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Atomic Betty - Beatrixo and Betty by gata20
by gata20

Okay, now I can see how this works. Still wonderful job on your art. The art looks wonderfully done here after all. Augh, I don't know ...

To gata20: You mean like this?

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A/N: After so long of not doing these Bjemail fanmade stories, I decided to do at least one for Valentine's. Hope you like it.

Bjemail: date

At a familiar computer room, the koopa kid was typing his sbemail while mimicking his typing.

Bowser Jr.: Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tep...(hits enter) tick.

Just then, the email popped up.

Bowser Jr.: (reading) "Dear Junior, Here's a question for ya. What do you think happens when Bump and Calamity go on a date? Dyn-o-MITE! Austin...uh, and the state Austin's in."

He began typing as he spoke.

Bowser Jr.: (typing) You know I've done a lotta thinking on the subject. And yes, Austin, you guessed it, it gimme the jibblies.

He made a barf-looking face, looking disgusted.

Bowser Jr.: So in order to watch from a proper, safe distance I made up the...

He placed an a> prompt, typing in run bsracerdsxr.exe as he continued.

Bowser Jr.: Bumpstar & Calamity Extra Real Dating Sim XR!

The game's title appeared on the screen.

Bowser Jr.: Using the most state-of-the-art polygoniest technologies, we can see what an actual date with Calamity and Bump would be like without the risk of personal injury. Or vomiting. I think it would go a little something...a-like-a-dis-a.

It showed heavy 3D polygon images of the two, clicking on each one marked "Duh!, Buh!, Fuh! and ???".

Game Miss Calamity: Duh!

Game Mr. Bump: Fuh! Duh! Duh!

Game Miss Calamity: Buh! Duh! Fuh! Bowser is on point.

Game Mr. Bump: Fuh!

He exited the program while continuing.

Bowser Jr.: So that gives you a pretty good idea of the lurking horrors. But to really experience it firsthand we'd need to, like, get Garfield to hide some kinda hidden camera, you know, in, maybe, that marshmallow place they always go to. So, we did. Let's check it out!

Then, the TV screen shown nearby was turned on, showing the familiar figures at the familiar place.

Miss Chatterbox: I just love marshmallows, don't you Mr. Grumpy? I mean I can eat a couple of them, but not too much or else I'm gonna have some sticking into my hair. AND I'll probably unfortunately have to get part of it cut and it's gonna look awkward.

Mr. Grumpy: (annoyed) Someone start a conversation before I get more annoyed.

Mr. Bump: Okay, okay, okay! Let's play again! What do you think I'll say next? Sid Hoffman, or Sid Frenchman?

Miss Calamity: This is the dumbest game we've ever played.

Mr. Bump: Aw, c'mon! You're just being sore because you're all losin'.

Miss Calamity: (sighs) Okay, I'll go with Sid Hoffman.

Mr. Bump: Sid Hoffffff...frenchman! Sorry! (smirks) You lose again. I said Sid Frenchman.

Miss Calamity: (frowns) Bump, you said Sid Hoffrenchman. That was not even a choice.

Bowser Jr.: (annoyed) Oh, jeez. I don't think I can handle much more of this.

He turned green, turning away as he took out the remote.

Bowser Jr.: Gotta change it, quick! Let's see what else we got on the tube.

The TV changed to Camera 2, where it showed Larry getting punched near where the camera was, with a familiar voice growling and grunting. As he spoked, he kept getting punched and getting lumps.

Low: (punched) Ow! (punched) Please! (punched) Quit! (punched) Punching! (punched twice) Me-in-the-face! (punched five times) Since when did you start wearing a class ring?

Bowser Jr.: Oh, beautiful!

Larry: With a camera in it?

Bowser Jr.: (smirks) Nice work, big bro! He-he-he-he. What else is on?

The TV then showed Camera 3, which showed the familiar makeshift Koopa Kingdom.

Bowser Jr.: Everything seems to be in order in the Koopa-

Just then, Garfield walked to the area, looking around.

Bowser Jr.: (grins) Oh! Perfect timing. Check out my security counter-measures.

He touched the tire, screaming as electricity surged on him.


The creature looked miffled before a prop of a sort sprung up.

Garfield: (horrified) AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

He dashed away quickly.

Bowser Jr.: Muwahaha! Look at the little guy run! Garfield totally freaks out whenever he sees that prop I made.

It then turned to Camera 1 once more, where Mr. Bump was kicking Miss Calamity in the shins.

Mr. Bump: Hey, Miss C, can you feel that?

Miss Calamity: (wincing) Yeahh...

Mr. Bump: What is that?

Miss Calamity: Well, you're kicking me in the shins.

Mr. Bump: Oh, I think I'd remember something like that.

He kept kicking a bit.

Mr. Grumpy: (annoyed) Is this meal time going anywhere? I wanna go home and watch my shows!

Miss Chatterbox: I'm sure it'll go somewhere.

The bandaged Mr. Man picked up his cup.

Bowser Jr.: Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys. We also switched Mr. Bump's gourmet coffee with Super Mud!

He took a sip of the "coffee", immediately spitting it all over Miss Calamity's face while still kicking her shins.

Bowser Jr.: Whoa-ho-ho! (smirks) That's great!

He then turned back to his computer once more.

Bowser Jr.: (typing) Miss C's gotta face fulla super mud and I'm feelin' fine. The Paper, would you bring this fine email to a close?

Some familiar paper came down as he continued.

Bowser Jr.: (still typing) I gotta go reset that bear-shark. You guys can play that game if you guys want.

