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A/N: Takes place somewhere between Season 1 & 2 of KNS.


Somewhere, at a base of a sort, a comic was shown with the KND main 5 alongside the familiar faces posing ala like the X-Men before the book opened, panning to one of the comic panels.

Narrator: T'was the night before Christmas, true believers
And all through Santa's workshop,
Last minute toys were being made
As the foremen yelled "chop, chop".

Inside the workshop of the North Pole, many elves were making toys.

Elves: (singing) Rainbow Christmas, Rainbow Christmas,
Oh, so very wild and filled with children,
Toys off to girls and boys,
Naughty, naughty kids don't get no toys.
Oh, silver and gold and red and white,
Rainbow Christmas, Rainbow Christmas, is tonight!

As they continued to work, one elf broke a candy cane, taking it like a cigar.

Narrator: The elves were all busy with hearts to be done
They worked and they sang, well, except for just one

He leaned back while a mustached elf glared at an elf with hair similar to Wolverwine (though shaggy) alongw ith green clothing.

Head Elf: (glares) Hey, I didn't hear you singing, Wintergreen.

Wintergreen: (removes the cane) I told ya, I don't sing. Santa just asked me to keep an eye on things around here, and that's all I'm doing.

The elf panicked while taking a Rainbow Monkey with worry.

Head Elf: But there's only a few hours until Santa delivers his gifts, and then Christmas is over. We need all the help we can get!

Just then, they heard some door banging noises from outside, confusing them.

Random Elf: (happily) I'll get it!

He hummed a bit before opening the front door.

Random Elf: (grins) Merry Christmas to you! Come on in and have some egg-

Just then, the elf was hit by a dart, which began making gas of a sort come out of it.

Random Elf: (frightened) -nog?

Finally, he lost consciousness before something jumped to the table. To the crowd's notice, they saw what appeared to be the Kids Next Door Sector V gang in gas masks, hiding their faces.

Other Elf: (grins) Hey look, we have guests.

The oblivious elves waved before they too were hit by the gas darts that hit them.

Wintergreen: (smirks) Looks like Christmas is coming early for me!

He ripped off his coat, roaring before he too was hit by many gas darts, groaning before losing consciousness. The other elves, meanwhile, obliviously waved to the five.

Other Elf: (smiles) Hey, cool dart guns! Can I have one?

Lady Elf: I wanna see these for Christmas.

Just then, all the other elves were hit, starting to lose consciousness.

Other Elf: (sleepily) Nighty night.

After a few moments, more dart firing was seen.

Elf Above: Merry Christmas, kids!

More were hit and knocked out.

Other Random Elf: Yoo-hoo! Up here-

The remaining elf was hit and knocked out. Afterward, what appeared to be Numbah 3 nodded to her comrade before they began moving together in what seemed to be an eerile synced fashion, glaring before they jumped near the fireplace, pulling one of the stockings and entering it, revealing it to be an elevator. Just then, another elf noticed them.

Female Elf: Huh? (glares) Hey, you're not allowed to be down here! (grins) And Merry Christmas-

Just then, she was hit and knocked out as well. Then, the kids in masks marched toward the door before it opened, showing a path where a sleigh with what appeared to be Santa was with the old man noticing and hopping off the sleigh with sleigh bells on his hand.

Santa: Hey! What are you-

Just then, he too was hit and knocked out, dropping the bells. The five in masks then glanced at one another.

Familiar voices: Perfect. No one is the wiser...

(OP: Ai (Chuuseishin) by Excel Girls)

Kouja no Senshi: The Side Stories
Between Season 1 & 2
Operation NAUGHTY~KNS Style (Ninnies Almost Undo Greatest Holiday This Year)

Meanwhile, near a familiar city, what seemed to be a makeshift rocket flew across the night sky. Inside, some familiar kids piloted the ship with Numbah 4 eating some french fries. All while Numbah 3 was fixing something in her bag.

Numbah 4: Whew! Man, that was close! (glares) I'm surprised we got out of that sugar-coated castle alive.

Numbah 3: (grins) Oh come on, it wasn't so bad.

She then showed her boxed gift with ribbon on it.

Numbah 3: Plus, it was the only place I could pick up my last gift. (glances at him) And I saved the best one...(shows it) for you!

Numbah 4 gasped, grinning as he held the box with Kuki blushing. As she continued, the African watching grinned slyly.

Numbah 4: Oh! You got me a present? Whoo-hoo-hoo! (shakes it) What is it? What is it?

Numbah 3: (snatches it) You can't open it now! (beady eyed) You have to wait until we exchange gifts tomorrow morning.

Numbah 4: (yelps) Gah! Exchange gifts?

