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(Act 3)

Outside the mall, the crowd became furious while growling. As that was happening, none of them noticed some shadows passing by them. Inside, Daffy looked stunned.

Daffy: Song Knight, they're about to open the mall! What are you doing?!

Melody: I am no longer a Videlectrix girl! I let my friend get grounded, but today I will give him a Retranox!

Daffy: Mel, the stupid controllers sucks and you know it!

Melody: It doesn't matter anymore! If my brother can't have it, he can have mine instead. I mean what good is it to have a console when my brother never wants to speak to me again? At least this way I'll be able to make it up to him. It's over, Daffy.

Pointy Hair Boss' Voice: Oh it's not over yet.

At that moment, the familiar pointy hair boss with employees came.

Pointy Hair Boss: Looks like I came just in time. And I DO love weddings. (notices) Why am I holding a toy gun?

Daffy: (grins) Oho! The boss! Sweet! In your face, jerk!

Just then, Varrick with his crew arrived.

Varrick: You will not interfere, Videlectrix! These children will get their Retranoxes!

Rigby: Cooooool!

Cyborg: (horrified) Wait a minute. How the hell did these two guys end up here?

Beast Boy: (horrified) I don't know! But it's terrible! I didn't even WANT to get a Super Fun Machine! I just wanted to give Cyborg an early Christmas present!

Cyborg: And I didn't want a Retranox either! I only want Beast Boy to HAVE his present early!

The two paused, then looked at one another.

Beast Boy: You mean...

Cyborg: You didn't even want...

Digit: Wait a minute. They're not a part of your betrayal?

Melody: No. They're not a part of your betrayal?

Daffy: No. Whose betrayal is this?

Phage's Voice: THAT would be us!

The chains were locked before they noticed the leaders of Team Spicer with Dogbert and, to their shock and surprise, Sonik with Pinky nearby.

Ryan: They're the traitors?!

Digit: Didn't see that coming.

Sonik: It's NOT a betrayal!

Daffy: Wait a minute, how the crap did you get out of being grounded?

Sonik: Simple. I told Mirage that it was you who trespassed Carl Frederickson's garden and ambushed me to take the heat. Amazingly, she believed that. I guess she hated you.


Sonik: That doesn't matter. We're done with betrayal! It's time to put an end to this!

Melody: (shocked) Brother?

Back in the mall, a guard rushed up as he spoke to Sylvia.

Worried Guard: Sir? Sir, Operations just said they need one of us to unlock the door to Freddy's to let some wedding party inside the mall!

Sylvia: Screw them! They'll have to fend for themselves!

Alejandro: Wait. Freddy Wedding? Who's getting married?!

Worried Guard: Some schmucks named Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine.

Alejandro: But I thought they had family feuds between their own families.

Sylvia: That's their problem, not ours!

Fidget: Yeah, (glances) and Professor Ratigan heading there where he with the others just came in are trying to get them to fight to the death or something.

Sylvia gasped, looking at where Fidget pointed with fear, gasping as she looked horrified.

Sylvia: Holy crap! Not my divine professor!! There are people that DO like him! (darts off) I've gotta save him from the carnage!

Drakken: Hey!

Shego: Get back here!

The Team Spicer and KNS members that were guards departed, leaving the few surviving guards behind.

Tidus: (pauses) Uh I should go check as well.

Alejandro: Uh yes. Ling-Ling is there and Minimus wouldn't forgive me if she dies.

The two darted away. Back in the restaurant, Sonik looked seriously.

Sonik: I appreciate what you're trying to do, sis, but I have a better idea!

Melody: This doesn't involve feeding some of us to the robots, is it?

Sonik: No way, this one is less gross and plus, there isn't enough suits to go around anyway. (pause) And before anyone ask, NO. I wasn't considering it before I came up with this idea.

He walked toward the crowd as he spoke.

Sonik: This isn't our war, you guys! It never was.

Ratigan: The fox explained that you've been pitted against each other by two companies for the sake of marketing. That's why they want lines around the block.

Dogbert: Yeah, I figured when I was taking over both companies.

Most: (shocked) You own both companies?!

Dogbert: (shows a card) Diplomatic Immunity.

Dilbert: How did you get to be a diplomat?

Dogbert: I was one of the few people who applied to Bubs'.

Phage: Yes, we sort of neglected to tell you that.

Carl: AUGH! What the crap, jerks?!

Ratigan: Hey, if we told you that, you wouldn't shut up about it.

Carl: You're still jerks!

Sonik: As I was saying, we're fighting, (pointing) because the two presidents...they want a war to promote their products. They don't give a crap what kind of friendships they cost.

Mr. Happy: (gasps) Just like Yuki, Dan, and all the others!

Miss Sunshine: And what's worse, I think there's some sort of hypnosis or evil dark thingy Raye tells me about involved.

Carl: Yeah, I kinda figure that out when the dark aura crap. I mean, raise your hands. How many of us are immune to hypnotism?

Carl glanced at only a couple of confused people raising hands.

Carl: Confusions don't count, people.

Sonik: (to Varrick & Pointy Hair Boss) You want a war so bad, then you ****ing fight!

Daffy: Watch it in front of the kids AND killer robots.

Pointy Hair Boss: Okay, but I'll fight if I choose how to fight...whatever way I choose it...which I don't know which.

Melody: I understand these guys here, but why bring Pinky?

Sonik: (meekly) I uh...I told him there was gonna be bets on the final fight.

Dogbert: (annoyed) Oh, let me fight!

Dogbert takes out some sort of lightsaber and turns it on.

Dogbert: I am more experienced than him anyway.

As a fake sword was given to Varrick, Dilbert looked concerned.

Dilbert: Are you sure you want to fight him?

Dogbert: If Yoda can fight in this stature, then so can I. (to Varrick) There's only one rule: winner takes all.

Rigby: Oh dude, this is pretty sweet.

Varrick: Then let this be your last fight.

Dogbert: Now, are you ready?

Varrick: (notices) Wait, my sword is a fake sword!

Dogbert: Too late.

He was kicked to the ground.

Wally: Five bucks on the bitch!

Alice: (anger mark) What?!

Wally: I meant the dog.

Dogbert jumped, hitting Varrick a few times with Varrick being slapped around the face. The crowd, looking stunned, watched the unarmed man being hit with Dogbert glancing.

Dogbert: You don't seem to be really fighting back, are you?

Varrick: If I had powers in another lifetime, I'd hit you at least!

Dogbert: (slyly) Talk to the hand.

A few laughed while Takato's group, oblivious to the commotion, finally arrived.

Carl: That's actually pretty funny.

Jack: Hey, fellas. What did we miss?

Back at the main entrance, the tattoo obsessed man showed more of the tattoo.

Tomino: Look at this! Judge it by its size? Rub it three times and it has a surprise.


Just then, a familiar serpent in hood slammed to the ground, glaring as Tomino shivered in fear.

Tomino: Holy crap!! It's a monster!!

Snakelord: (hisses) THAT'SSS IT!! You're not delaying thisss anymore, you tattoo-fetish ssson of a bitch!

He slashed at the tattoo, causing the man's bones to be shown, then the head being slashed while the crowd obliviously cheered. Finally, up came the Death Busters with Kaorinite speaking, showing a blade of a sort.

Kaorinite: Presented by the Death Busters...let the shopping AND your souls to be stolen...

The ribbon was slashed before the entire mall, minus Freddy's, glowed darkly as did the cheering crowd with all their eyes dulling.

Kaorinite: BEGIN!!

The crowd cheered while the Death Busters gleefully passed by the foes, none of them even shoving or hitting the foes waiting outside, whom chuckled.

Dr. Facilier: (smirks) He-he-he. All according to plan...

Snakelord: Nothing but time travel can fix this mess.

Red Guy: Ha-ha-ha! I'm GLAD that I looked at the will first before that stupid reptile to write down and make sure that there will be NO WAY of travelling there! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Oh, fetching day for me. And best part was the monkey's blood that worked so well.

Inside, the crowd broke through many glasses while rushing up to the worried workers before they solemnly held hands, knowing the inevitable about to come.

Lady Guard: Happy holidays, Rick.

Rick: And to you, Annie.

Finally, the crowd slashed, killing the guards. As the crowd darted through many stores, in came the remaining foes, watching the madness and people slaughtering one another.

Red Guy: (pointings) 25, 26, 27...