He typed "a> run bsracerdsxr.exe" on the computer, then left. As hands were playing the familiar dating simulator, the familiar stand was shown with Mr. Bump shouting.

Mr. Bump: Chun king! Chun king!

Miss Calamity: Mr. Bump...

Mr. Bump: Chun king! Chun king!

Mr. Grumpy: Bump, what are you doing?

Mr. Bump: Chun king! Chun king! Chun king! Chun king! Chun king!

Mr. Grumpy: (simultaneously) Stop it. You're getting on my nerves.

Mr. Bump: (frowns) I'm trying to order the chun king.

Miss Chatterbox: Uh I don't know if they serve that here.

Bjemail: date
Bowser Jr. shows what happens when the date of Mr. Bump, Miss Calamity, Miss Chatterbox, and Mr. Grumpy commences.
A/N: This Banjo the Pooh story takes place before and during Nack & Psycho: Tonight We Lust.

(OP: Be Strong by Yazumi Kana)

"Banjo-Kazooie's Un-Valentine's Day"

Inside Mr. Fussy's house, in Spiral Acre Woods, the familiar figures were sitting down in their chairs, waiting a bit.

Mac: My goodness, what's this all about?

Mr. Nervous: (shivers) I hope it's nothing b-b-bad.

Kazooie: (annoyed) Does sitting next to Goggles count as bad?

Hobbes: I can touch my nose.

Banjo: (sighs) Oh bother, Kazooie.

However, Mr. Fussy banged the gavel.

Mr. Fussy: Please, quiet! Cease! Desist! Quiet down, everyone. I called this meeting for a very good reason.

Mr. Messy: (panics) NOOOOO! You can't get rid of my roomie in my house! He hasn't even gone outside.

Mr. Fussy: (annoyed) No, we're not talking about you getting rid of the GMP.

Mr. Messy: That's a relief.

Mr. Fussy: (glares) But you SHOULD one of these days!

Mr. Messy: Come on!!

Mr. Grumpy: (frowns) Fussy's right for once! (bangs the gavel) It's that time of year again.

Banjo: (gasps) Oh bother! Not that time of year already! Uh...exactly what "that time of year" is it?

Bottles: Is it the annual dirt collecting festival?

Mr. Scatterbrain: Oh! Oh! Is it "Get Stuck in Candy for a Conest" Day?

Mr. Tickle: Is it Tickling Day?

Br'er Bear: Ah done thought it was the Honey Collectin' Day. (groans) 'Dem bee stings smart!

Mr. Bump: Make a Gookie Day?

He bloated his face a bit.

Bowser Jr.: Is it the day when we make Yarn Yoshi versions of ourselves that make us look ridiculous? (pauses) And please say "no". Miss Calamity had that idea.

Mr. Bump: Oh, I know! It's to spin the Wheel of Morality!

Mr. Grumpy: Oh Crooked Cucumbers! (snaps) It's Valentine's Day!

Most gasp in a bit of shock.

Mr. Bump: Ooooooh, that fiasco. Bowser hates it too.

Mr. Fussy: (nods) Thank you, Mr. Grumpy. (to the crowd) We must avoid the terrible fiasco that took place last year.

Hobbes: (hops near them) Absolutly posituvily, Fussy! (leans to him) But just one thing...what terrible fiasco are we talking about?

Mr. Fussy: (sighs) Hobbes...allow me to refresh your memory...(sighs) and I just had this floor cleaned too.

He went to his closet, opening it. Just then, many valentines spilled onto the group, whom yelped a bit.

Mr. Fussy: Too many cards were given last year. 10 Zillion Valentines is more than anyone or animal can use!

Bowser Jr.: I thought it was because you and Mr. Grumpy hate all that "lovey dovey" crud like Nack and Psycho do every Valentines, despite them having girlfriends and them trying to avoid Valentines tomorrow by going fishing.

Noctowl: Oh my, they were all about, weren't they?

Bottles: That's right, they stocked up my tunnels. And my wife got mad and blamed me for it.

Tosh: And they separated us for the day, so badly, Mac was traumatized.

He pointed to Mac cradling himself on the floor, wobbling a bit.

Mac: (fearfully) The horror, the horror!

Hobbes spitted some of the cards on himself out of his mouth after peeking from the pile of cards.

Hobbes: Ick, my house was a terrible mess. Why I couldn't even find it. (pauses) Uh has anybody seen it lately?

The cards were snatched from Hobbes' head.

Mr. Fussy: And most of the blame can be placed in just one of us! A certain bear who shall remain nameless but who's initials are Banjo the Pooh!

A few glanced at the worried younger bear.

Banjo: Hey, Grandpa and Grandma helped out!

Br'er Bear: (ponders) 'dat sounds quite familiar...but Ah can't quite place 'de face.

Br'er Fox: (frowns) Ya got no idea what he's on 'bout, do ya?

Mr. Fussy: (looks at Banjo) Whenever anyone gave him one valentine, he responded with 3!

Bottles: Hmph, I had 40 bushels.

Noctowl: I only received 200,000 in the east.

Mr. Scatterbrain: Hey, you got the most last year! (shouts) We have a winner!!

Hobbes: Oh yeah? (jumping) Ha-ha-ha. Well I even got a quad-zillion and one! Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!! (ponders) Uh I wonder how many that is.

Mr. Tickle: No, I think Hobbes has Noctowl beat.

Mr. Grumpy: (face palms) This isn't a Valentine contest, you dodos!

Banjo: Well now that that's solved, shouldn't we get down to important matters?

Kazooie: Like putting Grandpa Br'er Bear's hyperactive friend in therapy 'til he admits he's got a problem when it comes to chasing Br'er Rabbit?

