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(Act 3)

A bit later, as a tow truck pulled Skips' van out of the tree, the group (all whom survived) looked upset.

Benson: I hope you two are proud of yourselves. Look where your "scary stories" got us now!

Sakaki: Benson, calm down!

Osaka: She's right. It wasn't stories that got us into the mess. (points) It was Rigby and Bowser.

Rigby: Hey! Skips should've watched where he was going! Besides, Bowser started it.

Bowser: (to Benson) Hey, it wouldn't have happened if YOU, Benson, didn't ban story telling, asshole!

Benson: (furiously) JUST GET IN THE TOW TRUCK!

Rigby: Okay! Okay!

Bowser: Fine, asshole!!

They departed to the tow truck with Benson looking at the tow truck guy.

Benson: Listen, there's a party we need to get to, do you mind dropping us off?

Tow Truck Guy: No problem, chief.

A bit later, the truck headed down the road with the van being towed. After a few moments, the truck stopped, being stuck in a long line of traffic.

Rigby: This is going to take forever!

Tomo: Yeah, what the crap?!

Osaka: I'll be honest, even if we DIDN'T get lost, we woulda been late anyhow due to the traffic here.

Benson: (sighs) I KNEW I should've asked to check the road before we left.

Mr. Nervous: Um...I have an idea: Anyone got another story...but only IF it's a not-so-scary one?

Chiyo: Yeah-ah! A not-so-scary one is a good idea.

Benson: (frowns) Are you kidding me? We just got in an accident, Pops is scared half to death, and you want to tell more stories?!

Mr. Nervous: (yelps) I said "Not-so-scary"! The others were terrifying and I'm trying to find a positive side to all of this, okay?!

Pops: Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing one more tale.

Muscle Man: Yeah, they've been pretty good.

Thomas: I'm down.

Skips: It would be nice to hear one while I'm not driving.

Rigby: See, Benson, even Skips wants to hear one!

All (but Benson): (randomly) Come on! Please! I want one! Let's hear one! I'm so desperate! Stories! Stories!

Benson: (frowns) Ugh! Okay! Okay! Okay! Fine! You all just have to hear one more story? Fine!

Miss Scary: I got an idea suggestion for you, Mr. Nervous: Frankenstein!

Mr. Nervous: (panics) AHHH! Now I don't feel like it!

Benson: I wasn't finished, Miss Scary. I said we'll hear one more, but this time I'm telling the story!

Rigby: Aw, what?

Mr. Nervous: Good idea! I don't feel like telling one anymore!!

Benson: Anyway...

Rigby: Wait, does it involve monkeys?

Benson: (turning red) NO!

Rigby: Okay, go on!

Some: (annoyed) Fine.

Benson: Now pay attention, you just might learn something.

Peter: (to the camera) Everyone, brace yourselves. This is probably one of Benson's character bashing stories getting involved.

Benson: (annoyed) Who are you talking to? Weirdo.

(Segment 3: Wallpaper Man)

At the familiar park house, the room to Mordecai and Rigby's opened with the duo and friends laughing.

Rigby: Pickles. He-he-he.

Hotaru: Yeah, that's funny.

Just then, Benson arrived, tossing wallpaper equipment to the group, almost hitting them.

Jack: Whoa, watch it!

Mordecai: What's all this?!

Benson: You guys are re-wallpapering the house today.

Mordecai: Aw, what?!

Rigby: Why?!

Benson: (points) Because of that!

He pointed to where the drawing of Rigby said "This job is like prison!" and a drawing of Mordecai was saying "I found a way out!" before a hole from the wallpaper was shown before chuckling was heard.

Rigby: Wait, how do you know it was us?! It could've been Puppetmon or Jack's doing.

Both: (frowns) What?!

MetalSeadramon: Well you two DO like to get in trouble too.

Mordecai: Come on. It could've been anyone else!

Benson frowns as he points to a drawing of the two showing their butts saying 'Benson Sucks Ass'.

Mordecai: (sweatdrop) Oh.

Benson groaned in annoyance.

Mordecai: Okay, okay, fine, we'll just patch up that one spot!

Hotaru: Won't it look very bad?

Jack: It's no problem...the lines are horizontal, right?

Some: Vertical.

Jack: Damn!

Benson: Besides, no, you can't, because that wallpaper is discontinued, so you gotta do the whole house with this new stuff so it all matches!