At a toy store, the crowd broke through the store while punching and shoving glass at the rivals. Each one was heading to the Retronaux, Super Fun Machine, Stop Torturing Me Elmer, and other toys. However, for most of them, minus Bubs', unknow to any of them, heart crystals popped out of people with the bodies fallen and the bodies run over, killing the bodies. All while a mother and daughter tried reaching for one.

Mother: (panics) Grab it Karla! Grab it-

She was batted on the head, dropping her daughter while falling dead with Heart Crystal popped out. More people were hit and killed while the fat woman shouted.

Fat Woman: Kiss my fat butt!

More people struggled with the items as they glared.

Kid: (snaps) Gimme that camera! Give it up!

People were trying to line up on the lines while a few more rushed in. As more and more were killing and hitting one another, unknown to Bubs, he was crawling to the top of the tree before noticing Sylvia's group shoving their way pass the crowd.

Sylvia: Get back! Get out of my way!

She fired, killing a few people.

Bubs: Psst, up here, guys! It's a great way to stay safe!

They quickly got to the top of the tree with Sylvia frowning.

Sylvia: How come you aren't injured?

Bubs: I've been through Black Fridays before and I know how to stay safe.

She groaned before noticing the cell phone ringing.

Sylvia: (to the phone) Hello? (pauses) Oh, it's you. Fidget, your dumb cat gambler needs you.

It was tossed with Fidget speaking to it.

Fidget: Y'ello.

Mirage's Voice: Fidget, I want to ask you: Did you know the fox we were looking after is SUPPOSED to be grounded and he snuck out of his way to go to Freddy's by tricking me to think Daffy was there too?

Fidget: I dunno. Did you get distracted with gambling problems again?

Mirage's Voice: I don't have a gambling problem!

Fidget: Yeah, yeah. Listen, I got enough problems on my hands without your nagging. Just deal with it later!

Mirage's Voice: Ugh, just put Drakken on the phone!

Drakken took the phone quickly.

Drakken: Yeah?

Mirage's Voice: There is another concern: Jack was ALSO supposed to be grounded, but he snuck away to get some writer of a stupid Gundam crossover series no one cares about as well as snuck to Freddy's. Did you know about that?


Shego: (shocked) WHAT?! What the crap, Jack! What the crap!!

Back at the restaurant, Varrick was being slapped by himself forcefully by Dogbert using his arm.

Varrick: Agh! AHHHHH!! (pauses) Although it doesn't hurt as much, but (panics) HIS hitting can be annoying!

Dogbert: Meh, this isn't working. Pinky, I think it's time for Plan B.

Dilbert: I'm afraid to ask but what is Plan B?

Pinky grinned darkly while showing a remote control.

Pinky: He-he-he. 'De best part o' it is...I is gettin' paid a big salary fo' 'dis.

He pressed the button, causing the robot animatronic eyes to start activating, glaring at where Varrick was.

Dogbert: Don't kill him, just make him suffer until he admits defeat.

Mordecai: Yikes! Not again!

Rigby: Anyone who doesn't wanna be stuffed in a suit, get out of the way!

Varrick shivered as the machines headed toward Varrick. As everyone else jumped out of the way, inside, Varrick's screams were heard. Outside the building, Bubs' group looked concerned.

Bubs: Here, let me take a whack at that lock. I know a great way to get inside.

Fidget: How?

The bat yelped, being grabbed. All while inside, as more people were fighting, Snakelord looked bored.

Snakelord: Ungh, enough of this! I'm finishing them all here right now before the cops show up!

Yuki: (arriving/different voice) Then do it! Let's test out your power.

He nodded before glowing darkly as the Witches 5 and Death Busters members looked at him with the serpent having glowing dark eyes.

Snakelord: BRAIN GRAB!!

Screams were heard with blood splatters all around. After a few moments, all the surviving shoppers and most workers, minus the game store, fell dead with all the Heart Crystals being snatched by nets.

Snakelord: Forgive me, but none of these have either of the talismans...the prince and princess we made the two, on the other hand...THEY could be the ones.

Kaorinite: Right. After all, when the time comes, their TRUE hearts would show and possibly the talismans as well.

Yuki: That's so perfect. After all...

As she stepped by a fountain, the reflection showed her true form being a dark haired mouthless white skinned pupiless red eye youma with horns on her crown, feelers on her arms through light purple gloves and herself in a blue bodysuit.

Yuki: I WAS once from a vast kingdom before it was destroyed and us Youma had nowhere to go.

Dr. Facilier: And it's worth it...Thetis.

The youma in disguise grinned cruelly. Inside, Varrick screamed, trying to struggle as the robots tried shoving him.

Varrick: AHHHH! OKAY! OKAY! I give! Danbai Camno is yours! Uncle! Uncle!

Everyone watched in horror as Dogbert paused.

Dogbert: Well...all right. You caught me in a good mood anyway. (to Pinky) Release him.

Pinky: What?! (frowns) But what 'bout me pay?

Dogbert: I'll give you double from (points to Varrick) whatever he has left in his account.

Pinky: Fine...but Ah was hopin' he'd reconsider INSIDE 'de suit.

Dogbert: Not my style. Remote.

The remote was given before he pressed the button, shutting the robots down with Varrick finally fainting to the ground with the crowd watching with stunned reactions.

Asok: And THAT is why Mr. Dogbert is one of the greats.

Dogbert: You can stop looking horrified. It's over. Videlectrix wins.

Daffy: (flatly) Yay, Fun Machine wins.

Some: (flatly) Yay.

Just then, they heard window crashing before turning, noticing Fidget groaning in pain while tied and gagged like a cannonball. The crowd then looked at the panting Sylvia and comrades nearby.

Drakken: Jack! You're alive! We saved you!

Sylvia: It's okay, Padriac! (falls to her knees) The fight's over! You can still shop!

Dilbert looks out through the window and yelps.

Dilbert: Ick, but you may have to watch your step. There's corpses and blood out there.

Wally: I'm taking my chances.

He darted off while Sylvia fainted to the ground, annoying Tidus.

Alice: Well I'm not missing my sales.

Asok: Me either.

Dilbert: (to the crowd) Sorry you had to see that. I uh, hope you weren't TOO traumatized.

Dogbert: Okay, people, it's time. Go get the Fun Machine.

Sylvia: (opens her eye) Ugh, and I am thinking of quitting this job. No cash is worth this carnage.

Pointy-Hair Boss: (arriving) Hey everyone. Look at these bargains I found. Plus so many delectable stuff, you can practically steal some!

Slowly, the role players departed, walking solemly, passing by many corpses with blood splatter all over.

Varrick: (sits up) there anything I can do for you, Dogbert?

Dogbert: Well...

Sylvia: (smiles) At least you're safe, Professor.

Ratigan: (glares) Don't touch me.

Meanwhile, with the role players, the group continued through the pool of blood before passing by dead shoppers. Finally, they came to where many dead shoppers were before noticing a man on register, unharmed and still alive.

Clerk: Happy holidays, guys. What can I interest ya in?

Ryan: (flatly) We'd like to get the Super Fun Machines please.

Clerk: (gives a thumbs up) Good choice!

Jesse: Yeah.

Clerk: You're the first ones in here. It was Hell out there.

Some time later, back outside the mall, the disguised Youma looked at the camera with some familiar figures rushing with obviously stolen mall stuff.

Yuki: (stereotype voice) Dan, the shopping frenzy is over, and it looks like Videlectrix's new Super Fun Machine is this year's hot item. No doubt this will secure its place as the go-to next-gen retro console. Black Friday is over. There's been death, violence, horrible human behavior...(smirks) and the big winner here, decidedly, is Good Day Tokyo.

Red Guy's Voice: (sing-songy) And UUUUUUUS!!

Yuki: (annoyed) Shut up, Lance Sackless.

Back in a familiar HQ, the scarred familiar faces were playing on the Super Fun Machine.

Daffy: The interface is pretty cool.

Bowser Jr.: See, I told you guys, it's really's a seamless interface.

Some: Yes, it is.

Rigby: The graphics are defintely like 10% better than the old one.

Digit: Yeah that's um...that's pretty nice.

After a few moments, Bugs noticed something odd.

Bugs: Eh, Daffy? Is there something you want to tell us?

Daffy: Yeah...two things. 1, people keep mentioning about Mr. Perfect something. I don't know what it is.

Vlad: Mr. Perfect shape human, like Dillydale people.

Bugs: And the second?

Daffy: Just this one question...You guys wanna p-play outside or something?

They looked stunned, looking at Daffy walking to the backyard with them following. As that happened, only Hotaru noticed something odd.