He quickly ate one of his fries with worry, looking back at her.

Numbah 4: Right.

Numbah 3: (frowns) Don't tell me you didn't get me a present again. (looks down) Don't you like me?

Numbah 5: Yeah, Numbah 4, (mockingly) don't you like Numbah 3? He-he-he-he.

The blond boy spitted out his fries in fear.

Numbah 4: (glares) Like what are you talking about?

He got up, glancing at them.

Numbah 4: Who cares about giving presents for other people anyways? Isn't Santa the one who's supposed to do that?

Numbah 3: Of course, (glares) but REAL friends give each other gifts as well.

Numbuh 5: He's in denial.

Numbuh 4: What does some dumb river got to do with me?!

Numbah 3: So YOU'LL just have to watch the rest of us exchange gifts tomorrow.

The others looked reluctant as they muttered in reluctance.

Numbah 1: Uh right.

Numbah 5: Well uh...

Numbah 3: You guys didn't get me gifts either?

Numbah 1: (reluctantly) Um, well, things have been busy lately and...(looks at a monitor) Whoa-ho! Look at that, we're back at one of the treehouses! Better buckle up for landing!

Numbah 5 nodded nervously with a sheepish grin before it landed. Afterward, Numbah 3 began departing with her gift to Wally.

Numbah 3: Well, it's really more fun to give than receive anyway.

Numbuh 2: Right. We give our enemies punches and we don't receive any hits back! Ha ha ha!

Numbah 5: (hits him) Where do you come up with this stuff?!

As she did, they noticed some familiar faces (Strong Bad, the Cheat, Fry, Leela, Bender, Jamie, Coop, Kiva, Zim, Gir, Mega Man, Roll, the Teen Titans, Tea Gardner, Yugi, Joey, Kaiba, Mokuba, Tristan, Homestar, Marzipan, Tron, and two Servebots) looking stunned with Bender, Coop, and Jamie unfazed while looking before the KND noticed as well with only Kuki grinning.

Numbah 3: (gasps) Hey, you guys decorated for Christmas!

Numbah 5: Numbah 5 didn't do it, but whoever did went for the minimalist look!

Bender: Yep, your treehouse is dead!

He pointed to the stump at where the big treehouse once was.

Homestar: Gah! The tree has run away!

Numbah 2: (looks at the rings) Hey, this tree is 560 years old!

Strong Bad: Ungh, don't care!

Numbah 1: (glares) Zim, what did you do to our treehouse?!

Zim: (gasps) YOU are accusing me of doing this!? This was not of my doing!

Leela: (glares) Zim, you let some jerks destroy it for information on invading the Earth.

Beast Boy: (scoffs) 560 years old? What, this tree was around during the time of when some old dude tried to enslave the kids?

Numbah 1: (cradles on the ground) Oh, why!? (glares) Why does everyone always take my treehouse (pounds the ground) every single time?! Who's jumping in the "Take Nigel's Pride And Joy Bandwagon" now?!

Wintergreen's Voice: Your worst nightmare before Christmas, that's who, bub!

Homestar: Hey, just like the title of that-

Strong Bad: Shut up!

Bender: (points) Hey look, it's one of those jerks that bribed Zim.

They looked, noticing Wintergreen wearing a mask of a sort with an outfit similar to Wolverine, though with his colors and jingle bells on his head.

Wintergreen: Now, I don't want any trouble, kids, so I'm gonna tell it like it is: I want that gift little miss greensleeves has got, so what do you say ya hand over the reindeer and no one gets their Christmas turkey cooked early?

Megaman: (frowns) Reindeer? Christmas Turkey cooked early? What are you-

Numbah 3: Shhhhh!! (quietly) Don't tell Numbah 4 about the reindeer! It's a surprise.

Robin: Okay, who are you and what did you do with the treehouse?

Cyborg: Start talking or I will start blasting ya Wolverine ripoff!

Wintergreen: Now look, (pointing) you five kids took something from Santa and when he finds out, he's gonna be real unjolly (walks to them) and my job is to keep the man jolly! So hand it over!

Numbah 3: (worried) You want my gift?

Starfire: My gosh! That hint is what I plan to be giving Silkie.

Raven: (flatly) What?

Wintergreen: You have it?!

Starfire: Now wait, what deer must you-

Just then, the KND weapons cocked with Tron holding a makeshift weapon while the others prepared themselves.

Numbah 1: The only thing we'll be handing you is some Season's Beatings for stealing MY treehouse!

Beast Boy: Yeah, we're ready to kick your butt or so help us, we're gonna suffer the end of the world in Zim's hands.

Zim: You know, they DID let me know for exhange.