Rigby: But we don't even know how to wallpaper walls!

Hotaru: And besides, we don't even KNOW what kind of wallpaper you got us.

Benson angrily tossed the instructions to the eight.

Benson: Just follow the instructions, and make it nice or you're doing it over again.

Rigby: You didn't have to throw the equipment at us!

Benson: (departing) Yes, I did!

Hotaru: And me too?

Benson: (snaps) ESPECIALLY you!!

Finally, he was gone as Jack groaned.

Jack: Yeesh, what an ass!

Benson's Voice: I heard that!

Jack yelped, clutching to the annoyed Piedmon. A bit later, Rigby was reading the instructions before looking at the gang, whom were truggling with the wallpaper, which was falling off the wall while it looked badly.

Rigby: No, no, no! Step 5A: Smooth the glue paste BEFORE applying the paper, 5B: Smooth the paper and apply the glue paste.

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Rigby: Gah! I don't know, man! These don't make any sense.

Mordecai: Agh! I hate wallpapering!

Jack: Yeah, what the crap is the point?! It's like Mr. Fussy forcing us to do chores all over again!

Mordecai: Except we just tolerate Fussy. Benson is another story!

MetalSeadramon: Well this sucks! I just wish we could get someone else to do it.

To their notice, they saw the TV in the hallway turning on, showing an ad for anti-wallpapering.

Man: Do you hate wallpapering, trying to do it yourself, but the instructions just don't make sense?

Mordecai: (shocked) Did you turn on the TV?

Rigby: No.

Hotaru: Who brought the TV here?

Puppetmon: Not me this time!

They saw a man in overalls waving while in a nice living room.

Man: Hi. I'm Jan, the Wallpaper Man. I'm here to do away with all your wallpaper problems, and believe me, I've been there.

He was then shown holding wallpapers before dropping them to the ground.

Jan: Nobody likes wallpapering, not even me! I've just been doing it for over 40 years and have gotten pretty darn good at it, so let me deal with all the headaches for you.

Rigby: (dryly) Yeah if only we had a million bucks!

Jan: Now you're probably thinking "Yeah, if only we had a million bucks!" And normally, you'd be right!

They looked a bit stunned.

Jan: (grins) But with Jan the Wallpaper Man, the first job's free!!

All: Wwwhhhaatttt???

Jan: That's right. I'll wallpaper your whole house for free, but in return I only ask that for your next wallpaper job, you call old Jan here first.

All: Wow.

Jan: A free job for first dibs on your second job, now that sounds like a good deal, right!?

The phone number appeared below himself.

Jan: So call 555-01WALLPAPERMAN and I'll wallpaper your house, I really will!

Finally, the TV shut itself off just as Muscle Man arrived.

Muscle Man: Why is the TV in the hallway?

Machinedramon: I don't have a clue to even HOW it got from the living room to here!!

Rigby: Gah! The TV's possessed!

Mordecai: Hey Muscle Man, do you ever order stuff off the TV?

Muscle Man: Oh for sure! Especially if it's a local business. I once bought some sweet old-replica hand grenades from this old army dude off the TV, and it turns out they were the real deal!

Mordecai: What? No way!

Muscle Man: Remember when the shed exploded last week and I told you it was lightning?

Rigby: Yeah it wasn't even raining.

Muscle Man: Exactly. I'm getting a second shipment today. I'm telling you, local TV dudes always come through for you.

He walked backward from the group.

Hotaru: (pauses) Should we call him?

Mordecai: Maybe. I know Benson's credit card number!

Rigby: What? What was his credit number?

Mordecai: 12345!

Rigby: 12345? (frowns) That's the stupidest combination I've heard in my life! It sounds like something some idiot would put on his luggage!

Jack: (sweatdrops) Yeeeah.

Hotaru: But he said the first one's free.

Mordecai: It's just in case we want it redone.

Later, at the front of the house, the doorbell rang before the door opened with a familiar man waving.

Jan: Hi there. Jan the Wallpaper Man.

Mordecai: Oh great. Come in, Come in.

Jan: (entering) Well okay.

Mordecai: (limping oddly) Walk this way.

Jan: If I could walk that way, I wouldn't be in the wallpaper business.

Some: Augh.

After he entered, the man glanced at the area.

Piedmon: So this is it, you'll do the whole house, right?

Rigby: For free, right?