Hotaru: (to herself) Where are Thomas and Meg? And where are Haruka and Michiru at?

Ryan: Daffy? Your side won, dude. Why are you so sad?

Daffy: I just...I don't know.

Bugs: (sighs) Daffy, as your friend and roommate, I ask you as a friend: please tell the truth on what's hurting ya.

Daffy: Two things. One, I got something biting in me.

Bugs: (notices) Well, that explains it. You got a bug in your tail feathers.

Daffy saw a bug biting in his tail feathers then knock it off.

Bugs: Now what's the other thing?

Daffy: I just can't get the image of Dogbert force slapping the guy or even when he ordered the fat jerk to stuff Varrick. Him screaming, trying to get away. Would've been worse if he died.

Mordecai: Yeah, I know what you mean. Well look, guys, Videlectrix won the console wars, I mean, what are we gonna do? Not play video games?

Rigby: Or even care about them anymore?

Ryan: Daffy's right: The last couple of weeks we've been too busy to play video games and...look at what we did.

Jesse: He's right. There's been drama, action, romance...I mean honestly you guys, do we NEED video games to play?

Rigby: Ye...well, maybe...damn. I hate hard questions.

Some: (randomly) I guess. Not really. Kinda. You make a good point, though.

Ryan: Maybe we started to rely on game companies so much that we forgot that all we need to play are the simplest things.

Jesse then noticed a stick, which, unknown to any of them, glowed a strange aura with the girl picking it up, showing it.

Jesse: You mean like this?

Ryan: Yeah, we could just play with this!

Mordecai: Plus, whenever we go near those things, they make us feel funny.

Daffy: Then Screw video games, dude! Who needs them?!

Crowd: (grins) Yeah!

Ryan: (shows the stick) YEAH! **** THEM!

Rigby: Augh, if we would've known this lesson then instead of now, this NEVER would've happened.

Phage: (glances) By the way, your families called about departing from Mr. Perfect's Megastore, which I went to earlier before seeing this brawl. Did you know he had a 100% discount for 500 people shopping?

Most: (shocked/angrily) WHAT!?

Carl: (snaps) That's what Tidus and I tried to tell you all before: Mr. Perfect was giving discounts at 100% there!

Many of the role players and ones that didn't go started twitching a bit.

Ryan: You serious?

Jesse: You mean to tell us...

Mordecai: All this time...

Rigby: We could've gotten anything, INCLUDING the consoles, for free?


Rigby: Ugh! Now I REALLY wish Minimus was alive! What idiot killed him off in the first place?!

As they groaned in agony, unknown to any of them, the dark prince and princess glanced at them.

Haruka: So now they have the stick.

Michiru: Yes...and soon...despite their pointlessness, a new war...

As Ryan angrily bashed the ground with the dark glowing stick, the two glanced at the scene.

Michiru: Will be coming before Christmas...

Narrator: The upcoming Stick of Disharmony...coming soon.

Coconuts pops in, frowning.

Coconuts: Yeah? If you believe that, I got a tattoo to show ya!

To Be Kouja no Senshi: The Stick of Disharmony.

(ED: I Am Sailor Moon by Peach Hips)
KNS: Dummies and Dragons 3
Sonik has arrived with a better plan with the leaders about to fight: Dogbert vs Varrick (though one sided) while the shopper craze commence, death occurs, the ultimate solution happens after the brawl, and a strange stick with strange power is about to come in play. To be Stick of Disharmony
(Act 2)

A bit later, at the familiar news room, three of the news crewmembers grinned.

Nurse: Well, the wait is over and Black Friday is finally here.

Dan Anchorman: Yuki Kunicha is at the scene, and it's about time, Yuki.

It then showed the newswoman near the mall.

Yuki: That's right, Dan. Mall officials have said they are ready, and doors will open as soon as their guest of honor cuts the ceremonial red ribbon.

The ribbon was pointed at while the crowd with dangerous weapons prepared.

Dan Anchorman: And who is the guest honor, Yuki?

As she continued, the Retranox, Super Fun Machine, Butt Ugly Martians, and what appeared to be other various items with most, minus Bubs' product, glowing darkly while outside, the crazed shoppers glowed the same dark aura with the same glowing red eyes, the non affected ones oblivious to the fact.

Yuki: This year's ribbon cutter is of course Yoshiyuki Tomino, who um, doesn't appear to have shown up yet, but uhh, says he is on his way.

Maxwell: (rolls eyes) Just like the dragons and other crap in his shows, I bet.

Dan Anchorman: Can't we get another writer for this? I swear, it's crappy just like the products being sold on Black Friday this year.

Yuki: Sadly, all other writers of different shows are occupied.

Some: D'oh!

Then, the Mr. Man showed an opened letter to the three near them.

Mr. Happy: In other news, Miss Sunshine and I are invited to a secret wedding.

Miss Sunshine: It says for me and him to come alone, no one else. (ponders) I wonder why?

Dan Anchorman: What? And we aren't invited?

Maxwell: Oh calm down, Dan. Black Friday Masacare is more better than some dumb wedding. Of course, if anyone were to sneak into Freddy's during this time, we will have an even MORE carnage on our hands.

Miss Sunshine: AHHH!!

Mr. Happy: (glares) You're awful!

He slapped the cat in glasses.

Maxwell: Ungh!

Mr. Happy: (snaps) That's it! We quit!

Miss Sunshine: Consider you jerks uninvited!

Finally, the two departed.

Nurse: (pauses) Am I missing something?

Meanwhile, at the lone road, the familiar figures were on horseback with a few on sleds (some unwillingly) while the mouse was yelping, clinging to life on the horse tail.

Hiram: WHOA! Slow down, will you?!

Jack: We WILL after we get to our destination!

MetalSeadramon: Now wait just a damn minute!!

They stopped, looking at the Digimon.

MetalSeadramon: (glares) Now I'm DEFINITELY sure the fastest way back home to Tokyo ISN'T on damn horseback!

Tomino: That may be true, but horses have one quality that is unmatched by any other mode of transportation.

Puppetmon: What's that?

He was pointed to the tattoos of a sort on the horse rears.

MetalSeadramon: (snaps) FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!

Takato: Just pretend they're Equestrian ponies with cutie marks.

Rika: Yeah, but why do those tattoos remind me of Cutie Marks?

Renamon: Sir, where DID you get inspiration about tattoos?

Tomino: From some horses with those beautiful one of a kind tattoos. So beautiful...I must have ALL tattoos, INCLUDING one of a kind ones.

Henry: (sweatdrop) I think this guy is obsessive with tattoos.

Jack: More like Cutie Marks!

Hiram: (dryly) That explains his stupid fetish!

Tomino: It's NOT a fetish!

Grounder: Yeah! It isn't a vegetable.

Scratch: (annoyed) "Fetish", not "radish".

Coconuts: (annoyed) I feel like I regretted asking for this guy's help.

Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, Daffy looked at the crowd setting up the banner and items around the pizza joint with two kids setting up a banner marked "Happy Wedding".

Vlad: (to an assistant) Okay, cool, could we set up the two long tables here, like, facing each other, and then another one for the bride and groom back there?

Assistant: Uh, I heard a rumor. May I ask, who is it that's getting married?

Daffy: Uh Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine.

Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine, as they arrived, gasped as they listened.

Mr. Happy: Us, married?!

Miss Sunshine: That's more shocking than that crazy Mangle over there.

We see some sort of mangled version of Foxy 2.0. known as Mangle in a corner, glaring.

Mr. Happy: Boy, that thing is creepy.

Daffy: Not as much as that Puppet over there.

Daffy shudders as some sort of Puppet lying at Prize Corner nearby.

Dogbert: I know. The fat fox and Grand Duke thought it'd be interesting to bring back the Toy Freddy and crew from the old 87 project.

Rigby: No way! They're getting married for real?!

Mr. Tickle: YAY!! I love my friends! This calls for Wedding tickles!!

He prepared to tickle where Mr. Grumpy was fixing a table.

Mr. Grumpy: (glares) Well how much do you like those arms?

Daffy: Uh yeeeeeaaaaah, let's go for that.

Mr. Bump: Wow, so their family feud is over?!

Digit: Well, clearly they wouldn't be marrying each other here if that wasn't the case.

Toy Freddy: (appearing) Hi kids. Ready for Freddy?!

Mordecai and Rigby: Yikes!

Hotaru: I don't know about this? You sure this is a good idea?