Wintergreen: (holds his candycane) I was hoping you'd say that.

Tristan: Uh oh. When bad boys say that, that means two things: 1, they are giving up or 2, they got backup.

Kaiba: And I got a feeling this guy didn't come alone.

Wintergreen: ELFA STRIKE FORCE: (shouts) ATTAAAAACK!!

Then, the vehicle was lifted as a muscular elf, an African elf with snow wings, and a creature with nutcracker features glared with the muscular one tossing it toward the group, making them dodge while the vehicle blew up.

Yugi: Whoa! That could've been us!

Joey: And without Dragonballs, there's no way we're gonna come back!

Tea: (worried) Ugh, wish we didn't leave our duel decks in our safes back home.

Mokuba then showed the leftover KND weapons from the ground.

Mokuba: What about these?

The weapons were taken.

Kaiba: (frowns) I don't usually do guns, but for now, this will be an exception.

Numbah 1: Kids Next Door and Friends: (shouts) BATTLE STATIONS!!

Just then, Nigel was kicked down by Wintergreen.

Beast Boy: Hey, Ripoff Wolverine! No fair in starting early!

Wintergreen: Well, your friends were unfair to US first, so now who's being unfair?

Fry: Actually, they make a good point-

All: FRY!!

Leela: (glares) We'll discuss this later!

Wintergreen: Face the facts, bub: (ponts) YOU'VE been cut down, just like your puny tree.

Numbah 1 glanced at the gun close by, twirling to catch it before Wintergreen kicked it away. The bald boy grunted, grabbing the leg while struggling.

Leela: (jumping) Hi-yah!

The two were kicked away by Leela, falling backward before Nigel was kicked off. The elf got up, growling before Robin jumped near the friends.

Robin: All right, I think it's time we dealt with the so-called Elfa Strike Force.

The three each tried punching and hitting him, though Wintergreen kept blocking.

Wintergreen: Now where's...(struggling) Santa's...(headbutts) reindeer?!

They flipped backward with Numbah 1 grabbing his gun and Robin snatching his bo staff, twirling it.

Wintergreen: You're pretty good, kids. But you're gonna need your (extends peppermint claws) Christmas best to beat (jumps toward them) MEEEE!!

It then showed the comic form where it showed Wintergreen alongside the information on him.

Narrator: Look out, true believer, with bones of solid peppermintium
The ferocious leader of Santa's elite strike force: Elfa Strike is Wintergreen

It cut back to the action with Wintergreen slicing around a bit. Just then, the three gasped as Leela's jacket, the weapons, Nigel's shirt, and parts of Robin's gloves were slashed to pieces.

Leela: (frowns) Oh you've got to be kidding.

Numbah 1: Uh oh!

The trio were pinned down, yelping a bit.

Leela: Fry, you idiot, do something!

Fry, meanwhile, watched the situation with worry as did Zim with Gir (both nonchalant), Marzipan, and Homestar.

Fry: Uh, is there a third option here?

Numbah 5: (gasps) Numbah 1!

Yugi: We have to do something!

The other three KND members, minus Kuki with most of their friends, charged after them.


Just then, the nutcrackerish foe appeared in a puff of smoke, laughing as he jumped on top of Numbah 5, Yugi, Kaiba, Raven, and Kiva.

Numbah 5's Group: Ungh!

Foe: Guten Christmas, mein froleins.

He jumped, vanishing.

Numbah 4: Hey! He blew up!

Just then, the foe reappeared behind them.

Beast Boy: Crud, a Nightcrawler spoof! I hate that!

Cyborg: If there's a spoof of Apocalypse, I'm outta here.

They were kicked away.

Foe: Not quite, mein froleins.

They tried punching, though he vanished, then reappeared on top of Numbah 2.

Numbah 2: Hey!

Jamie: You can't do that!

Coop: Yeah, and besides, only I get to if I had that cool ability.

It went back to comic form once more, showing the description.

Narrator: This elf was born quite strangely with a weird wooden head
And if he ever bit you, ouch is what you probably said: Meet the mysterious Nutcracker!

It cut back to the action as the Nutcracker bit Numbah 2's head, making him scream in pain.

Numbah 2: (ran around) AHHHH! GET HIM OFF! GET HIM OFF!! AHHHH!! OW! OW! GET HIM OFF!

Strong Bad: I'd do that, but 1. I ain't a fighter, and 2. This is too hilarious, even if he IS a spoof.

Marzipan: (worried) I don't really like where this is going.

As that happened, with the fight against Nutcracker going on, only Starfire, Roll, Tron with the Servebots, Numbah 3, and Homestar looked at the angel elf.

Numbah 3: You cannot!

Elf Girl: I can too.