Jan: Yes, yes, the whole house for free.

Rigby: We don't even have to tip you?

He turned back, smiling a bit.

Jan: Nope, nope, nothing like that. I promise.

Mordecai: Ha ha, great.

Jan: And it's just you two here?

Hotaru: Ah, no, there bunch of people out of this place. Should we clear everyone out?

Jan: Oh, no, no, that's fine. I'll deal with them if I see them.

Mordecai: Well, we got some important video games to play. So we'll leave you to it.

Jack: Come on, I got the Smash Bros. game and Wii U upstairs!

Puppetmon: 8 Player Mode, here I come!

Quickly, the eight headed upstairs.

Jan: Okay, thank you, sirs and ma'am!

He then squinted his eyes suspiciously with a cruel grin.

Jan: (darkly) I'll be done in no time.

French Narrator: 3 Hours Later...

A bit later, the eight playing the game saw the Game Over screen.

Rigby: Augh!

Mordecai: Let's take a break.

Rigby: (wincing) I can't feel my thumbs.

Mordecai: (glares) That's because you're playing with your feet.

Rigby is shown playing with his feet.

Rigby: Hey, I find that I can play better this way.

Jack: I can't feel either of my body parts.

Hotaru: (sighs) Let's go check and see that wallpaper guy's done.

The group went outside the room, noticing the entire hallway with peculiar red striped with deep purple color.

Eight: Whoa!

Machinedramon: Nice!

Rigby: (touches the wallpaper) Check out this new wall shine.

Mordecai: (grins) Dude, this is the best idea we've ever had.

Rigby: Let's check out the rest of our house.

Jack nods as he opens a door, yelping as a bunch of junk fell on him.

Jack: Gah! Broom closet!

Jack pushes the stuff aside before closing the door.

Jack: (shrugs) Can't be right all the time.

Just then, they heard three familiar screams, being shocked.

Mordecai & Rigby: POPS!

Jack: Rika!

Hotaru: Renamon, too!

Quickly, they rushed to the staircase, which like almost everything else was covered by the same wallpaper then gasped, noticing the three mentioned being put underneath the wallpaper by Jan.

Pops: (panics) BAD SHOW! BAD SHOW! BAD SHOW!!

Rika: AGH!

Renamon: Stop this!!

Mordecai: (glares) Stop!

Jack: What the hell are you doing?

Jan turned toward them, hissing with his now sharp teeth and cat-like eyes, hopping to the wall and climbing around like a spider, exiting the room. Quickly, the eight hurried to the three stuck in wallpaper.

Mordecai: Are you okay?

Hotaru: (worried) What happened?

Jack: Piedmon, the sword!

The Digimon nodded, giving it to Jack before he sliced the paper, freeing the three trapped.

Pops: I don't know! I was just heading to the kitchen for an ice lolly when that man fell upon me.

Rika: We just got in and got jumped by that jerk!

They walked around the place, looking at everything with the same color of the wallpaper.

Rigby: This guy must be nuts!

Hotaru: I KNEW that ad was a bad sign!

Rigby: Yeah. "First one free?!" What does that even mean?!

Renamon: We gotta get him outta here before Benson sees-

Just then, the gang gasped, hearing Benson's scream.

Most: (shocked) Benson!!!

The gang quickly went down the hall, then gasped, noticing the entire area covered in wallpaper, which seem to lead off into the darkness, confusing a few of them.

Some: Huh?

Rigby: What did that guy do?

Renamon: What do you think, idiot?

Benson's Voice: HELP!!

Mordecai: Come on.

Quickly, the gang hurried down the hallway together.

Most: Benson!!!

They turned different corners before noticing the hallway splitting up to different directions.

Rika: Come on.

The group went down to one of the paths, though they stopped at a dead end.

Mordecai: Aaagh! We gotta go back. Go back!

They went back before heading to another direction, leading to another path. Afterward, they stopped, panting as they saw the path splitting in two with Mordecai looking at both directions. When he looked at one direction, he saw Jan scurrying past and laughing wickedly.

Mordecai: HEY!

They began heading down the path before hearing Benson's voice at the other direction.

Benson's Voice: Help!

Pops: Benson!!!

Hotaru: What do we do?

Mordecai: (to Rigby) Okay, you and Pops with Rika and Hotaru go find Benson. Jack and I'm going after the wallpaper man.