Daffy: It's a VIP! And all it took to bribe him was all the money we were gonna spend on the video game consoles.

All: (snaps) DAFFY!!

Daffy: Relax. We will just do what must be done: swipe the video game consoles after the carnage's over!

Control Freak: You mean steal the dead people's wallets? (grins) Oh I like that!

Sora: What!? That wasn't the deal!

Daffy: Look kid, you're nice, but you're boring.

He was punched on the face.

Vlad: But where are fat rat and crew anyway?

Melody: (rushes up) DAAAAFFYYYYYY!!

He was kicked to the wall.

Daffy: Help me! I'm being raped!

The furious mongoose punched him in the gut.

Melody: What the heck happened!? I found out Sonik found out our plan. Now it's ruined thanks to you!

Daffy: Yes, he did, but don't worry.

Melody: Don't worry!? Why?! The plan's never gonna work now!

Daffy quickly hushed her before pulling her away from the confused crowd.

Daffy: It's fine, Mel. Everything's been taken care of. That idiot brother of yours won't be telling anybody anything...ever again.

She gasped with worry.

Melody: You're not going to get him grounded, are you?!

Daffy: Actually he did that himself.

Melody: No...(snaps) Tell me you didn't!

Daffy: It was HIM that got grounded after being caught by the police Mr. Frederickson sent out!

Melody: You ambushed him and knocked Sonik didn't you?!

Daffy: Hey, how else would the cops get him?

She screamed in anger, shoving him before darting out of the restaurant. At a house somewhere, Melody looked worried as Mirage looked seriously.

Mirage: Look, Katz and I were in charge and I'm telling you this: He's not allowed to come out of his room, so you can talk to him through the door.

Melody: Right.

Mirage: And keep it short. He's in real trouble. He trespassed AND destroyed a part of a nice old man's garden.

Melody: Right.

When she left, the mongoose sibling looked at the door.

Melody: Uh...hello?

Inside the locked room that was ruined and more prison-like, Sonik, whom was asleep, grunted and looked around.

Sonik: (confused) Huh? Hello? Who is that?

He noticed some food before taking the items and tin cup.

Sonik: Oh no...I'm in prison! (furiously) And it's HER fault!

Melody: Bro, please!

Sonik: (bitterly) Oh, it's you. Get out of here!

Melody: (worried) Sonik, I know you're pissed at me right now. You've gotta understand that I did it because I know in my heart that the Retranox is better, for all of us.

Sonik: You completely betrayed the last bit of friendship AND siblingship we still had. You are no longer my sister!

Melody: (glares) You weren't playing fair, bro. Getting our parents to work part time at the mall wasn't fair.

Sonik: What?! I didn't even KNOW he was working at the mall, Melody!

Melody: (stunned) You didn't?

Sonik: (turns away) But you couldn't just ask me. Because Retranox people...don't care about the truth. They just care about seamless multimedia connectivity.

Melody: (sighs) I'm sorry, bro. I'm sorry. This whole war has just got us all so screwed up. I just WANT us to be playing Hero's Duty on the right machine.

Sonik: You don't understand. I'm NEVER playing Hero's Duty OR anything at all with YOU ever again! And I'll make sure that before we head home, I'm going to make sure you are literally never born!!

Melody: (gasps/teary) Sonik, don't say that. You don't really mean-

Sonik: (furiously) Get out of here! I'm done with you!

Melody: (sighs) Fine...but you must understand...I don't give a damn about the console...if I am not playing it with you. Hell, I don't care about any other console either. What's the point if your BBBFF has seem to disowned you forever?

Sonik: (snaps) I said...(hits the door) GET OUT!!

He hit the door furiously.


Melody backed away from the door with worry while Mirage arrived, leading her away.

Sonik: GET HER OUT!!

Melody: (sheds a tear) Then so be it...

Back at the mall, Sylvia looked seriously while looking at the surviving guards.

Sylvia: Now listen up, there are just a little bit of us left now. Lumo Falbar was a great guy, and he did not deserve to get beheaded like that.

Tidus: (glares/quietly) YOU beheaded him on accident!

Sylvia: (ignoring) Now I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of getting to know people here, getting invested in their personalities and their back stories, and then having them die! (pointing) When those doors open, we all stick together! If anyone panics, it puts us all at risk!

Tidus: What if we get beheaded by accident?

Sylvia: Tidus, quiet. I'm trying to motivate the guards.

Fidget only chuckled before she glared at the bat.

Sylvia: Stay tough, rookie.

Fidget: Sorry, I was looking at the poster nearby.

He pointed to a cat on a mall treebranch.

Shego: That's a real cat hanging there, idiot!

Fidget: Hang in there, baby!

Random Guard: (panics) We're not gonna make it, sir.

Alejandro: We're gonna make it! You've got a newborn little girl who needs her daddy to make it!

Sylvia: Al's right, I'm not going to let you die, okay?!

Random Guard: Okay.

Sylvia: (snaps) OKAY?!

Random Guard: Yes sir! Yes sir.

Sylvia: Not one more good person dies on my watch!

Drakken: When you say "good"-

Sylvia: I mean people only I know and don't care about the rest about.

Drakken: Good, I think we're in agreement then.

Shego: By the way, why were Fox Boy and Mongoose Girl not Sonik and Melody going to-

Just then, the group heard glass breaking at the second level, noticing a mob with weapons growling, trying to get inside.

Female Guard: (panics) Oh my God!

Lady Guard: They're comin' in through the roof!

Shego: (scoffs) I've seen worse.

Drakken: Yeah, some came in through the basement.

Random Guard: (backing away) I can't do this! I'm sorry! (darts away) I CAN'T DO THIS!!

Sylvia: Stay at your post, idiot!

Just then, as the man was about to head to the door, he was pierced by an arrow, falling and collapsing to the ground. Everyone else gasped before turning, noticing Sylvia with bow before falling to her knees.


Tidus: (face palms) Ungh!

Outside the mall, Yuki, in a helicopter, looked at the crowd below with the reporter looking nonchalant.

Yuki: Here we go, Mr. Frank Smith. Yoshiyuki Tomino has finally arrived to cut the red ribbon.

Frank: About time! Let's see how close we can get without getting ourselves killed!

Down below, the familiar man stood near the red ribbon with golden scissors in hand.

Tomino: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to be here this morning on behalf of Nakayoshi Mall Partners and TBS News, your go-to source for news, weather, and sports.

Pissed Shopper: (snaps) Just do it!

Everyone crouched down, preparing to dart inside.

Tomino: Very well. In the tradition of our ancestors, (lowers scissors) let's bring in the holidays!

Everyone prepared, all glowing darkly while from the very back, the Death Busters watched with the Red Guy showing some popcorn.

Red Guy: Popcorn, anyone?

Kurata: May as well. Nothing can stop this carnage.

Dr. Facilier: Yeah...(frowns) Unless Tomino starts delaying with that tattoo crap.

At that moment he said that, Tomino began speaking a bit.

Tomino: But first, I'd like to share with you a few words about my tattoo.

Crowd: AAAWWWW!!

Eudiel: (annoyed) I knew it!

Red Guy: (anger mark) For the love of Senior!

Meanwhile, at the other side of the mall where Freddy's was, the manager noticed the Pokemon Trainers arriving to the restaurant.

Ash: You sure this is the right place?

May: That's where Ryan told us to go to.

Manager: (to the group) Hey, sorry guys. Freddy's is closed for a special event today.

Dawn: Yeah, we know. We're with the wedding.

Piplup: (nods) Lup!

Manager: (grins) Oh great, go right on in.

The trainers with Pokemon entered the building together. Inside, as the crowd were eating their snacks and meals, Miss Sunshine smiled a bit.

Miss Sunshine: I'm so glad my family made up with Mr. Happy's family.

Digit: Uh they didn't.

Mr. Happy: What are you talking about? Of course they did. Why else would we have a wedding feast before an upcoming wedding?

Digit: Well...

Bonnie, with his face missing along with his left hand, appears.

Bonnie: Hi. Want to have some fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fun?!

Digit: GAH!

Daffy: DAMN! He STILL scares the jibblies at us!

Bowser: Psst. The plan!

Bowser Jr.: Now's the time!

Daffy: Right, right. (stands up) Everyone! Everyone, a Black Friday toast. How awesome that we are all friends again. Our two houses brought together. Sooon we will all have our Retranox KEGAs.

Crowd: YAY!!

