of the Living Meowth
The Last Hungry Katz
AniToon Ghostbusters
Mousey Todd
Atomic Betty: Atomic Report (to be remade)
Atomic Betty II: Adventures in Slumberland (to be remade)
The Nutcracker...Sweet!
Julayla's Animalympics
Julayla's Blue Harvest
Julayla's Something Something Something Dark Side
Nack the Weasel's Batula
Droids Don't Dance
PPG: Julayla Saga Pt 2 OAV: Tuxedo Nutcracker
Heavy Metal: Crossover Extravaganza! (to be remade)
Kung Fu Weasel
Foster Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Songfic)
Toons from the Crypt: The Third Fox
Pasadena Mario and the Temple of Shrooms
The Rattiest Nutcracker
Mr. Bump's Clue
Sailor Moon's Halloween Tree
Banjo-Kazooie's Bad Fur Day
UPDATE: Santa Fuzzy Claus: The Movie
Kouja no Senshi:
Toyland Trilogy
Mr. Tickle's Progress
Courage Away (to be remade)
Meowth's Fantastic Island
Kouja no Senshi's How I Spent My Vacation
A KNS Adventure

Night of the Feline (NC-17 warning)
My Worst Nightmare (NC-17 warning)
Beast Love (R rated warning)
Julayla's Female OCs Romance
AniToon Wars: A New Love
AniToon Wars: Enuj's Honeymoon (NC-17 Warning)
Sarah's Teacher (NC-17 Warning)
Nemesis & Sarah's Baby (NC-17 Warning)
AniToon Wars: Danny & June's Fun (NC-17 Warning)
A Mouse King's Desire (NC-17 Warning)
Po's Confession (NC-17 Warning)
Only in Her Dreams (NC-17 Warning)
Her Desires Come True (NC-17 Warning)
This Cat is Coming After You (NC-17 Warning)

More will come.
(Act 12)

Link frowned, glaring at Link.

Link: Let the princess go!

Gannondorf: She will be released...but must give me what I desire...

Link: What are you talking about? And what did you mean by "Hylian"?

Gannondorf: (points) Didn't you notice the strange tattoo on your hand?

Link looked at it with confusion.

Gannondorf: Apparently, the Triforce of Courage has a new host.

Stitch: (growls) Weega meet again, Stupid Head.

Santa watched with worry.

Numbah 1: Santa, get your wife with Rudolph & Saria and head to a safer area. The Kids Next Door will handle this.

Numbah 4: At least there's no cruddy sign of the Delightful Dorks around here.

Gannondorf: Now, now...none of that now!

He snapped his fingers, causing many monsters to appear, snatching all, but Stitch, Rudolph, and Link.

Stitch: Augh, again!?

Saria looked worried at the Wolfos holding her.

Gannondorf: Trust wouldn't want MORE harm to come to them like your failure of an experiment that hurt children AND Santa's reputation.

Zelda, mouth covered, muffled as she tried speaking through the gag.

Link: You're a coward, Gannondorf! Have you no honor?!

Gannondorf: (sighs) I may as well try to make a small example of what would happen if you DON'T hand it over.

He motioned the Wolfos holding Saria, trying to bite her head. Saria gasped in fear, screaming as she tried to hold the beast's jaws.

Link: (panics) Saria!!

Gannondorf: Now...the Triforce. Besides, with the sixth Sage unawakend and/or dead, the 7th Sage will NEVER awaken and help the Sages seal me away!

Link looked angered, snatching something on the ground as he shouted.

Link: What you are is a jerk, Gannondorf!

Stitch: Ih! Why make people miserable anyhow? They don't make profits.

Gannondorf: This isn't about profit. It's about spreading misery, darkness, and hate!

Link: That's not true! There are people that STILL believe. And as long as they have that faith, then it stinks to be you! Because no matter what happens, I will NEVER hand over my Triforce piece OR let you harm my friends, ESPECIALLY Saria and Zelda!!

Then, to their surprise, Link's Triforce on his hand, the object on his other hand, and Saria began glowing, stunning them.

Saria: Wh...what's happening?

They saw Saria vanish.

Most: Saria!!

To Link's surprise, a green forest medallion appeared to him as he realized.

Link: became a Sage.

Link then looked at his object, which showed, in reality, a sword of a sort.

Link: This sword.

Gannondorf: Yes...THAT POWER!!

He held his hand, showing his own Triforce, starting to transform, causing him to release Zelda before she fell to the ground. They looked, noticing a gigantic bluish boar with red mane and tusks/horns, roaring proudly.