Roll: No way!

Homestar: Yeah, that's unpossible!

Elf Girl: (grins) I'm serious.

Starfire: Wow, you must be really good to be that strong. Will you be so kind as to show us?

Elf Girl: Sure.

She flew up high, then glowed a bit before it went to comic form, showing her description.

Narrator: This elf got pelted by a radioactive snowball while walking home from Santa's Christmas Eve
Now you can say that there's no such thing as superpowers, but once you meet Snow Angel, you'll believe

It cut back to the action with Snow Angel twirling around the ground, gathering much snow before smirking, glancing at the girls, Servebots, and Homestar with the snow forming a gigantic hand.

Some: WOW!

Numbah 3: You really CAN control snow!

Tron: (notices) LOOK OUT!!

They dodged before noticing Snow Angel snatching the gift box.

Numbah 3: (glares) Hey, that's not for you!

Starfire: Give back the reindeer that you mysteriously need and don't know which deer you want!

Numbah 4: (darting) Numbah 3, LOOK OUT!!

He jumped, grabbing his friends as they slid away just as the snow fist almost hit them.

All: WHOA!!

They slid near where the muscular one was.

Bender: AAAAAAAND it's turned to crap now. What are YOU suppose to be like.

Then, they were grabbed by the elf.

Elf: I'd be White Christmas, what have we here?

Numbah 4: (struggling) Ungh! Let go, you frost-bitten freak!

Just then, to their notice, parts of himself were turning into pine trees while he laughed.

Bender: Yep: Collasus.

It then showed the comic form once more.

Narrator: And last but not least, the mighty Coniferous,
With the prickly power of paralys pine needles

He scrunched them up as they struggled, laughing wickedly. Just then, he felt some biting before screaming, noticing Kuki and Roll biting part of his costume with some chest hair as he screamed. They spitted it out with Kuki growling, forcing Coniferous to drop them, cringing in pain.

Numbah 3: Gimme back Numbah 4's present!

She angrily tossed him toward Snow Angel, whom was hit, forcing her to drop the gift.

Girls: (darts to it) I got it! I got it! I got it!

Just then, the Nutcracker appeared on top of Starfire and Numbah 4's heads.

Nutcracker: (snatches it) Not quite, froleins. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

He quickly vanished before reappearing near them.

Nutcracker: Looking for this?

Tron: (tries punching him) Stop it, you Russian jerk!

He kept disappearing and reappearing, taunting the females.

Nutcracker: Still trying!

Roll: Hey! (tries grabbing him) You're not being fair!

Nutcracker: Is this what you want?

Just then, he was finally kicked down by Megaman before Kuki angrily snatched him.

Nutcracker: Uh oh.

Beast Boy: (annoyed) Is it just me or are we getting our butts kicked by a toy that looks like something a rat want to kill?

The Nutcracker was punched by Kuki and Starfire's glowing hands toward where Wintergreen was, whom snatched the present.

Wintergreen: Thanks, kids.

Tron: (frowns) You DO realize you could've grabbed the gift first.

Both: (realizes) Uh oh.

Wintergreen: Looks like we can all go home now.

In fury, Kuki pounced at Wintergreen, whom struggled against her, tumbling before the elf glared at her.

Wintergreen: Lay off, toots!

The girl pounced on him while Starfire quickly tried pulling the box.

Numbah 3: his hair & mask) PRESENT!!

Wintergreen: (in pain) OOOooooh!

Starfire: She's right and I must see what it is as well, even if it is NOT the right thing by sharing the gift in which I am still mysteriously confused about.

Numbah 3: (realizes) Hey, she's right. (moves away) Nevermind.

She moved away.

Numbah 3: (grins) You can have the stupid present.

Wintergreen: Uh...I can? (grins) All right!

Numbah 3: (slyly) Just kidding!

She quickly pantsed him, showing his candy cane boxers, making him notice and scream in embarrassment, tossing the present.

Wintergreen: AHHHH!!

Cyborg: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Oh my gosh! What idiot would wear underwear like that?

Robin looks embarrassed and look away.

Robin: Riiight.

Kuki then kicked Wintergreen, whom yelped and wobbled, causing him to fall off the treehouse and into the snow. Numbah 3 then furiously picked up the present.

Numbah 3: Now, (menacingly) does anyone else wanna try and take my PRESENT!?

Most: (randomly) No, no. I'm good. Uh no.

Bender: Hell no!

Strong Bad: Hey, I may be greedy but I ain't stupid!

Down below, Wintergreen groaned, sitting up a bit before taking something out of his costume pocket.

Wintergreen: Hate to do this to you, kids, but we're running out of time here.