Daffy: And to you, my friends, Prince Haruka and Princess Michiru. You really look stunning. No doubt the gods have smiled down upon your perky facial cheeks...and your evil glares...and your evil costumes...and your weird aura thingy for some reason.

He paused before shrugging.

Daffy: Now, if you'll excuse my, my lady, I need to take a powder.

Freddy, broken down, appears.

Freddy: It takes more than powder to fix you up, guy.

Daffy: (annoyed) I thought they were going to fix these things.

Employee: Yeah, well, Pinky thought they were too ugly so he kinda left the old ones that way and decided to bring in the new ones. I got no idea how the old ones got out of the Parts/Service Room! They are supposed to stay in there!

Daffy: Yeesh! I gotta go!

He darted away, leaving a smoke trail. Near the door, the glancing duck came to where Vlad was watching through the glass door leading inside the mall.

Daffy: What have you found out?

Vlad: The mall isn't open yet. They're waiting for tattoo jerk to come cut the ribbon.

Daffy: Oh okay, that could be a while.

Vlad: Unless they cut his tattoos right off right away.

Daffy: I figured as much. All our men are ready. When the mall opens, blow the whistle. We'll rush through the doors and lock the Retro dorks inside. (pauses) Alright, now I really DO gotta go!

Quickly, he darted to the bathroom. Back at the mall entrance, the man was continuing to speak to the crowd.

Tomino: O soft and pink with purple head.
Gently you lay with me on my bed.

Random Shopper: Get on with it, you ass!

Tomino: "Growl, growl" calls the lion paint from on high
A little tiny small mark, still so pleasing to the eye.


Shoppers: (randomly) Yeah! Come on! Get on with it, stupid!

Back in the restaurant, after Daffy sighed in relief and sat back at the table, he looked over at the mall entrance before noticing the vulture no longer around.

Daffy: Vlad? (frowns) Ugh, where the heck is he?! Ya dumb vulture, where are you?

Just then, Melody and her friends arrived to the table.

Melody: Prince and Princess, I believe it's time we returned the Wizard's hospitality!

Just then, more deadly weapons were pointed at the Super Fun Machine supporters, shocking them.

Daffy: What the hell is this?!

Melody: I'm sorry, Daff. There's been a little change in plans!

Daffy's group looked stunned while Melody looked seriously.

(End of Act 2)
KNS: Dummies and Dragons 2
As the fake party is commencing, Melody learns the hard way her brother got grounded thanks to Daffy. And in turn, as the crowd angrily awaits for the mall to open, a betrayal happens!
A/N: Takes place after Fun with Meat.

(OP: Carnival Babel by Takada Band)

Kouja no Senshi: The Side Stories
Between Special 2 & Christmas Specials
Dummies and Dragons

Inside the Danbai Camno building, Varrick looked through the files a bit.

Varrick: What a Thanksgiving all of us had that week. Wonder if anything came up while I was away?

Executive: (arriving) Sir, sir! Look here!

He showed a form as he shouted.

Executive: This is just terrible! Videlectrix has stopped our ship.

Varrick: (glares) So I see...

Other Executive: He's right. Winter is coming, and Black Friday is upon us.

Varrick: At least it's better than that news about some girl turning to wood due to lack of protein.

Executive: Oh, that's dumb. Who ever heard of turning into wood because of lack of protein?

Other Executive: Pinocchio?

Varrick: Hmmm. This IS a problem, right? I will need the Prince and Princess right now!

The doors opened with the two arriving.

Haruka: We have returned.

Michiru: The past 2 weeks at the time were very strange. ESPECIALLY considering the mischief that happened.

Varrick: Okay, but can you turn the glowing red eyes off? They're freaking me out.

Haruka: (yanks him) What was that?

Varrick: (yelps) Nothing.

Haruka: (drops him) That's better.

Lady Exec: (Heart eyes) Whoa, she's so cool!

Other Lady Exec: Yeah, they're beautiful!

Executive: Yup.

Varrick: That was quick. Thank you, you two. (slams his fist) We have a problem: The Videlectrix's president of the company has delayed the shipment of Retranoxes.

Michiru: For what reason?

Varrick: Something to do with him super glued to the toilet.

Michiru: (bows) We'll see what we can do, sir.

Varrick: Don't patronize me!

At the sea itself, where a cargo of Retranoxes were, a few battleships with the Videlectrix logo headed toward the cargo ship with the crew gasping, noticing the foes heading to the ship, guns preparing to fire.

Captain: (glares) Dammit! What the crap are they doing?!

Construction Worker: (points up) Sirs, look! Someone's coming!

To their surprise, they saw two familiar figures wearing parachutes floating downward to the ship.

Haruka: We'll deal with the enemy!

Michiru: And there will be NO backing out of this.

Crowd: (cheering) YEAH!!

Constructioner Worker: Gah! It's a cross dresser! And a lesbian!

The two angrily hit them. Back at the familiar army, Daffy looked annoyed while glaring at the Chibi-looking pictures of what Digit drew.

Daffy: (face palms) They did what?! They flew down in a parachute and did WHAT?!

Digit: But that's what I'm telling you! Apparently, they stopped Videlectrix from blockadiing the shipment of Retranoxes to the Nakayoshi Mall.

Daffy: And you're SURE you couldn't draw them a little more...decent?

Digit: This is the only style I know how to draw!

Daffy: Ugh. This is what happens when we deal with a girl who is gender confused!

Vlad: Aw dammit! Looks like they all over place winning the retro console wars for hasbeens.

Daffy: Because-because what? Because they're beautiful lesbos?

Digit: Yeah and I think there's something in that brooch the boy looking girl has that's making them act...well evil, I think.

Daffy: (ignoring) Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Melody: Daffy, they've got everyone on Danbai Camno's side. We can't stop 'em!

Daffy: But what do they do besides that they're hot and sexy?!

Then, one of the cell phones rang before the vulture took it.

Splinter: Hey!

Knothole: Give it back!

Vlad: (listens) Hello? (pauses) Hang on. (to Daffy) Duck, dog nerd on the phone for you.

Daffy: Tell Dogbert to kiss my tailfeathers!

Vlad: Right. (to the phone) Duck says tailfeathers to kiss-

Daffy: (hits him) Gah! NO!!

Vlad: Ungh!

Digit: Uh what SHOULD we tell Dogbert?

Daffy: Just tell the dog I'm busy, everything's okay and I'll call him later.

Beast Boy: This would have never happened if you would have let those two be a prince and princess in the first place instead of letting your stupid ego get the best of you!

Daffy: She's not a prince, she's a big fat lesbo bitch!

Melody: (glares) Well, unfortunately for us, she's now on the other side! We are out of options!

Daffy: So what are you saying, Mel?!

Melody: I have an idea.

She turned away, walking a bit with concern.

Melody: I don't like it, but I think it's the only choice we have.

Daffy: (desperately) What!? WHAT!? TELL ME!!

Melody: It involves...Freddy.

Digit: But wasn't Freddy broken down after the whole incident?

Melody: Well, that and Pinky Fox is involved too.

A few looked fearful.

Melody: But first...there's something else to take care of.

Back at the Nakayoshi Mall, millions of people gathered outside the mall while punching and hitting one another with Yuki only grinning.

Yuki: Dan, Black Friday is finally almost here, and as you can see behind me, holiday shoppers are really getting antsy. People have been waiting out here since midnight on Thanksgiving. They're cold, they're starving, and there's already been a lot of blood shed over these holiday deals.

She turned toward a man as he spoke.

Yuki: Joining me now is Hiro Takamori, who's been out here for six days, and (to the man) your five year old son was eaten. Is that correct?

Hiro: (nods) Yes, yes that's right, we had to eat him. We were all sort of starving out here, so we drew straws, and he drew the shortest one.

Yuki: What is it you're hoping to get when Black Friday does finally start?

Hiro: It's a Blu-ray player. Ninety-six percent off, it's gonna be about 20 bucks.

Yuki: Now, some people might say that eating your child is not very Christmasy. What would you say to them?

He paused, thinking hard for a moment.

Hiro: (singing) Iiii...ate my son for a Blu-ray play-er
With a ho ho ho and a jingle jingle jang-le
My son got ate and it tasted good ho ho jingle jingle ho ho!

The man moved away as he kept singing.

Hiro: (singing) Ho ho jingle jing-le
Jingle jingle jang-le
Jingle jingle jingle ho ho!

Yuki: No doubt Christmas is alive and well at the Nakayoshi Mall. We also have a discount area where local businessman, Bubs C. Stand, is holding a weapons sale for Black Friday Shoppers.