Immortals: (shocked) Gannon!!

Zelda, removing the gag, looked stunned at what she saw.

Zelda: Oh no.

Numbah 2: I always figured he was a big ham!

A rimshot is heard as a snowball hits him.

Stitch: By the way, monsters...your mama wears tube socks!!

The beasts growled as they prepared to attack. However, the reindeer, Kids Next Door, and Stitch hit most of them, tossing them around with Link sword spinning around them and Gannon, whom almost snatched him.

Stitch: Take that, dummies!

Numbah 1: Kids Next Door...(shouts) BATTLE STATIONS!!

Link: (dodging) You take care of freeing everyone! I'll try to seal Gannon!

The kids with Stitch shouted as they charged, hitting more of the fiends holding the immortals hostage. As that was happening, Link slashed at Gannon, whom winced, trying to snatch Link. The boy almost got hit while Zelda looked worried.

Zelda: There must be something I can do. I...

She looked on the ground, noticing a bow with an arrow set, picking them up.

Zelda: (sighs) I hope this helps...(shouts) Link! Duck!!

She fired her arrow, with Link ducking. Gannon winced in pain before the arrow started glowing.

Zelda: (surprised) It...glows?

She looked at the arrow set, noticing them all glowing.

Zelda: They Light Arrows.

Link, noticing what happened, slashed at Gannon, whom grunted and screamed before falling down.

Link: (panting) Now what happens?

The medallions Link had glowed before floating upward. The boy Hylian watched as four more medallions flew around where Link and Zelda were with the princess glowing.

Zelda: So it IS true...I'm the 7th sage...this is what I must do.

She and the medallions went near Link's sword, causing it to glow. Afterward, the medallions landed near the ground with Zelda kneeling.

Zelda: Hurry, Link...Seal Gannon now!!

Link, nodding, jumped as he slammed his sword down.


The sword hit the boar, causing him to scream. Afterward, as the remaining monsters were destroyed, freeing the remaining immortals, including Santa with Serenity, they turned, noticing Gannon screaming as a white light engulfed him. Then, in an instant, Gannon vanished. In a flash, all that remained was the piece of Triforce. The crowd cheered while Link helped Zelda up.

Link: So I'm really a Hylian, huh?

Zelda: Yes.

Link: (starts smiling) I guess in my heart...I kinda knew, but thought it was a dream.

Numbah 1: (walks to him) It's real, Link.

They looked at the medallions, then at the triforce in their hands before the Triforces lifted upward, breaking away from the two's hands. The third piece floated upward as well, twirling with the two pieces before the three pieces fused, creating the Triforce once more.

Numbah 5: Man...

Zelda: (sighs) If you must know, in case Gannon was to ever have tried to take the Triforce...I had it break in pieces, staying with only the strongest hearts. Apparently, Gannon briefly held the Triforce of Power.

Santa: (smiles) Link...

He patted the boy Hylian on the head.

Santa: Despite your mistakes, you did the right thing...and I couldn't be more proud.

Zelda: (seriously) Gannon WILL return someday.

Link: But until then...we'll be ready. So come on...let's put the Triforce back to where it belongs.

Some time later, back at the North Pole, Zelda walked up to the podium as the Triforce began lifting up with the medallions floating. Afterward, the Triforce became gigantic. Then, a huge wave shot around the entire place, restoring not only the entire village, but many whom were aging. The crowd cheered wildly.

Numbah 4: Yeah!! Way to go! Woo hoo!!

Later, Link was motioning to his immortal friends about his adventure while the female KND chatted with the creatures.

Numbah 5: Yeah.

Then, Numbah 2 smiled, darting and hugging both Santa and Serenity.

Numbah 2: This is great! We get to stay here!

Numbah 4: Uh what about Kuki?

Numbah 3 walked up to them, looking at Santa.

Numbah 3: Can I stay? At least just till either next Christmas or we find our families. Please?

Numbah 2: And you can give her a lift home next year.

The professor chuckled a bit.

Santa: Well, Professor?

Professor Genius: As if I don't have enough to do. Now I'm going to have to be a school teacher.

Most: School?

Numbah 4: (horrified) School?! But I hate school!

Serenity: (sighs) Oh, this has been the most wonderful moment ever!

Suddenly a snowball hits Serenity, much to her annoyance.

Serenity: (anger mark) OKAY! WHO KEEPS DOING THAT?!

Just then, they saw a boy named Sperg laughing cruelly.

Sperg: Ha, suckers!

Numbah 5: I don't wanna know.