He took out a remote with a candy cane sticking out before pressing the button. Just then, clouds began forming as the narrator spoke with many of them looking worried.

Narrator: Only once in a thousand Christmases is Elfa Strike forced to pull out their most deadly attack
When there's no way to save the most wonderful time of the year, they call in the 12 Days of Christmas attack!

Gir: Oh! Oh! Let me do this one! Ahem! (singing) On the 12 Day of Decemberween, My True Love gave to me!

Zim: You don't have a girl!

Gir: Shhh! I'm singing this part!

Strong Bad: (glares) No, no! Don't you even!

As he sang next, each object representing the song began landing on her.

Gir: (singing) 12 Drummers Drumming
11 Pipers Piping
10 Lords-a-Leaping
9 Ladies Dancing
8 Maids-a-Milking
7 Swans-a-Swimming
6 Geese-a-Laying
5 Gooooooold Riiiiiiiings
4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens,
2 Turtle Doves
And a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

As he finished that, a Partridge Family member peeked out.

Bender: Okay, one of the worst Xmas songs that's ever invented.

Gir: Okay! I got a betrer one! (singing) Grandma got run over by a reindeer...

Zim: Gir, no!!

Finally, Kuki, groaning, came out with the scrunched box.

Starfire: (worried) Miss Sanban, are you all right?

Numbah 3: Ungh....

Starfire: Apparently not.

Wintergreen: (arriving) Thanks, kid.

They looked a bit worried as the elves glanced at the box.

Wintergreen: Now, if you kids don't mind, we'll be taking back the reindeer you stole so we can get on delivering presents.

Numbah 3: (wearily) I didn't steal it. I bought it for Numbah 4!

Wintergreen: Yeah, and just what does your stupid friend gonna do with a-

When he ripped it open, they saw what he pulled out, confusing/shocking/angering many of them.

Wintergreen: A Secret Santa Surprise Reindeer Monkey?

Numbah 4: (snaps) You got me a cruddy Rainbow Monkey!?

Numbah 5: Well, it's more than you got her!

Numbah 4: How do YOU know I didn't get anything?!

Coop: Dude, he's in denial!

Numbuh 4: (anger mark) Keep that bloody river out of this!

Kiva: Wally!

Snow Angel: The Secret Santa Surprise Reindeer Monkey is only available at the Rainbow Monkey Superstore on Christmas Eve.

Starfire: Wait, but that is where I was minutes before the Kids Next Door came in just as I have left. What made you think they stole your reindeer, whoever they are?

Wintergreen: Not who...what. And what if you're saying is true, Starfire, then these kids couldn't have been at the North Pole today if they got one.

Numbah 5: Well no kidding. And Star's right, we were at that crazy store all day waiting in line to buy that thing!

Fry: I understand, so what did you give each other?

Kids: Uh...

Bender: I'm not allowed to give gifts on the account I'm a wanted felon.

Strong Bad: So am I but I steal them.

Homestar; What a coincidence! I get my gifts from Bubs!

Nutcracker: Then...if they didn't do it, then who has the reindeer?

Starfire: And if they are not actual deer, then what ARE also called reindeer?

At the familiar area, the kids in masks looked back as they spoke in somewhat unison.

Kids: It's all clear. Santa is ours for the taking.

Familiar Voice: Perfect. An excellent way to infiltrate the lair.

Then, in came a familiarish mad scientist with a grin.

Dr. Wily: You can lose the disguises now.

Then, the disguises were tossed while invisibility cloakes were removed, showing the fakes to be the Hi-Five, the Robot Masters, and the Delightful Children.

Delightful Children: So Santa...(cruelly) shall we begin?

(End of Act 1)
KNS: Operation: NAUGHTY: KNS Style 1
Takes place a little after Happy Dethemberween~KNS Style: Christmas is in chaos as the Delightful Children, Dr. Wily, and the Hi-Five with Robot Masters take Santa and the mysterious object named after the reindeer where they plan to take all the nice kids' Christmas presents for themselves. It's up to the Elfa Strike, Kids Next Door, and the friends from Cartoon All Stars (minus a few, plus Homestar, Fry, Leela, and Marzipan) to stop them.
EDIT: Moved due to slight revamping.

Due to the last one being buggy, I decided to do a new Fanfic journal list.

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Nutcracker Prince~NAP Style
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Billy & Mandy Save Xmas~NAP Style
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Ep 5: The Heartless Strike Back
Ep 6: Return of the Heroes
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A Shrek Parody (to be remade)
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A Shrek 2 Parody (to be remade)
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More will come.

Back at the mouse hole, the five arrived to the home.

Teresa: Mama!

Timothy: We're home!

Justin: (shouts) Honey?