Bubs, meanwhile, was in the center as he was giving weapons to people shoving money toward him.

Bubs: Get your weapons! Get your shopper bashers here!

Yuki: Back to you, Dan.

Back at the Team Spicer HQ, the familiar figures looked at the map of the mall with figures shown.

Sonik: (pointing) Alright, guys, here's the deal: the main entrance to the mall is alrady blocked by thousands of waiting shoppers. The kids who want Super Fun Machines plan to flank from the left, here. Our best chance of being first inside is finding a way to the mall's back entrance, here.

Most: (fearful) AGH!

Rigby: At Freddy's?! Why the crap there!?

Mordecai: I thought that place was closed down!

Ash: Miss Scary said there was a grand reopening, remember?

Pikachu: (nods) Pika.

Rigby: Oh no! No, no, damn, damn, crap, crap, son of a-

Cyborg: He's right, Rigs. That restaurant has doors on the inside that go right out into the mall.

Ryan: The key to us being the first ones inside is taking over the Freddy's before Black Friday starts.

Jesse: So how do we take over the restaurant?

Ryan: I have no idea.

May: We can always ask whoever owns the restaurant to let us borrow it.

Sonik: My dad told me earlier that it was Mr. Pinky Fox that bought it.

Most: Gah!

Rigby: It's official: NOW it's gonna get worse!

Mordecai: Trust us: we go in there, we may as FORGET Black Friday. It will be Bloody Friday once those robots get their claws on us!

Hotaru: But what if-

Dawn: (arriving) Guys! Guys!

Jesse: (notices) What's wrong?

Dawn: It's the Super Fun Machine fighters! They're here and they say they wanna switch sides?

Sonik: (surprised) What?

Ash: You're kidding, right?

Dawn: Hey, if I was kidding, I would be in Marketing.

The frowning group walked up, noticing Daffy and his army nearby with the duck sighing.

Daffy: I don't know about this.

Melody: (glares) Go ahead and tell him, Cartman.

Daffy: Fine. on behalf of the Videlectrix fighters of Zaron, we hereby lay down our arms and give up, okay?

Terrence: (points) Ha-ha.

The toons took their arms off, putting them down.

Melody: (annoyed) No, not literally!

Daffy: Shut up, Megs! This is very difficult! (to Ryan's group) You guys win, alright?! We'll all play on Retranoxes!

Strong Bad: We STILL think those Fun Machines are the superior machine, but you got too many people on your side, and then those two became royals.

Homestar: Nobody saw that coming.

Bowser: Look, the truth is, we all have a bigger problem now, and you know it. Nobody is going to get anything if we don't work together against those thousands of other shoppers.

Ryan: (frowns) So, better a Retranox than nothing, is that it? I think we'll take our chances on our own.

Ash: We found out that a better way to get into the through Freddy's.

Rigby: I still say it's suicide! Those robots will kill us the moment we set foot in there.

Melody: Look, I know of a way to get in. Pinky never opens the doors earlier...but he will in case of...birthdays.

Mordecai: Gah! Bad idea! Last I heard, Foxy bit off a kid's frontal lobe on a birthday!

Rigby: Which Foxy? I heard there were two of them!

Mordecai: Does it matter?! One birthday means we're screwed!

Melody: (pause) You know, it doesn't have to be a birthday. Pinky opens earlier for weddings too.

Mordecai: That's stupid. How will we do that?

Ryan: (to the cell phone) Thanks, goodbye. (hangs up) Sorry, I was on the cell phone with my parents. What were you saying?

Most: (face faults) NEVERMIND!

Rigby: Ryan's right about one thing though! We're going at it alone, WITH or WITHOUT you!

They began walking off.

Bowser Jr.: Uh, guys? We KNOW a way inside Freddy's. AND you better be hearing it this time, Ryan!

They stopped, looking at the koopa kid.

Some: Huh?

Vlad: You don't think you're the only ones that thought of it. We were going to use the Freddy's entrance too, and we figured out how.

Melody: It can be rented out, not just birthdays, but also for wedding parties. If we all chip in we can pay for the deposit to have the wedding party there.

Mr. Bump: (grins) All right! So Mr. Happy's finally asked Miss Sunshine to get hitched! I KNEW those two would patch their families up.

Miss Calamity: Uh, no, they haven't, Bump. And didn't Melody said that they opened for weddings?

Mr. Bump: What? Am I in the right short???

Melody: (annoyed) It's a pretend wedding, dummy!

Mr. Bump: (sounds disappointed) Awww.

Mr. Tickle: (gasps) Hey, that could work.

Daffy: So who wants to get married?

Melody: We're going to have Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine do it.

Mr. Bump: Wait. If they get pretend married, won't their families know about it?

Melody: We will keep them out of it. Trust me, they won't have to know.

Carl: I STILL say Mr. Perfect's got-

Argit: (interrupts) Let's do this together, guys. Our only shot at playing any next-gen retro console is by teaming up. If you wanna game on a Retranox, then I do too.

Melody: He's right. We all do.

Sonik: (looks suspiciously) And you swear you'll be okay with that? You won't talk about the Fun Machines being better ever again?

She saluted, saluting with her hand shown.

Melody: I swear, bro.

Mr. Bump: (frowns) Hey! It's not nice to swear!

Most of everyone did a face fault.

Sonik: (nods) Okay then.

Ryan: Alright, guys. Looks like we have a fake wedding to plan. Someone find Mr. Happy and Miss Sunshine quickly.

All while unknown to any of them, Melody's fingers were crossed. Back at Danbai Camno HQ, the familiar man looked worried while the staff gathered around.

Varrick: Crap! These console wars aren't over yet.

Secretary: Tell me about it. People keep on dying, we keep on sending out new ways to appease them.

Executive: And what's worse: the two retro systems are neck and neck because of it, outbeating the Retron 5. If someone could've informed the two war battlers about that system being discounted for Free at Mr. Perfect's Megastore, it would've been worse for us.

Haruka: Look, no one is going to Mr. Perfect's. It is because of you all giving us this power that we have gained more followers and had planned to make that mall so abandoned, that they would crush and possibly kill Mr. Perfect by suicide.

Michiru: Besides, what the unholy ones want, the unholy ones get. We'll just simply try to stop 'em.

Varrick: Something tells me that brooch I was told to give was a bad idea.

Genki Secretary: (arriving) Everyone, sorry to interrupt, but a wedding invitation has arrived.

Haruka: A wedding?

Michiru: Of who?

Genki Secretary: Some guy named Happy and a woman named Sunshine.

The two looked stunned, looking at the invitation.

Michiru: But why does it say the wedding's at Freddy's?

Haruka: That place was SUPPOSE to have shut down years ago.

Genki Secretary: (sighs) Yes, but that was before Mr. Pinky and someone by the codename "Grand Duke of Owls" had purchased it.

Michiru: Oh God.

Varrick: That swell, so who's being invitied?

Genki Secretary: Apparently you, sir.

Varrick: Oh crap!

Haruka: Don't worry, we'll go first, then if things should be shocking...we'll let you know.

Varrick: Well what does it specifically say?

Michiru: (looks at it) It's written by that idiot duck who thinks he's a wizard king.

Varrick: Oh. For a moment, I thought it was one of my ex-wives.

Lady: (glares) Ex-wives? Really?

Haruka: (reading) "Prince and Princess, please come home at once. Our two houses have found peace. Come to the Freddy's wedding, and we will accept you as the prince and princess you are. Yours truly, the Wizard King." (smirks) I guess we SHOULD go first after all.

Michiru: We probably should.

Male Exec: Oh my gosh! You're going to a wedding?

Other Exec: Cool!

Varrick: (sighs) Prince and Princess, thanks so much for everything.

Secretary: (waves) Take care, you two!

Genki Secretary: (waves) Prince and princess! Sayonara!

They bowed as did the two.

Haruka: See ya, everyone. We're heading back and we WILL make sure the war will be won.

The two jumped out of the window with the crowd looking stunned. Just then, they heard crashing noises, noticing a wreck below.

Executive: (gasps) Oh my God! They killed the Prince and Princess!

Lady: You bastards!

Varrick: It's true! They're dead! (groans) We'll never win now!

Genki Secretary: (points) Sirs! Look!

They saw, to their surprise, Haruka and Michiru jumping very high.

Haruka: (evil glares) We're fine!

Females: (grins) Ah, kawaii! They're so beautiful!