Br'er Fox: (snaps) NO!!

Mr. Tickle: Like growing veggies like Bushroot did all over New York overnight one time when he was revived and decided to stay in New York?

Mr. Fussy: No! All those plants and vines he grew over the entire city were a hazzard! There were bugs that tried to eat me!!

Mr. Scatterbrain: Like giving Valentines?

Mr. Grumpy: D'oh! You're not getting it at all, are you?

Mr. Fussy: (sighs) I'm sorry, but you and your friends must learn to control yourselves.

Banjo: (chuckles) But we can't help it. And besides, my family and I just like to show how much we care.

He picked one of the cards up on the ground.

Banjo: In fact, (gives it to Bowser) Happy Valentine's Day, Bowser.

Bowser: (sweatdrops) I rather get none instead of too many from you at least!

Mr. Fussy: (groans) It's hopeless. Mr. Tickle, Mr. Scatterbrain, Mr. Bump, Banjo and Br'er Bear, I'm afraid there's one thing left to do.

Banjo: You're going to give me a valentine?! (grins) Oh thanks.

Br'er Fox: (anger mark) Enough 'wit 'de valentine!!

Mr. Fussy: We must cancel Valentine's Day.

Some: What?!

Hobbes: (gasps) Really?!

Easter Bunny: (shocked) Oh my.

EB: Golly!

Mr. Nervous: (gasps) Oh dear!

Banjo: (horrified) No! Cancel Valentine's Day?!

Mr. Bump: But why?! Is it because you, Bowser, Jr., and Mr. Grumpy don't have girlfriends?

Bowser: Hey, I got a girlfriend! (pause) She's just...isn't around...right now.

Mr. Bump: Grumpy has a girl!

Mr. Grumpy: (blushing) I do not!

Kazooie: Fox Boy use to have a girlfriend before she dumped him, right?

Br'er Fox: Gah! Shut up! Ya don't talk 'bout me deceased gal like 'dat!

Bowser Jr.: What about Bat Squirrel or Tron? Neither of them got their OWN valentines and the one Bat Squirrel has eyes on is currently busy that day with her OWN boyfriend!

Bowser: That reminds me, why ain't Calamity here anyway to give you yours, despite this meeting to be against it?

Mr. Bump: Miss Calamity broke up with me yesterday.

Bowser Jr.: So? She does that and she always get back to you like glue!

Mr. Bump: (sadly) Sadly, not before Valentine's Day is over.

Banjo only slumped sadly back to his chair with Mr. Nervous patting his friend.

Mr. Fussy: I'm sorry, but there's no other way. Miss Calamity also agreed when I talked to her about it earlier. The situation calls for drastic measures. We should follow the example set by Donkey last year.

Mr. Nervous: But Donkey didn't send any last year.

Miss Scary: Exactly! How am I suppose to send my cards now?

Mr. Nervous: Uh not to be negative, Miss Scary, but you and Miss Naughty giving the valentines that you both made were terrifying!!

Miss Scary: Exactly! How can I celebrate Valentine's Day without a little fear put into it?

Mr. Grumpy: Trust me, this way nobody's feelings will be hurt. Not to mention we can get a little privacy. AND (slams his fist) nobody will be buried with unwanted cards.

One of the cards that flew from the table was swatted away.

Mr. Fussy: (nods) Now I want everyone to promise that not even a teeny tiny valentine gift will be given.

Easter Bunny: (sighs) Oh all right.

EB: Me too. Me too.

Gophers: Certainly!

Banjo: (groans) Oh bother.

Br'er Bear: But Ah like givin' valentines! 'Specially 'ta me wife!

Banjo: I know!

Kazooie: Trust me, it's for the best.

Br'er Bear: Shoot, yew don't know what's best if it break your tail feathers!

Mr. Fussy: It's official then: Valentine's Day is canceled.

Later, Banjo was humming a bit while cleaning the comb pots, hanging one of them in the laundry line with Kazooie glancing.

Kazooie: Honestly, why do you even clean those stupid pots anyway?

Just then, the two heard knocking.

Banjo: Now who could that be?

The door opened up before Banjo looked around, then gasped as he saw a honeycomb set with a ribbon tied on top of it, delighting him.

Banjo: Oh my gosh! A Valentine gift for me?

Kazooie: (concerned) Uh Banjo-?

Banjo: Oh my gosh. Someone broke their promise. (ponders) Hmmm, I'm quite certain it wasn't me or you. Besides, I would remember either of us giving ourselves a gift as wonderful as this.

Kazooie: It may be your grandpa that did it. Or maybe even May or Max. (dryly) Heck, maybe it's one of the Babylon Rogues that sent us that?

Banjo: Oh don't be silly. If Storm was interested in you, he would've told you.

Kazooie only shuddered with Banjo taking his gift.

Banjo: Unless of course I did it when I wasn't around.

Kazooie: (flatly) What? (face palms) Ugh, dang it, Banjo!

Banjo only bit one of the honeycombs, smiling a bit in delight.

Banjo: Yum...if it was grandpa, he's write "For Grandpa" instead of "From Grandpa". He usually gets those mixed up. I think this might be from my best friend, Mr. Nervous. (chuckles) He really shouldn't have, but I'm glad he did.

He began leaving with the bear taking the bird in bag.

Banjo: Let's give him something as wonderful in return. (grins) Perhaps some honeycombs. (pauses) But uh, we better not tell anyone. (looks around) Including you and me.

He leaned to his friend a bit.

Banjo: (whispers) I've been known to never keeping a secret, you know.

Kazooie: (sarcastically) Right, and I'm sure I can.