At that moment, he noticed some mechanical broken toys attacking him.

Sperg: What the-!? (is tackled) AHHH!

He screamed more and more while only Kuki smiled.

Numbah 3: Now that's what Christmas is all about!

Santa, the professor, and Serenity laughed with the other elves, Kokiri, creatures, and Hylians. Later, the crowd began dancing to the music with everyone dancing happily. As that happened, Link and Zelda finished dancing, watching as the crowd danced.

Link: Guess it's gonna be a while for them, huh?

Zelda: Yeah...and with the Sages and Triforce at our side...we'll find their families...someday.

Finally, both Link and Zelda held hands while watching the crowd dance. Meanwhile, up above in the sky, while the wreckage of the sleigh floated up in space, Father, in panic, screamed while trying to control his flying without success, flying away from Earth.

Father: (snaps) Hey! What's going on? LET ME DOWN!! LET ME OUTTA HERE!! AAAAUUUUUUGH!!

Back on the KND Moonbase, a geek in a white lab coat looks through it and spots Father flying off while a kid named Numbuh 362 watches.

Geek: Looks like the villain is having trouble flying. Shall we fetch him?

Numbah 362: No, we will let him linger a bit...then send in our troops to capture him.

The End (aka End Transmission)

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this fic.
Santa Fuzzy Claus: The Movie 12
Gannondorf (as Gannon) tries to take the remaining Triforce. However, Link, filled with courage, refuses, awakening the last Sages. But will it be enough to seal him and save the immortals? Read the conclusion to find out.
(Act 11)

Back at the toy factory, make shift vehicles were seen while sirens were heard. Father, looking out the window, looked stunned at what he saw.

Father: It's those other Kids Next Door sectors!! One of the Kids Next Door MUST have contacted them.

He glared at Gannondorf holding the unconscious Zelda.

Father: You told me that they wouldn't know about any of this!

Gannondorf: I only said they wouldn't know about the plan. I never said about them finding YOU kidnapping Sector V.

Father: Where are you off to?!

Gannondorf: I have a little schedule to take care of. Apparently, the Triforce broke off and separated while trying to take it. The princess has one and I have the boy MUST have the last one. (slyly) Good luck dealing with brats.

He instantly vanished with his captive.

Father: YOU shut up!

Irish Voice: All right, Father!

He groaned, then looked outside as he saw a red haired girl named Numbah 86 outside using a megaphone while she glared with other Kids Next Door members taking the other evil adults down below away.

Numbah 86: Father, we know you're up there. Now, come on down with your hands held high and we'll make it less painful for you!

KND Agent: Actually, go ahead and don't! I want to beat ya up!

The Toilenator screamed in agony as he shouted.

Toilenator: AHHH! Father, avenge me!!

Father: Yeeeaaa-no. You're on your own, Toilenator.

Toilenator: (looks down) Awww.

Father: (glances) And the Delightfuls took off...figures with the former Sector Z. I better scoot while the getting's good.

Numbah 86: Kids Next Door...(shouts) BATTLE STATIONS!!

The kids shouted and darted inside. Father, meanwhile, looked in the drawer, looking at the glowing candy canes before looking back, chuckling wickedly. As he began eating the entire drawer full of candy canes, the banging noise was heard.

Numbah 86: Open up, Father! We're here to take you to the Artic Base Prison!

A kid named Numbah 60 snapped, trying to break the door open.

Numbah 60: (struggling) Come on! We know you're in there!

Numbah 86: We'll kick the door!

Numbah 60 kicks at the door...only to land on his butt.

Numbah 60: Ouch!

Numbah 86: (rolls eyes) Anyway...We're comin' in!

Father, finishing the last one, darted to the side of the window, looking at the Kids Next Door recruits busting the door, then pointing their 2x4 weapons at him.

Numbah 86: Hold it!

Numbah 60: Or our mom will shoot!

Numbah 86: (annoyed) Really?

Father: You won't catch me once I take to the air!

He jumped, starting to float before starting to fly upward.

Father: (notices) Whoa. Whoa!

They aimed while Father flew higher.

Father: (panics) Whooooaaaaah!

Numbah 60: (confused) What the-

Just then, Numbah 86's communicator began beeping before she picked it up.

Numbah 86: This is Numbah 86 here.

Numbah 5's Voice: About time you picked up! What the heck's going on?

Numbah 86: Hmph, obviously Father ate so many candy canes, he flew away from us. Literally!

Numbah 3's Voice: Oooh, that's gonna hurt like heck when he lands.

Numbah 86: If he does land, he ate a lot!