Back at the familiar garden, Sonik was walking with Daffy together.

Sonik: Why are we in Mr. Frederickson's garden?

Daffy: Trust me, it's the last time I'm here in this part of the scene!

He snatched a blood red rose, giving it to Swiper's future son.

Daffy: Anyway, I was hoping I could talk to you about the wedding.

Sonik: Yeah, sure, what about it?

Daffy: I think it's best that when the time comes for the mall to open, we should stay back a bit from the doors.

Sonik: (glances) Why?

Daffy: Well, think about it. The first people inside are gonna have to take on the brunt of the holiday shoppers from the main entrance. It's best we let the robots go first. While they fight, we can simply slip on by.

Sonik: Oh, okay I guess that makes sense, but...any machine won't be able to get their Retranoxes.

Daffy: Yes, that's true, but, let's face Swipe Knight. This is all about you and me getting Retranoxes. The rest are simply there to help us...get through-

Carl Frederickson's Voice: He's lying to you!

The annoyed duck and fox turned, looking at the old man on his porch.

Daffy: Can we PLEASE have a conversation in your garden WITHOUT you snapping at us a lot?

Carl Frederickson: They're just acting like they've given up, but it's a double-bluff!

Daffy: SHH! Shut up, ya jerk!

Carl Frederickson: They're gonna betray you at the pizza wedding! He got the idea watching that show where there's nothing BUT betrayal!

Daffy: Hey, shut up!

Sonik: Who is that?

Daffy: He's just this old crazy guy who gets pissed off because I'm in his garden all the time.

Carl Frederickson: They're gonna lock you in!

Daffy: Goddamnit, shut up!

Carl Frederickson: He talked about it in my garden to like three other people! They're gonna lock you in the restaurant and go get all the console whatevers! That's why he wants you to stay back from the doors! Plus, in fact, I believe he's going to betray every side just to get everything for himself!

Daffy: Well why don't you just tell the whole world everything, huh?! Why don't you tell everyone what Prometheus was about while you're at it?!

Sonik: "Prometheus"? Is that a movie?

Daffy: That's a funny story-

Sonik: Wait, wait. Does my sis know about this? Or my friends?

Daffy: Dude, we're not gonna betray you. Come on! Did you see Prometheus and Bob? I don't think the writers even knew what that was about.

Sonik: (glares) DID they know about this? My friends? My sister? Anyone!?

Daffy: (sighs) Honestly, it was mainly your father who gave her the idea.

Sonik: (furiously) Now I WISH you'd gotten mauled by the animatronics, (shoves him) JERK!!

He finally departed.

Daffy: Kid, dude, hold on! The Fun Machine is flippin' sweet, dude!

Sonik: (flips him) PISS OFF!! Fun Machines suck!

Daffy: (frowns) Yeah, so does your Uncle Pinky.

Sonik: So? I don't give a rat's ass about him!

Carl Frederickson: (shouting) Neither do I!

Daffy: Stay out of this!

Sonik: I'm leaving!

He departed.

Carl Frederickson: (confused) Wait, he's related to the fatass?

Daffy: Nevermind! You're a dork!

Carl Frederickson: Piss off, get out of my garden!

Daffy: No way! I'll crap in your garden if I have to!

Carl Frederickson: Go **** yourself!

He angrily slammed the glass door shut.

Daffy: Ugh. Next time, we trespass in Mr. Grumpy's garden.

(End of Act 1)
KNS: Dummies and Dragons 1
Takes place after Fun With Meat: The time of Black Friday approaches as sides are chosen, the fight on Black Friday commences, a battle to the death commences, and the fight between retro consoles is shown. What console would win: Retranox KEGA or Super Fun Machine?
(Act 3)

Back at the familiar garden, Dogbert walked with Daffy and his friends through the garden.

Daffy: Uh Dogbert, I was hoping I could talk to you about the fight on Friday.

Dogbert: Sure, Daffy Duck was it?

Daffy: Uhh, it's my Lord Wizard King, actually.

Wally: A ruler of wizards?

Daffy: No, just a king who happens to BE a wizard!

Digit: But wouldn't that make you a King Wizard instead?

Daffy: (snaps) NO!

Dogbert: (pauses) Why are we in an old man's garden?

Daffy: It's the only garden I'm not mistaken as a thief that I can walk through.

He took a flower with Digit taking it, sniffing it.

Daffy: Anyway, dog, having your leadership has certainly been a help, but I hope that we're clear that this is my army. There can only be one person of royalty; that's kind of the rules.

Dogbert: You got my interest. I have been CEO of my company many times before before pillaging it and leaving it to rot.

Dilbert: It's true. You should see him when he's in a good mood.

Dogbert: Anyhow, I certainly don't wanna step on your toes. Don't worry, I'm quite good at letting CEOs and idiots do what they want as long as it doesn't involve being superior to me in any kind of way.

Some: (confused) CEOs?

Dilbert: My boss and the workers at the marketing department, actually.

Daffy: That makes sense.

Wally: Oh not so. Dilbert was once in marketing!

Dilbert: And that's to keep it quiet about possible jobs outside the company.

Alice: Or when Dilbert once lost his ability and threw Earth into the Dark Ages.

Dilbert: That only happened once!

Daffy: What I need to say is-

Dogbert: Let's face it, this is really just about you and me getting Super Fun Machines. The rest are simply there to help us get through those doors.

Daffy: Uhhh, hmmm. What?

Carl Frederickson's Voice: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

They turned, looking at the old man at his window.

Carl Frederickson: How's it feel?! Now who's walking WHO through the betrayal garden?!

Daffy: (glares) Why don't you stay the heck out of my business?!

Carl Frederickson: Why don't you stay out of my yard?!

Daffy: I told you people! I get mistaken as a burglar in other gardens!

Carl Frederickson: That's because you are a burglar!

He angrily slammed the window shut. Meanwhile, back at the familiar headquarters, a cigar was lit before Varrick puffed the smoke, sighing with a grin.

Varrick: This flavor's intense!

Yuki: Yes, that is one amazing smoke. I enjoyed it immensely. How about you?

Varrick: It has a unique taste there.

Yuki: (glances) You know, Videlectrix has given kids who want Super Fun Machines on Black Friday a lot of support. Seems a shame that the fight will be so one-sided.

Varrick: What do you mean?

Yuki: Black Friday is about to happen and it's not even gonna be a fight. That's bad for both of us. There must be something you can give to kids who want Retranox KEGAs to make the fight more even.

Varrick: (pauses) Spirit Vines? (frowns) Wait, no. That may only happened in another lifetime. Boy, my head feels fuzzy just thinking of it.

Yuki: (darkly) Perhaps you should check that box over there.

Varrick: Oh, of course, ma'am.

He went to the box, taking it.

Varrick: (shows the item) You mean this item?

Yuki: (looks at it) Yes, I think that will do nicely.

Varrick: YES!! Thank you!!

He darted away. As soon as he was gone, Yuki laughed wickedly.

Yuki: (different accent) After all, aside all the money Mr. Pinky and the Duke will gain, the Devil AND Death Busters COULD use some more souls and heart crystals. He-he-he-he-he.

Back at the mansion, Tomino, where a chorus had gathered, was conducting them to sing, annoying the group with a few covering their ears. The owner only tapped with his conductor stick, motioning them to sing.

Tomino: Ahem. And a-one, a-two

Harmony: (singing) (Ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo)

Harmony (singing) (Ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo)
Melody: (singing) Ooooooooooone taaaaaaaaatooooo neeeeeext to aaaaaaaanoooooother

Harmony: (singing) (Ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo)
Melody: (singing) Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattoooooooooooooo

Harmony (singing) (Ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo, ta-ttoo tattoo)
Melody: (singing) Twwwwwwwwwwoooooo taaaaaaatoooos alongside yet anooooooooother

Harmony: (singing) (Par-ty tattoo, par-ty tattoo, par-ty tattoo, par-ty party)
Melody: (singing) taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattoooooooooo

Harmony (singing) (Par-ty tattoo, par-ty tattoo, par-ty tattoos flex-ing, tattoos)
Melody: (singing) Sweeeeet taaaa-tooooos, nice and sweeeet skin-shiiiiiiiny

Harmony: (singing) (Flex-ping, keep them flex-ing, flexing ta-ttoos, flexing)
Melody: (singing) taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattoooooooooos

Harmony: (singing) (Ta-ttoos, showy show-y, showy show-y, showy show-y)
Melody: (singing) Fiiiiiiiive tattooooooooooos near my faaaaaaaaaaaace

Guilmon: (shouts) STOP!! STOP PLEASE!! (Anime tears) I can't take any more!