At Mr. Nervous' house, the door was knocked as Mr. Nervous, yelping a bit in fear, went to the door before gulping. He opened it, then noticed Banjo and Kazooie nearby.

Mr. Nervous: Banjo, Kazooie. You got me in a bad time. Miss Calamity, Miss Scary, and I were pulling bee stings off of Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear and-

Banjo: (frowns) Oh come off it. You promised not to do it.

Kazooie, having the bag opened with honeycombs sticking out, kept trying to push the combs back in.

Mr. Nervous: What?! (fearfully) Ooooh, I'm sorry, Banjo. I promise not to do it again! I'll never take Miss Naughty's advice about that string pulling on you two that got you both pulled apart one time!!

Banjo: (confused) What?

Kazooie: (glares) And what the heck do you mean by that?

Mr. Nervous: (sweatdrops) Oh uh nothing. Nothing important. Uh...wait, what DID I do?

Banjo: (grins) You gave a bag full of honeycombs as a valentine gift.

Mr. Nervous: Huh? I did?

Banjo: (seriously) And if you ever do such a thing again, I shall have no choice but to...(smiles) thank you again.

He showed a bag to him.

Banjo: Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Nervous.

The bag of few remaining combs were given with Mr. Nervous even more confused.

Banjo: Sorry there's a couple missing, but it WAS a long trip.

Mr. Nervous: Um...thanks, Banjo. (pushes it) But I can't keep it.

Banjo: What?! Why not?

Mr. Nervous: (sadly) Because I didn't get you anything. (sniffs) You, my best friend.

Kazooie: Dum, dum, dum!

Banjo: Oh that's okay, Mr. Nervous.

He gave the bag to him.

Banjo: Keep it anyway. (whispers) Only please don't tell anyone about it, especially my grandpa and his fox friend.

As Banjo and the annoyed Kazooie departed, as Mr. Nervous glanced at his gift, the familiar fox with bee stings, older bear with bee stings, and two shape humans pulling the needles watched.

Br'er Fox: He done know we is right 'ere, ya know!

Mr. Nervous: Um...

Miss Scary: What the heck is wrong with that guy!? We're not suppose to be giving valentines.

Miss Calamity: (sighs) I know, but Banjo DID go through the trouble of letting Mr. Nervous have one.

All while with Banjo, he and Kazooie began departing before the bear realized.

Banjo: Oh bother! If the honeycombs weren't from my best friend, Mr. Nervous, then from what friend was it from? (scratches his head) I never remembered Valentine's Day to be so confusing.

Kazooie: Tell me about it. This is the one time of year we SHOULD have done like Nack and Psycho did this morning and just avoid all those annoying Valentine people.

Banjo: It doesn't matter. (punches his fist) We must find the real Valentine giver and give him a piece of our minds...and a valentine.

Finally, the two departed with Mr. Nervous' group, the Southerners in bandages, watching them go.

Mr. Nervous: (shivers) Oh dear. Now I have to make Banjo a valentine.

Miss Calamity: Mr. Nervous, no! We made a deal.

Mr. Nervous: But that would break his heart if I don't give him one. And Kazooie will think I'm an ungrateful Mr. Man!

Miss Calamity: At least be glad it isn't Junior!

Miss Scary: Or LOG.

Br'er Bear: (confused) Who's LOG?

Br'er Fox: Long story.

Mr. Nervous: Still, I hope Mr. Fussy and Mr. Grumpy don't find out about this. (shivers) Oh dear, oh d-d-dear.

Miss Scary: Not to worry. If they ever do, I got the perfect valentines for them.

Br'er Bear: Like 'dat fake heart 'dat looked like a real scary one ya got it fro' Biology Class?

Miss Scary: Ha! Ha Ha! That was funny, huh?

Meanwhile, out in the woods, EB with his father were hopping around with the two noticing, stopping as they saw Banjo dressed as a mailbox.

EB: (grins) Dad, isn't that Banjo?

He pointed to the bear.

Easter Bunny: Now son, it isn't polite to point OR bother someone when they're pretending to be a mailbox.

EB: But he looks so silly.

Banjo: A mailbox for secret valentines only, if you please.

Kazooie peeked from the back, looking annoyed at the rabbits chuckling.

Kazooie: (annoyed) Go ahead. Laugh it up, fuzzballs.

EB's father winked to his chuckling son a bit before departing.

Banjo: Oh bother. My disguise doesn't seem to be working.

Kazooie: Told ya it was a dumb idea.

Banjo: Maybe I should've been a mailman.

Kazooie: And get us clawed by Garfield like Mr. Quiet does sometimes? No thank you!

When the two were far enough away, they looked back at the bear as mailbox looking down.

EB: Awww, I think the mailbox is sad, dad.

The two began departing.

Easter Bunny: Maybe a valentine would cheer those two up. Uh but don't tell either Mr. Fussy or Mr. Grumpy.

The duo sat on a log with Banjo pondering.

Banjo: Now think, think, think, think.

As that was happening, the familiar figures with Mr. Nervous holding a cake and Miss Calamity holding chocolate covered strawberries, unknowingly passed the two.

Mr. Nervous: Oh I do hope Banjo likes the valentine cake I made him. And I do hope no one sees me with it OR Miss Calamity with the strawberries.

Br'er Fox: Ya should've just made cards and hid it in us.

Miss Scary: Don't worry about mine. Mine's more terrifying.

Just then, the five heard a twig snap sound.

Mr. Nervous: (yelps) What was that?!

Just then, Hobbes pounced on the yelping Mr. Nervous as he laughed.