Numbah 3's Voice: Oh. Hope he likes space!

Numbah 86: Anyway, what do you want?

Numbah 5's Voice: You don't know how long we tried contacting you 'til Numbah 3's message finally got through. There's a girl missing and we need help finding her.

Numbah 86: We're STILL trying to find the Delightful Children, but they probably escaped with this Gannondorf jerk! And (snaps) WHAT THE HECK TOOK YOU SO LONG TO CONTACT US!?

Back on the sleigh, Numbah 5 looked annoyed.

Numbah 5: That's not important. This girl's got something important and if we can't find her, we may need all the help we can get to finding her.

Numbah 3: (looking) Looks like Numbah 4 and the others are having fun, despite the danger, though.

She pointed to the sleigh up ahead flying in the country, screaming before diving and flying over the trees.

Stitch: Ha-ha-ha-ha!! This is neat, huh Rudolph?

Link: (grins) I can do anything with this car I want. Watch.

He flew it around with everyone on it yelping and wincing. They flew overhead over a few houses in the country, laughing with most grinning while Impa only looked at the candy canes starting to glow brighter on the opened trunk.

Impa: (realizes) Oh no.

Back with Santa's group, he looked more worried as he hit the reins.

Santa: Fly, boys!

Numbah 5: Can't they go any faster?

Saria: They usually get a year's rest. They're doing their best.

Santa: (shouts) Fly! Come on, boys!

Near the mountains, Link's group yelped with the males laughing with grins. As that happened, Numbah 1 looked below, noticing the mountains nearby.

Numbah 1: The Moonbase will never believe this!

Link: So why were you going around anyway?

Numbah 2: Long story short-

Stitch: Thank goodness.

Numbah 2: -our base was stolen as was our families. That's why Numbah 3 was stuck with staying with Father while the rest of us were left to rot in the streets. Besides, we don't have any idea where the Treehouse is, let alone our families.

Link: Then Santa will help in locating them. We will get your families and the tree house back!

They yelped and wobbled a bit.

Link: Until then, you can stay with us as long as you like...if Santa is okay with it.

He then looked at his hand with a triforce mark, noticing one triangle glowing with concern.

Link: did this tattoo get on me?

Impa: (realizes) That's no tattoo...

Back with Santa's group, they flew over the ocean where some ice was.

Santa: Come on! That's it, boys!

Saria: Come on, now! Come on!

They flew over the ice a bit.

Santa: That's the way. That's the way. Come on. That's my good boys. Come on!

They almost came close to the sleigh while up ahead, Stitch made revving noises while they flew.

Impa: Is that necessary?

Stitch: Ih.

Numbah 1: Humor him. He won't shut up if you don't.

However, the candy canes began smoking a bit, starting to look like they were going to explode.

Impa: (notices) Link?

Saria, watching, gasped with shock.

Saria: Oh, my gosh! Rudolph, Link, & Impa!

Numbah 3: Wally! Stitch!

Numbah 5: Nigel & Hoagie!

Santa: (shouts) Come on, boys! That's Link in there! If you love him like he loves you, give it all you got! (whipping) Come on! Come on!

Saria: Come on, Blitzen! Come on, Donner!

Up ahead, the males shouted before Numbah 4 looked up.

Numbah 4: Can we go higher?

Link: Sure. But I thought you hate heights.

Numbah 4: No, that's water. I can't swim.

They flew higher, though something sparked behind, causing one candy cane to blow up.

Numbah 1: (notices) Something's happening!

Impa: (points) Link, everyone, look!!

They turned, gasping as they saw the candy catch on fire.

Link: Oh no!!

He pressed a button, though a game noise was heard when he pressed it.

Stitch: (pauses) Ya got Atari. (scoffs) Weirdo.

He struggled, trying to press the switches, though more candy canes exploded.

Link: It's no good! (groans) You guys were right, I AM a screw up!!

Numbah 2: No, Stitch is mainly that, but that's another story.

Stitch: (frowns) You're welcome.

With the others, Numbah 3 looked worried as she saw the blond boy trying to put it out.

Numbah 4: (panics) No! I can't do the ocean! I can't survive out there!!

Numbah 3: Guys, do something!! (panics) HURRY!!

Saria: Ugh, this whole thing is getting loopy!

Santa: (realizes) That's it! The super-dooper looper. It's the only way.

Donner looked worried while looking back.

Santa: Come on, Donner! You can do it! (stands up) I know you can do it!

Numbah 5: (shouts) Come on! Faster!

Numbah 3: Please!