Tomino: But this is the best part. Right before Heero's beloved gets poisoned, everyone shows the tattoos around her face by force.


Takato: Guilmon's right! This is painful!!

Rika: And you're all off-key!

Hiram: Listen, buddy! You promised that pizzas were on the way! If they don't show up right now, you're gonna have a bunch of dead kids in your hands! Do you hear me?!

Tomino: (panics) Okay, okay, fine fine. What kind of pizzas do you want?

Hiram: (snaps) What kind do we want? (furiously) WHAT KIND DO WE WANT?!

Scratch: He hasn't even ordered the pizzas yet!

Tomino: You never even told me so how am I supposed to know what kind!

Scratch: You idiot!!

Tomino: Don't worry! They're coming! Not just two pizzas, there's, there's gonna be five! And they're gonna be huge! You won't believe it!

Scratch: Are you REALLY saying that or are you just gonna keep stalling us with your dumb fetish?

Grounder: Yeah! Don't distract us with vegetables!

Scratch: (frown) "Fetish", not "radish".

Piedmon: (snaps) That's it! I'm pulling my Trumph Swords on him!!

Jack: (frowns) Don't bother. His life isn't worth killing, Piedmon.

Coconuts: I think we stayed quite enough. Come on, we're leaving!

He yelped, noticing the group departing.

Tomino: Wait, I haven't told you what happens yet!

Coconuts: We don't care anymore. Hell, I don't even remember what we are even doing here in the first place!

Rika: Yeah, you wasted our time, jerk!

He watched them depart, looking worried.

Tomino: Please stay! I get lonely!

Hiram: NO! (points) Black Friday is about to happen in Tokyo, and my friends and I have to be the first ones inside the mall to get whatever the crap machines they're SUPPOSE to get while I get myself weapons to kill the ****ing Nutcracker, even if it kills me!!!

Tomino: (realizes) Well why didn't you say so? I can help with that.

Henry: What do you mean?

Tomino: I'll make some calls. I know a way to make sure you're completely prepared for Black Friday!

Hiram: Does it involve tattoos?

Tomino: Even better!

He snatched the phone before Guilmon grinned.

Guilmon: Good work on bluffing about the Nutcracker.

Hiram: Who's bluffing? I'm serious about killing that guy!

MetalSeadramon: Good, because I would've killed THIS guy who kept stalling us myself if he kept us here any longer.

Back at the Team Spicer HQ, the familiar Retranox supporters looked at Varrick and his crew approaching Haruka and Michiru.

Varrick: For supporting the Retranox KEGA, everyone, thank you very much.

Assistant: We have a gift to give to you.

Haruka: Hmmm? What gift?

Varrick: A special kind of power...the power of a prince!

Haruka: What?

Assistant: He offers you this gift to once and for all make you an official Prince, and to give you the powers you need to win this war on Black Friday.

Rigby: Is it a monkey paw?

Varrick: (dryly) No. Those things don't even exist.

Rigby: Aw turds. I was hoping to have a Monkey's Paw like in Miss Scary's story she wrote.

The group watched, noticing a brooch of a sort from the box the bowing Varrick held before Haruka walked slowly to it, looking cautious.

Varrick: From no will be the master of life and death, Prince Haruka!

Rigby: (gasps) He's going to give her the Horror's Hand! Run!

Mordecai: (annoyed) No, it isn't a hand. Stop that.

Hotaru: Besides, it was sealed in Grim's trunk.

Rigby: Oh yeah, the Horror's Hand bit you told us about.

Haruka: So this helps me become a Prince?

Varrick: That's correct.

She took the brooch before the brooch started glowing.

Michiru: (shocked) Haruka?

Haruka: What the-?! Is this some sort of trick?!

Varrick: I don't know! I was just told to give this to you to make you a prince!


Mordecai: Dude, how would you even know that?

Rigby: Hey, three time's the charm!

Muscle Man: Lame, it's probably just some-

The female screamed, being engulfed by what appeared to be dark glowing ribbons with Michiru gasping.

Michiru: Haruka, what-

She touched the ribboned Haruka, yelping as she was engulfed. Afterward, the group winced as a huge black flash was shown. When the flash was gone, everyone turned, noticing at where the two were standing, noticing the two wearing peculiar prince and princess outfits, though none of them noticed dark glowing red eyes.

Rigby: (grins) Dude, you...look...AWESOME!!

Mordecai: Not the word I would've used.

Muscle Man: She looks like a dude.

Rigby: A really hot one. No wonder girls like to be near her!

Mr. Scatterbrain: And the princess isn't as bad looking either!

Rigby: We'll totally win for sure!

Mr. Scatterbrain: (grins) And I like the dark glowing red eyes.

Mordecai: Don't be silly. Princes and princesses don't got glowing red eyes.

Rigby: Unless something evil's going on.

All while the two glaring ones looked seriously at the crowd looking amazed, having a dark aura around themselves. Back at the Nakayoshi Mall, the familiar crowd continued to slowly march toward the mall in Walking Dead zombie-like manor. As that happened, the guards with familiar crew watched with fear.

Random Guard: Oh God. We're done for!

Fidget: Yeah! They're all Walking Dead-like here!

All while Sylvia turned away with a serious look.

Sylvia: My friends, the time is almost here. Let us face these shoppers with the bravery of those mall security officers before us.

Tidus: AKA, we're screwed.

Shego: (dryly) Great, with Sylvia's skills, we're all gonna die...AGAIN!!

Just then, the phone was heard before the leader picked it up.

Sylvia: This is Captain Sylvia Zoi speaking.

Kite's Voice: (sounds concerned) Captain, they're doing it again!

Sylvia: (shocked) They're what?

Kite's Voice: They're gonna change percentage, but also...

Drakken: (to Shego) I say we bail the first sign they try to get in.

Sylvia: (gasps) THEY'RE GONNA WHAT?! Holy crap!! Why are they doing this?!

Drakken: Doing what?

Outside the mall, as the shoppers began heading closer to the parking lot, Yuki looked seriously. As she spoke next, two workers were placing up a banner.

Yuki: (stereotype voice) Friends, we have breaking news from the Nakayoshi Mall. In an effort to make sure everyone is prepared, the mall has decided to push Black Friday by one week!

The crowd stopped, turning as they heard it.

Crowd: (randomly) Aw! What? What the hell!

Then, the banner was changed to match the week later date.

Yuki: The genius idea was proposed by Yoshiyuki Tomino, who also suggested "Piss off, let's push Thanksgiving to next week." For pushing the date, the mall is now reducing Black Friday prices to 96% off to the first hundred people inside the mall!

The crowd gasped in shock before growling, fighting one another.

Yuki: (grins evilly) This is going to be a huge big bloodbath, friends. There will be medical tents, ambulanaces, face-painting, no doubt a lot of people you know and love are going to die!

All while a furious angry old man screeched like a dragon, holding the flyer marked "96% Off".

Shego: Damn, close one. Uh by the way, Fidget, that reminds me, wouldn't that reptile that everyone dislikes know what's going on?

Fidget: The Phage is doing his own investigation, plus he DID say something about looking into what's causing everyone to go ballistic and use that on the tickets for the turkeys he's rounding up.

Drakken: Sooo...we got 2 weeks then and off for real? WHOO HOO!! 2 week weekend!

Shego: Oh, BTW, no pay.

Drakken: D'OH!

Fidget: Aw crap! Still...

As he spoke next, it showed the dark-glaring prince and princess ordering the soldiers, Daffy looking confused as Dogbert was talking with his army, the guards looked at the crowd fighting, and the Phage with a bag of turkeys while holding tickets of a sort with the same dark aura from where two consoles nearby the serpent at the store window were.

Fidget: How the hell will we get out of THIS mess?

Finally, the scenes froze.

To Be Continued...

(ED: I Am Sailor Moon by Peach Hips)
KNS: A Song of Darkness and Brimstone 3
As Dogbert manipulates Daffy and Tomino finally compromises, Haruka and Michiru are made prince and princess (though with a dark secret) and the date for the Black Friday release gets changed! To be continued...


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Favourite style of art: Anime mixed with Toon style
Favourite cartoon character: Maximus IQ, Delete, Sailor Moon, Bubbles, Courage, Psycho, Greasy, Nack, Rouge, Batula, and 2 many!


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Send this to ten friends including me.
I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
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