Hobbes: (grins) Hiya Nervous pal. What's up?

Mr. Nervous: Uh up?

The familiar cake was flung upward with the four noticing. As Hobbes got up with some familiar figures arriving, the girl quickly hid the candy strawberries in Br'er Fox's hat, though stopped when she tried to do the same to the bear, shivering a bit before quickly stuffing more in the fox's vest.

Hobbes: Yeah, you know: P-U "up".

Bowser Jr., near the dumb bear, held his nostrils as he frowned.

Bowser Jr.: (frowns) There's a "P-U" all right.

Mr. Nervous: (yelps) Uh-well it's nothing. Nothing important at all, although Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear were stung by bees earlier.

Mr. Bump: Again?

Miss Calamity: (frowns) This is what happens when a rabbit tricks him.

Mr. Nervous: And certainly not a cake or strawberries in chocolate. (yelps) Oooh! Did I say cake and strawberries? I mean aren't we late to count with Larry?

Hobbes: Uh late? Late for what?

Bowser: (frowns) Yeah, what's going on? And you know Larry doesn't have the time to count, let alone try to make a tai chi room! Ick!

Bowser Jr.: He could barely put up a pulse as it is!

Larry: (peeks from a tree) Now that's not true.

Miss Calamity: (quickly) Anyway, we must be late for something. Uh breakfast?

She began pushing some of them.

Hobbes: Aw, I had breakfast already, Miss C.

Bowser Jr.: Yeah, and we stole some from some stupid couples during the Valentine craziness.

Mr. Nervous: You well...can never have too many breakfasts. I always say.

Br'er Fox: He's right. We didn't eat none at all.

Br'er Bear: I is so hungry, Ah done could eat like Bat Squirrel. (pauses) By the way, where is he anyhow?

Mr. Bump: Oh, Nezz called earlier while trying to make a fake heart for a dead fish the President in Washington has. He mentioned something the holiday being too heartbreaking and a reminder about something. I forget what though.

Bowser Jr.: So what is he reminded of? Someone kicked the bucket?

Mr. Bump: Dunno, but Nezz is probably gonna check on him once she gives Nack and Psy their mission.

Bowser: Lucky them! All I have to worry about is a blond brat!

Mr. Bump: (frowns) Now that's not nice of you to talk to Miss Chatterbox like that.

Bowser: (anger mark) I was talking about the boy Namine has a crush on.

Mr. Bump: Key Rocker? Nah, he's probably into men.

A few looked awkwardly to him. Meanwhile, at Noctowl's treehouse, the Pokemon heard a whoosh noise before looking up, then was hit by a cake.

Noctowl: I say, how strange for snow to fall on such a clear day.

He wiped some of it off a bit.

Noctowl: Especially warm sweet snow.

He licked the icing on his wing, then tasted it a bit.

Noctowl: (grins) With raspberry hearts.

He removed it, then gasped, noticing the valentine marked "From Mr. Nervous" with the rest of the words flattened up a bit.

Noctowl: "From Mr. Nervous". Oh how nice. Mr. Nervous sent me a valentine cake.

He stood up from his chair, looking delighted.

Noctowl: Why I haven't been so moved since Uncle Ciel tried to teach me to fly by kicking me out of the nest. Unfortunately, I was still in my egg at the time.

The bird cleared his throat, putting the cake down on his chair.

Noctowl: I must recipercate Mr. Nervous' generous offering with a valentine of my own. (ponders) Uh secretly of course. I wonder, though...what does one get a very scared Mr. Man? (gasps) Ah yes, I know. A very small valentine.

He unknowingly tapped his chair, then went inside, slamming the door, causing the cake to fall down from the treehouse. Back with Mr. Bump's group, the gang walked together, though Miss Calamity was far behind from the bear walking with them.

Hobbes: (nods) Yeah. Icy cream sundaes and eggs sounds good.

Miss Scary: Ice cream sundaes?! For breakfast?!

Mr. Nervous, however, heard a whooshing noise, gasping as he looked at something falling.

Hobbes: Boy, what I could really use for breakfast is-

Just then, the cake hit Hobbes' head, making Mr. Nervous gasp in fear, screaming.

Mr. Nervous: AHHHH!! (darts off) Oh d-d-dear!!

Miss Scary: Get back here, Mr. Nervous! (following) We haven't even gone to Banjo's house to scare a "hi" to him and Kazooie!

Miss Calamity: (quickly) Uh wait up!!

The shape human females followed while Hobbes looked confused.

Hobbes: Huh? What's this?

He removed the cake on himself, then noticed a familiar feather on it, the other top part missing before the tiget chuckled with delight.

Br'er Bear: Hey, 'dat cake is-

Quickly, the fox hushed the dumb bear in worry.

Hobbes: (smiles) Guys, buddy bird got me a valentine cake.

He looked up at the house.

Hobbes: Well, I gotta give ol' featherduster something too. Uh but first...(looks around) I better get rid of this evidence before Fuss Fuss sees it.

Mr. Messy: Hey, good idea. (grins) Mind if we eat with you?

Hobbes: Sure.

Mr. Bump: (Chibi smiles) Yay!

Bowser: FINALLY!

Hobbes ate his piece as he chuckled while the two Southerners looked more concerned.

Br'er Bear: Uh should we tell 'em who REALLY made 'dat cake?

Br'er Fox: SHHH! No, they is gonna git suspicious. Now shut up an' help 'em eat the evidence a'fore they ask why we ain't eating.

Back in Mr. Fussy's, the neat Mr. Man with blue shape human struggled, trying to push the cards into the cabinet.

Mr. Fussy: Ungh...back! Back!!