They grunted, trying to pull the tree before they shoved it through the hole with the mother arriving.

Justin: We are home. And behold. We bring the perfect tree!

Four: YAY!!

At the ballroom, as music was heard, a familiar figure in nice clothing danced a bit before turning to the camera.

Danny: (grins) Well, it looks like everyone has found their perfect tree, and now it's time to celebrate! Come, join Mr Happy's party!

The Mr. Man, near the fireplace, smiled at the people enjoying themselves while a few looked at the situation.

Random Female Spectator: Why it's better than last year!

As they continued chatting, Mr. Happy, noticed the small stocking, secretly switched it with a bigger stocking in secret. As the dancing continued with kids running around, Kristoff looked around the dancers.

Random Person: Hi, how are you? Thanks for coming. How lovely to see you.

Finally, Mr. Happy scooched near Kristoff before the two grinned, then the former stopped, gasping as the two looked, noticing Anna, in a party dress, arriving down the stairs. Kristoff stood still before Mr. Happy cleared his throat, motioning the man before pushing him. The two came to each other with grins before the two danced the waltz together.

Anna: Oh Kristoff, where did you learn to dance like this?

Kristoff: Madam, have you ever been to Buenos Aires?

He twirled her a bit before starting to do the tango with her. All while Mr. Happy was dancing with a laughing child with the girl's feet on top of Mr. Happy's. As the crowd kept dancing, Mr. Happy began singing.

Mr. Happy: (singing) Humongous the gifts I love to give
Stupendous the gifts I live to give
Gifts for one and all
For great and small

He came to the two dancing.

Kristoff: Mr. Happy, you are a jolly fathom.

Mr. Happy: Well thank you, Kristoff. And so, apparently, are you. Mind if I cut in?

Kristoff: (bows) Certainly, sir.

Anna: (giggles) Oh Mr. Happy, it will be my pleasure.

Mr. Happy: Oh, Anna.

Then, he grabbed their arms, dancing with the couple, stunning them before they laughed. As that happened, the children shook the boxed gifts, giggling while trying to listen. As that happened, Mr. Happy broke away before looking at the decorated tree.

Mr. Happy: (grins) Oh yes! Yes! It IS the perfect tree!

He blew a kiss to it. Inside the mouse home, the family watched as Justin was about to put a star on top of the tree.

All Voices: (singing) The perfect tree, the perfect tree
Each present makes up a symphony
With a thousand voices singing
Very near or far away

As the song continued, it showed the different trees in Anna's room, then at the bears' where the parents hugged and Junior was eating honey, and finally, the owls' home.

Mr. Happy's Voice: (singing) We sing it all together
We become a family
To celebrate this quality
This joy of life for all to see
Will fill the halls so perfectly
A gift that's meant for one and all
The very big and very small

Finally, it cut back to Mr. Happy, who was singing with the voices.

Mr. Happy & All Voices: (singing) We give our hearts in harmony
To find the perfect treeeeeeee!

It finally panned to the tree before it cut back to the doorway. Later, Danny walked away from the manor before the gates closed behind himself.

Danny: However you celebrate it, may this be a perfect holiday for you and all you love. Happy holidays. G'night.

He finally left the manor. Inside the mouse hole, the mice watched as Teresa excitedly spoke to her mom.

Teresa: Mom, you wouldn't believe how dad found the perfect tree!

Timothy: Yeah, dad is brave.

Mrs. Brisby: (confused) Your dad?

Four: Yeah.

Cynthia: Listen, listen!

Timothy: Yeah. It's a wonderful tradition!

As they continued with the old mouse named Mr. Ages sleeping, nearby him, Justin was fast asleep as well, all tuckered out with axe in arms.

Cynthia: Yeah, first you have to find some really big lumberjacks.

Martin: Yeah.

Teresa: And then, you find some bears! And then you find lots and lots of honey and then the honey...

The mice continued chattering all while the rat, snoring, nuzzled the axe in arms with a smile on his face.

The End
Mr. Happy's Christmas Tree Epilogue
The final chapter with the celebration commencing and the kids telling their mother what they learned.
(Act 2)

Near the trash can, Danny watched as a bear in shirt was digging in the garbage.

Danny: Yes, on this magical night, everyone is seeking the perfect tree: Mr. Happy, our little mouse family, Miss Anna, and...

He turned, looking at the bear carrying the tree with the mice stuck on the tree yelping and screaming.

Danny: Even a local bear.

The bear hummed while carrying the tree with mice and rat, whom yelped.

Bear: A tree, a tree. A perfect tree.

Timothy: It's a bear!

Martin: Crud, bears! I hate bears! Especially great big bears!

Timothy: He looks short to me.