Back with Link's group, the gang kept flipping switches.

Stitch: Meega forget: What's going on?

Impa: The Candy Canes are exploding. Probably due to extreme heat in the sleigh.

Link: This is why everything HAS to be cold!

Santa, meanwhile, sat back down.

Santa: Here we go! Hang on! Here we go!!

Most held on with Donner looking reluctant while they started flying high.

Santa: Give it all you got! Come on, now! Come on! Hah! Hah!

They went below the Link Sleigh.

Numbah 5: (shouts) Come on, Donner!

Numbah 3: Come on! You can do it!

The ones with Link noticed as Stitch pointed.

Stitch: There!

Numbah 1: Santa! It's Santa!

Link: (smiles) Santa! Aah!

Numbah 2: (grins) All right!

Donner looked more scared before Saria shouted and pointed.

Saria: Donner...Do it for Rudolph!!

She pointed to Rudolph, whom squeaked to him. Donner, now realizing, looked determined as he began looping.

Link: Go, Santa!

They saw more candy canes popping.

Link: Santa!

However, as they were doing the loop, Impa looked seriously.

Impa: They won't get to all of you in time!!

The sleigh went upside down.

Santa: (shouts) Dash it away, Donner! Dash it away!

The boys and Impa struggled before the Shiekian looked seriously, then grabbed the boys, Stitch, and Rudolph.

Impa: It's up to you...find Zelda! (tosses them up) GOOOOOO!!

They were tossed upward by her just as the sleigh exploded. When it did, the entire sleigh exploded, covered in smoke.

Link: (horrified) Impa!!

Numbah 3: (panics) WALLY!!

Finally, the males with Rudolph and Stitch clinging to the four, held on as they started falling.

Males: AHHHHH!!

Finally, as they were falling, the boys, Stitch, and Rudolph landed on the sleigh with Santa's group noticing while Stitch only kept screaming.

Stitch: Ahhhhhhhh!!

He paused with everyone looking oddly at him.

Stitch: What? Meega though we were doing a thing.

Santa only laughed happily with the kids hugging one another before Link looked, noticing the other reindeer.

Link: (happily) Oh! Oh, my boys! I've seen some reindeer in my time, but you're the best, the best!

Santa: (grins) We did it! We did it! Ha-ha-ha!

Donner chuckled a bit with Blitzen smiling.

Numbah 5: Well done, Donner!

The others laughed a bit.

Numbah 2: (shouts) Way to go, Donner!

Numbah 3: And now everyone is here and all is okay!

After a moment, Link stopped before looking depressed.

Link: Not everyone...Impa gave her life to save us...and Zelda...who knows where she's at now.

After a few moments, a medallion with a glowing aura appeared in front of Link, noticing as he took it.

Link: This...this is like with Ruto, Darunga, Rauru, and Nabooru. It's a Medallion.

Saria: (looking) It's a Shadow Medallion. Which means...

Both: Impa became a Sage!

Numbah 5: A what?

Link: We'll explain in a bit, but first...we need to find Zelda.

Saria: By the way, THAT is Link, girls.

Numbah 3: Hi, Link! I'm Kuki and this is Abby. And that's Saria.

Saria: He knows who I am.

Link: (chuckles) Well it's nice to meet you, Abby and Kuki.

Stitch: And meega is the cutest alien Stitch! (wiggles butt) Looks at Stitch's bottom!

A few chuckled a bit before landing near the snow. However, as they did, Link noticed something, stopping them.

Link: Wait! Something's wrong!

Santa: What?

To their shock and horror, they saw the entire building on fire with the people inside screaming, darting out with Serenity, wobbling and falling to the ground, trying to follow.

Santa: What's going on here?

Serenity: It's terrible...

Professor Genius: Apparently, HE has come.

The people jumped away as a fiery blast almost hit them. To their shock and horror, out came a familiar figure, holding the hostage princess.

Some: Princess!!

Link: (angrily) Gannon!!

Gannondorf: (cruelly) He-he-he-he...hello, Hylian and friends.

Stitch: (pauses) Eh, saw this coming.

(End of Act 11)
Santa Fuzzy Claus: The Movie 11
The chase commences as Santa and friends save Link with the boy KND members (plus Stitch & Rudolph), Father tries to escape the other KND members, and a familiar foe attacks the North Pole!


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Atomic Betty - Beatrixo and Betty by gata20
by gata20

Okay, now I can see how this works. Still wonderful job on your art. The art looks wonderfully done here after all. Augh, I don't know ...

To gata20: You mean like this?

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