The cabinet door was finally closed before he sighed.

Mr. Fussy: Ooooh there...finally. (sighs) And to be honest, perhaps we should've organized them first.

Mr. Grumpy: There's no time, Mr. Fussy. Not with all those noodle heads out in the city panicking and going around spreading all their cards around, especially the dateless.

Mr. Fussy: (pauses) You didn't think so when Miss Graceful was around.

Mr. Grumpy only looked down, shedding a single tear from his grumpy eyes.

Mr. Grumpy: (tries acting calm) Look, all you need to know is this: I would lose it if I see another annoying valentine, ESPECIALLY if it's a valentine tickle!

Mr. Fussy: At least we're not being asked to square dance with Mr. Scatterbrain.

Then, the two heard a knock on the door.

Mr. Fussy: (sighs) Who could that be?

The door opened up before the two gasped, noticing a new hat with a heart ribbon on it and a broom with valentine sticker on it.

Mr. Fussy: (shocked) For us? Gifts? (grins) Oh how nice.

Mr. Grumpy: (realizes) Oh Crooked Cucumbers! I know what these are! They're Valentines!!

Mr. Fussy: Mine doesn't say who it's from!!

Mr. Grumpy: (glancing) Mine does. This hat was picked by Miss Chatterbox!

Mr. Fussy: AHHHHH! Sweet Henrietta! Not again!

He quickly tossed the broom, accidentally opening the cabinet and spilling out the last year valentine cards.

Mr. Fussy: (worried) No, NO!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!

Both Mr. Men screamed before they were both buried by the letters with part of the house spilling the letters.

Mr. Grumpy: I know only a few people who's causing this! Chatterbox, Tickle, Scatterbrain and maybe...

Both: (shouting) BANJOOOOOOOOOO!!

A bit later, Mr. Nervous held a heart card marked "Happy Valentine's Day" as he grinned.

Mr. Nervous: Oh I do hope Banjo likes the valentine I got him.

Just then, the strong wind began blowing, making him yelp a bit.

Mr. Nervous: Gah! Oh d-d-dear. Maybe I should've given him candy like Miss Calamity was about to do.

Then, he yelped as the big card heart blew upward, making Mr. Nervous fly as he screamed in fear.

Mr. Nervous: AHHHHH! (panics) No-no-no-no!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!

All while Bottles with Mac, Tosh, Mr. Happy, Miss Sunshine, Mr. Small, Mr. Nosy, Mr. Tickle, Mr. Scatterbrain, and Miss Chatterbox were putting in valentine cards in the Banjo mailbox slot.

Mac: Okay, that's one for Banjo and one for Mr. Nervous.

Tosh: Oh and don't forget about our Freelance friends.

Miss Chatterbox: (giggles) I'm so excited about Valentine's Day. I mean it's one of my favorite holidays. Well pretty much next to Christmas and Easter. What with two of them being the most important. I mean can't have those holidays without it meaning something, right?

Bottles: I don't know, but-

Just then, the mole yelped when he was tapped by Noctowl whom was hiding valentine cards behind himself as the gophers yelped, noticing.

Mac: Uh we're not sending any valentines! Uh we're mail ordering for uh-

Tosh: We're ordering a ball painting carborator! Honest!!

Bottles: (panics) We're not sending nothing!

Miss Chatterbox: What are you talking about? You were clearly doing what we wanted to anyway and-

Noctowl: (shows some cards) And uh, I'm uh catching up on my corespondences.

He dumped his cards into the Banjo mail box. Lots of radishes, you know. Banjo, meanwhile, only grinned as he watched.

Banjo: (quietly) Oh good. My new and improved disguise is working.

Kazooie: (quietly) Bull! Honkey!

Just then, the Pokemon yelped as he heard Hobbes laughing, approaching with a cake with his friends arriving with valentine items.

Hobbes: (notices) Hey-hey-hey. (glances) What are you guys doing?

Noctowl & Bottles: (worried) Oh uh, well...we're not giving valentines.

Mac: Nope. Not us!

Tosh: Nuh-uh. No way.

Mr. Tickle & Mr. Scatterbrain: Ditto!

A pause then Hobbes looks confused.

Hobbes: "Ditto"?

Mr. Messy: Yeah, well it's a good thing we promised Mr. Fussy. Here, let me put that cake in the box.

He took the cake, slapping it in the slot before the mole, gophers, and Pokemon glanced at one another, then glanced at Hobbes & Mr. Messy. The two then realized, chuckling nervously.

Mr. Messy: (sweatdrops) He-he-he. That's to myself.

Hobbes: Same here.

Easter Bunny: (arriving) Excuse us.

The ones at the meeting yelped and quickly jumped to Noctowl, whom winced and fell when they clinged to him.

Easter Bunny: Now it's a secret.

He inserted some mail in the box with EB, noticing, smiling a bit.

EB: Gee Mr. Fussy and Mr. Grumpy, didn't you both bring a valentine too?

Mr. Fussy, however, frowned.

Mr. Grumpy: (face palms) Oh crooked cucumbers, what's going on here!?

Mr. Fussy: And just what the heck are you doing?!

They looked at one another with worry.

Banjo: Oh bother.

Miss Chatterbox: I'm still confused. We're just doing what we do every Feburary 14th, plus I made sure I have enough for everyone. Because I don't like having disappointed faces, you know.

Miss Scary's group finally arrived as she spoke.

Miss Scary: Hey, you guys seen Mr. Nervous?

Then, they heard the screaming Mr. Man before looking up, noticing the Mr. Man clinging to the big valentine that flew.