Justin: Now kids, stay calm! At least it's not an owl!

Teresa: Dad, are you sure this is how you find the perfect tree?

Justin: Why of course, Teresa. I've been-

Most: (wobbling) WHOA!

Justin: -doing this for years!

As the halfa spoke next, the bear began taking the tree to where a cave was.

Danny's Voice: You see, tonight is the night of the traditional mid-winter honeypot waltz. And as every bear knows, it isn't the perfect honeypot waltz without the perfect honeypot tree.

Finally, the chuckling bear placed down the tree with the female bear named Ma noticing.

Ma: Pa dear, that's the perfect tree.

Pa: Yes. You're just in time for the traditional honeypot waltz!

The big bear with a diaper named Junior laughed stupidly.

Junior: Ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh boy, Pa! I get to go dancing!

Pa: (annoyed) Just try not to run me over this time please!

Later, as dancing music was heard, the bears began waltzing toward where the tree was with honeypots in each hand. Junior rushed a bit, tumbling and twirling before the two watched with Junior giving the pot to his mother.

Junior: Here ya go, Ma!

Then, the son was turned around, given the pot.

Pa: There!

He was moved away while Ma gave her son one pot, then her husband the other.

Ma: Here you are, Henry.

They turned and twirled, marching around.

Ma: One-two-three-four.

Junior: Oh, very pretty, Ma.

The father began jumping and dancing a bit with the two following and waltzing.

Pa: Now the tree!

He snatched it, twirling it around with the mice and rat on it yelping.

Cynthia: (panics) I'm slipping! I'm slipping!

Justin: Everyone, hang on!

Timothy: (yelps) I would rather stick with the humans than these bears!

Ma was given the tree, dancing with it as the five looked pale.

Martin: I don't feel so good!

Junior: My turn! My turn!

He took the tree, twirling while the bear couple danced together.

Teresa: Who would've thought bears are so...

Martin: Weird?

Teresa: So...ungh!

Justin: Hang on!

Teresa: No, generous!

The tree was tossed to Pa, whom grunted from the force while Junior fell and Pa finally slapped the tree on a pot.

Teresa: And-and...and Christmasy.

Martin: AND energenic!

As the bears were eating their honey, the five quickly ducked, trying to stay hidden.

Pa: Junior?

Junior: Yeah?

Pa: (points) THAT is a grand honeypot tree you found when they were shoving it outside.

Junior: Yay! I did something right! (grabs Pa) Thanks, Pa!

He started to squish his father, making him choke a bit.

Pa: (yelps) Air, air!

He was dropped before noticing part of the tree where the familiar mouse family hung.

Pa: (grunts) Wait, almost perfect.

Junior: Oh that's okay, Pa! I'll just break off a little at the top!

Pa: Junior, no! Last time you tried to break something, you almost broke the entire cave!

Junior: But I can do it this time!

Justin: And now, kids, for some real tree cutting.

Martin: (groans) Oh no.

Justin: (singing) Look and you will see
This is how we-

Just then, the tree piece they were on started breaking off and fell with the five on it.

All: WHOA!!

Once more, the piece crashed to the ground.

Junior: Timber! Wow, that was great, right Pa? (looks around) Pa?

Pa's Voice: (muffled) Get this off of me!

Junior and Ma notices Pa right under the broken off part of the tree that is crushing and pinning him to the ground.

Junior: Pa! What are you doing down there???

He angrily punched Junior before snatching the tree, departing.

Junior: MAAAAA!! What did I do? What did I do?

The angered bear departed the cave, tossing out the tree with mice and rat on it before heading back in.

Danny's Voice: And so, Justin and the Brisby Kids's most interesting adventure continued, but at least it looks like the worst is over.

Justin: Ha-ha-ha-ha. Well, we've certainly been having a most uh interesting adventure.

Girls: Yeah.

Martin: Yeah, too interesting.

Cynthia: Yes, there were people.

Timothy: Oh yeah. And bears.

Cynthia: Yeah. Thank goodness there weren't any-

Just then, they heard hooting before looking up, noticing sharp bird claws heading to the tree with the mice yelping.

Cynthia: (panics) OOOOOOOOWLS!!

Mice: AHHHHH!!!

As Danny spoke, the feathered foe snatched the tree with mice on it.

Danny's Voice: Or maybe the worst has yet to come.

The mice screamed as they clenched on the tree branches tightly

Teresa: Dad, it's an owl!

Timothy: Dad, are you sure this is the way to bring home the perfect tree?!

Justin: Trust me!

The group screamed as the unseen owl flew with them. Back in Mr. Happy's, the Mr. Man hummed while placing down wrapped presents, then looked at the gifts.

Mr. Happy: (singing) Oh there'll be dancing and caroling and...(looks up) romancing. Lil' rough there, Kristoff. (pauses) Kristoff? Wh-where's he gone off to?

He looked around before departing the room.

Mr. Happy: Kristoff!

Outside, while snow poured, the familiar figure looked at his tree branch before he looked at the window with the door opening.

Mr. Happy: Oh Kristoff-

He stopped, hearing a familiar figure's voice.

Anna's Voice: (singing) May it bring you joy and laughter from Christmas past to Christmas now

He started grinning a bit, realizing before secretly closing the door.

Anna's Voice: (singing) A gift to you from me, the perfect tree

Then, snow fell on Kristoff's head, glancing at the branch before looking up at Anna's window where the candles stayed lit. Back at the forest, as Danny continued, inside the tree, many owls of a sort (Disney versions) had gathered together while a few began playing with the icicles like instruments.

Danny's Voice: High in the pine trees, the owls gather in their icy cathedral, it is a special night, the night of magical music and wondrous celebration. Wondrous that is, unless you're a little mouse stuck on top of an owl's perfect tree.

Near an area, the mice still clinging on the tree watched while the owls began singing their solos. They watched as the owls chirped/sang in harmony together. The mice and rat, yelped and ducked a bit as one turned to the tree's direction.

Timothy: It's an owl's nest.

Martin: Yeah, that's pretty obvious.

Cynthia: Really?

Timothy: (nods) Yeah. Wait 'til we tell our mother.

Justin: (sighs) If we EVER get to tell your mother.

Martin: This doesn't look like the nest that mom told us about that belonged to the Great Owl.

Just then, an owl started to turn before they ducked down.

Justin: I hope they think the tree's too tall!

Then, a small breaking noise was heard as familiar screams and crashing were heard while the tree and mice fell into the snow below. Finally, Justin grunted, getting up and looking at the remains of the tree, chuckling a bit.

Teresa: Who could've thought owls would be so...too-

Martin: Gentle.

Teresa: So kind.

Timothy: So Christmasy.

Cynthia: And energenic.

Justin: (proudly) Now children.

He cleared his throat, holding his axe.

Justin: (singing) Look and you will see
This is how we cut the-

He stopped, then looked at the tree, realizing something.

Justin: Well, what do you know, it's's...It's perfect!

Martin: So does this mean we don't have to hear the same song again?

Timothy: Not until next year.

Martin: Groan!

Cynthia: (looks around) Dad, where are we?

Justin: (concerned) Well we're at uh...(notices) oh! Exactly where I intended us to be: Right at our own front door!

The mice turned, gasping in amazement. The four laughed with grins on their faces.

Justin: Hurry, children. Your mother will be waiting.

He started lifting it before the five headed inside, then headed into their mouse hole.

Teresa: (shouts) We're home! He-he-he-

Just then, Teresa yelped, feeling her tail tugged. She gasped, noticing Kristoff, whom noticed and picked her up.

Justin: AHHH! Teresa!! Crud!

Cynthia: Not again!

Teresa: (covers her face) NOOOO!!

Kristoff: Hmph, mice again. Veritable infestation. I just won't have it!

Justin: (glares) Put her down, you big limburger!

Teresa: Dad!!

Justin: Put her down this instant!

Finally, the door opened up before laughter noises.

Mr. Happy's Voice: Welcome! Welcome, one and all!

Just then, the door upstairs was heard opening, looking up.

Anna's Voice: (singing) From the greatest to the smallest, every heart will beat as one

He looked back at Teresa cowering a bit.

Anna's Voice: (singing) Christmas starts around the perfect tree

Kristoff pondered a bit, starting to remember.

Kristoff: Hmmmm...Well, it is Christmas, from the greatest to the smallest. Hmmm...

Finally, he put the female down.

Kristoff: Away you go, little mouse.

Teresa: Thank you.

Kristoff: Hurry home for Christmas.

Justin: Hurry, children! Hurry!

Quickly, the five darted off while the man started grinning, waving bye to them. He looked back, then looked at where they went.

(End of Act 2)
Mr. Happy's Christmas Tree 2
As the adventure continues, the mice and Justin learn a bit more about how the bears and owls celebrate Christmas in their own ways.
Well, the Eon Ticket event is out on the recent Pokemon games, but unfortunately, not only do I live in the country where streetpass is impossible, but the people that DO have the game don't even have the ticket there. I feel like this is one of those events that I can't get the Pokemon I want (Latias).
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Okay, now I can see how this works. Still wonderful job on your art. The art looks wonderfully done here after all. Augh, I don't know ...

To gata20: You mean like this?

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