He flew passed them, causing cards to fly around as most ducked.

Miss Calamity: Yipes! What a calamity!

Finally, Mr. Fussy and Mr. Grumpy collided with Mr. Nervous and Mr. Bump, all four crashing to the ground as they groaned. Mr. Nervous peeked from his card, yelping a bit.

Mr. Nervous: (yelps) AHHH! Uh...Happy Valentine's Day, you guys?

The two gasped in shock.

Mr. Grumpy: (annoyed) That figures.

(End of Act 1)
Banjo-Kazooie's Un-Valentine's Day 1
This story takes place during Nack & Psycho: Tonight We Lust: Mr. Fussy, during a meeting, announces that there should be no more Valentines on Valentine's Day. However, when the day comes, Banjo and Kazooie receive a mysterious valentine and hilarity ensures.
For those that are wondering and those that keep up with the Kouja no Senshi series (main and side stories), I have decided to announce what upcoming KNS fanfic project I plan to do next month: A KNS version of Undertale. Be in mind that the following stuff I will state will be these:

1. This is only a what if story that fits into this series canon only. It is not going to be canon to the actual Undertale itself the way I and/or others will write it.
2. There will only be one run through (and 3 resets total for the Sans purpose) through this.
3. The world of Undertale is set in the Videoland Verse
4. Extra plot points WILL be explored as well as a couple of mysteries (at least this fanon canon wise story) would be solved.
5. The main route is going to be Pacifist, but there WILL be stuff from the Genocide vision in this as well
6. When this story gets done, the characters of Undertale from the timeline point onward will be used on occasion whenever a KNS main or side story fits whichever character works best with them
7. There will be obviously spoilers
8. A Sailor Moon character is going to be linked with Chara (so please don't be mad about it)
9. Some unsympathetic moments would be called out during the course of this story
and 10. Just enjoy the adaption version and no flaming it please.
An update to a previous couples journal that needs some updating. Well, here it is, and for those that have not seen my previous couples journal, here it is here:

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Chris/Elise (if Chris was older)
:heart:Shadow/Cream (when Cream becomes older)
Sonic/Fiona (Other-M (the webcomic) Version only)
:heart: Silver/Blaze
Tails/Zooey (Sonic Boom verse)

Final Fantasy:
Celes/Locke (FF6)
Cloud/Tifa (FF7)
Aerith/Cloud (FF7)
Zack/Aerith (FF7)
Squall/Rinoa (FF8)
Zidane/Garnet (FF9)
Tidus/Yuna (FF10 & 10-2)
Wakka/Lulu (FF10 & 10-2)

Chrono Trigger/Cross:

Mario Series:
Bowser/Peach (Blame good Bowser/Peach fics)

Taiora (Taichi/Sora) (Digimon)
Joumi (Jou/Mimi) (Digimon)
:heart:Takari (Takeru/Hikari) (Digimon & Digimon 02)
Kenyako (Ken/Miyako) (Digimon 02)
:love:Flamedramon/Weregarurumon (Digimon & Digimon 02) (first Yaoi ever)
Takato/Juri (Digimon Tamer)
Juri/Leomon (Digimon Tamer)
Sorato (Sora/Yamato) (Digimon)
Daiyako (Daisuke/Miyako) (Digimon 02)

Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask
:love:Sailor Uranus/Sailor Neptune
Sailor Mars/Yuuchiro (Chad)
Sailor Mercury/Ryo (Greg)
Sailor Jupiter/Motoki (Andrew) (PGSM Live Only)
Naru (Molly)/Umino (Melvin)
:heart:Nephrite/Naru (Molly)
Zoiscite/Kunzite (Malachite) (I don't care about Gender for either form for this pairing as long as it's done right)
Petz (Prisma)/Sapphir (Sapphire)

Mickey/Minnie (Classic Disney)
Donald/Daisy (Classic Disney)
Goofy/Sylvia (Extremely Goofy Movie)
Goofy/Clarabelle (Classic Disney)
Max/Roxanne (Goof Troop/Goofy Movie)
Jack/Sally (NBC)
Stitch/Angel (Lilo and Stitch)
:love:Jumba/Pleakly (Lilo and Stitch)
Lilo/Stitch (when Lilo's older) (Lilo and Stitch)
Roger/Jessica (WFRR)
:heart:Iago/Thundra (Aladdin)
Aladdin/Jasmine (Aladdin)
:heart:Banzai/Shenzi (Lion King)
Simba/Nala (Lion King)
Kiara/Kovu (Lion King)
Belle/Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Mowgli/Shantai (Jungle Book)
Baloo/Rebecca (Talespin)
Robin Hood/Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
Linguini/Colette (Ratatouille)
Ariel/Eric (Little Mermaid)
Will/Elizabeth (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Wall-E/Eve (Wall-E)
Sora/Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)
Roxas/Namine (Kingdom Hearts)
Axel/Larxene (Kingdom Hearts)
Phineas/Isabella (Phineas & Ferb)
Jeremy/Candace (Phineas & Ferb)
Kristoph/Anna (Frozen)
Felix/Calhourn (Wreck-It Ralph)
Brer Bear/Missus Bear (Brer Rabbit Comics)
Brer Rabbit/Molly (Brer Rabbit Comics)
Drakor/Demurra (Wander Over Yonder)
Anna/Kristoph (Frozen)
Eugene/Rapunzel (Tangled)

Atomic Betty:

Mr. Men Franchise:
Mr. Happy/Miss Sunshine
Mr. Noisy/Miss Chatterbox
Mr. Quiet/Miss Shy
Mr. Bump/Miss Calamity
Mr. Small/Miss Tiny
Mr. Nosy/Miss Curious
Mr. Bump/Miss Daredevil
:heart:Mr. Grumpy/Miss Chatterbox
Mr. Bounce/Miss Whoops
Mr. Rude/Miss Naughty

Matt/Jackie (Cyberchase)
Hacker/Wicked (Cyberchase)
Slider/Shari (Cyberchase)
Delete/Inez (Cyberchase)
Digit/Shari (Cyberchase)

DC Franchise:
Robin/Starfire (Teen Titans)
:heart:Beast Boy/Terra (Teen Titans)
Beast Boy/Raven (Teen Titans)
Cyborg/Jinx (Teen Titans)
Kid Flash/Jinx (Teen Titans)
Superman/Lois Lane (Superman)
Robin/Batgirl (Batman)
Joker/Harley Quinn (Batman)

WB/CN Franchise:
PepexPenelope (Looney Tunes)
Bugs/Lola (Looney Tunes/Space Jam)
Tweety/Awooga (Looney Tunes/Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries)
Porky/Petunia (Looney Tunes)
Daffy/Melissa (Looney Tunes)
Marvin/Ty'ranee (Looney Tunes/Duck Dodgers)
Sylvester/Mrs. Sylvester (Yellow Cat) (Looney Tunes)
Hans/Clara (Nutcracker Prince)
Danny/Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
Buster/Babs (Tiny Toons)
Plucky/Shirley (Tiny Toons)
Hampton/Fifi (Tiny Toons)
Loud/Charity (Histeria!)
Froggo/Aka (Histeria!)
Daffy/Tina (Looney Tunes Show)
Mordecai/Margaret (Regular Show)
Rigby/Eileen (Regular Show)
Muscle Man/Starla (Regular Show)
Benson/Audrey (Regular Show)
Jake/Lady Rainicorn (Adventure Time)
Gumball/Penny (Gumball)
Richard/Nicole (Gumball)
Jamie/Kiva (Megas XLR)
Mac/Goo (Fosters)
Herriman/Frankie (Fosters)
Mac/Frankie (If Mac was older) (Fosters)
Buttercup/Ace (PPG)
Professor/Ms Keane (PPG)
Miyako/Takashi (PPGZ)
:heart:Courage/Shirly (Courage)
Eustace/Muriel (Courage)
:heart:Wally/Kuki (KND)
Abby/Maurice (KND)
Nigel/Rachel (KND)
Hoagie/Abby (KND)
T-Bone/Felina (Swat Kats)
Razor/Callie (Swat Kats)
Mac/Molly (Swat Kats)
:love:Ruby/Sapphire (Steven Universe)
Steven/Connie (Steven Universe)
Greg/Rose Quartz (Steven Universe)

Total Drama Series:
UPDATE: Devin/Carrie
UPDATE: Noah/Emma

Grievous/Shaak Ti (Star Wars)
Anakin/Padame (Star Wars)
Anakin/Ahsoka (Star Wars)
Han/Leia (Star Wars)
Victor/Emily the Corpse Bride (Corpse Bride)
Victor/Victoria (Corpse Bride)
Neo/Trinity (Matrix)
Shrek/Fiona (Shrek)
Donkey/Dragon (Shrek)
Cat R. Waul/Tanya (An American Tail: Fievel Goes West)
Po/Tigress (Kung Fu Panda)
Justin/Mrs. Brisby (Secret of NIMH)
Timothy/Jenny (Secret of NIMH)
Tiger/Stella (Over the Hedge)
Nemo/Camille (Little Nemo)
Jonathan/Mavis (Hotel Transylvania)
Dracula/Martha (Hotel Transylvania)
Wayne/Wanda (Hotel Transylvania)

Other Anime:
Tenchi/Ryoko (Tenchi)
Tenchi/Ayeka (Tenchi)
Ryo-Ohki/Ken-ohki (Tenchi)
Spike/Julia (Cowboy Bebop)
Roger Smith/Dorothy (Big O)
Momiji/Kusanagi (Blue Seed)
Bulma/Vegeta (DBZ)
Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach)
Ichigo/Orohime (Bleach)
Uryu/Orohime (Bleach)
Alucard/Seras (Hellsing)
:love:Utena/Anthy (Utena)
:heart:Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha)
Miroku/Sango (Inuyasha)
Koga/Ayame (Inuyasha)
:heart:Seshomaru/Rin (Inuyasha)

Other Games:
Conker/Berri (Conker)
Alex/Luna (Lunar)
Leon/Sarah (Castlevania)
Samus/Ridley (I have to blame good fics featuring this pairing for this) (Metroid)
Dib/Tak (Zim)
Jessie/James (Pokemon)
Ash/Misty (Pokemon)
Ash/May (Pokemon)
Rufus/Goal (Deponia)
Capu/Shy (Edna & Harvey)
Peter/Petra (Edna & Harvey)
Plague Knight/Mona (Shovel Knight)

Other Shows:
Chuckie/Angelica (Rugrats/AGU)
Tommy/Kimi (Rugrats/AGU)
Tommy/Lil (Rugrats/AGU)
Harold/Nicole (Rugrats/AGU)
Underdog/Sweet Polly (Underdog)
Timmy/Trixie (FOP)
Cosmo/Wanda (FOP)

More to come one day...


Julie Riley
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Current Residence: East Texas (Close to Nacogdoches)
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop mostly
Favourite style of art: Anime mixed with Toon style
Favourite cartoon character: Maximus IQ, Delete, Sailor Moon, Bubbles, Courage, Psycho, Greasy, Nack, Rouge, Batula, and 2 many!


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