They darted off while Rigby's group headed to another direction.

Rigby: Come on, Pops.

With Mordecai's group, the six were in pursuit after the man crawling along the ceiling.

Mordecai: HEY! STOP!

Jack: Get back here, asshole!

With Rigby's group, they looked around the area in the hall.

Rigby: Benson?

Hotaru: Hello?

Pops: (worried) Oh, I don't like this at all.

Rika: (notices) Shh. Quiet, Pops.

They listened while looking at both directions.

Benson's Voice: Help!

Rigby: (shouts) Benson, we're coming!

They hurried down the hall. All while Mordecai's group kept chasing Jan. He finally stopped, hopping to the ground before all of a sudden, the walls opened up with him going through it. The wall closed and curved to the left.

Six: (shocked) Whoa...

They continued down the curved hall. All while Rigby's group kept running.

Rigby: We must be getting close.

Pops: Benson!!!

Just then, the group collided to one another.

Mordecai: What the...

Rigby: Aaagh! We're getting nowhere!

Jack: Yeah, it's like the Matrix and the Labyrinth combined without any musicals!

Pops: (gasps) Look!

He pointed to the wall which opened up to reveal another passageway while the other walls boxed the group at the sides.

Mordecai: I think it wants us to go this way. Come on.

After a few moments, they, with the girls reluctant, walked down the hall, though they noticed something wrong.

Pops: I think we're growing.

Mordecai: No. The hall's getting smaller.

Rigby then quickly grabs Rika and shakes her.

Rigby: And Rika's getting laaaaaaaarger!

Rika: (slaps him) Cut it out!

However, Piedmon felt the wall.

Piedmon: What the...? (frowns) It's an optical illusion. That's MY trick he's stealing!

MetalSeadramon: Go back.

However, when the group turned, they gasped, noticing the wall blocked with the panicked raccoon trying to find a way out.

Rigby: What? No, no, no! I can't stand small spaces!

Mordecai: Okay, just calm down.

Rigby: (panics) I need air! I can't breathe!

Rika: You can breathe. Don't panic!


The raccoon kept screaming, shoving everyone else.

Mordecai: Aw, stop!

Hotaru: Rigby!!!

The raccoon scratched the walls frantically before he ripped one of them right through the wallpaper house, falling to the ground and panting.

Mordecai: Whoa...

Benson's Voice: Help!

Mordecai: Hold on, Benson!

Renamon: (to the group) Come on, let's go.

Jack: Right, start tearing it up!

They started using their hands, tails, and weapons, breaking off pieces of wallpaper, going through each hall before finally breaking off the last one, showing a cavern of a sort.

Rigby: Are we still in the house?

Just then, they saw Benson, Skips, a delivery man, and what appeared to be Muscle Man tied up by wallpaper hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Benson: (snaps) Hey! Help!

Rigby: Whoa...

Jack: They've been cocooned!!

Rigby: (confused) Steve Guttenberg is in this?!

Rika: Are you guys okay?

Benson: (frowns) Do we LOOK okay? Hurry up and get us down from here.

Rigby: (notices) Who's that guy?

Delivery Guy: (worried) I was just trying to deliver a package to Mitch Sorrenstein. (crying) I don't wanna die!

He began sobbing.

MetalSeadramon: (scoffs) Whiner.

Mordecai: Don't worry! we'll get-

Just then, Jan jumped and appeared in front of the group, hissing menacingly.

Renamon: (glares) Let our friends go, and then get out of their house!!!

Machinedramon: Do it or we'll use the power of our acquaintaces' crest on you! THEN you'll be sorry!!

Just then, to their horror, a spideleg popped out of Jan, making them gasp. They looked horrified, noticing the clothing torn off, showing a spider body with the head instantly transforming into a spider's head with many eyes.

Most: AHHHH!!


Puppetmon: Oh great! And the spider haters ain't here to save us or help us whack that stupid thing!

The group gasped while Pops screeched with fear, being snatched by the spider before he was sprayed by the wallpaper, which was also silk, before he was hung on the ceiling as well.

Renamon: Quick, Rika, you have to-

Just then, the two owners were hit by the silk, wrapped up by the silk as well before being hung up.

Puppetmon: (sweatdrops) A little late for that.

Piedmon: That's it! (to the animals & Hotaru) Just throw everything you have at that thing! We'll fight 'til we drop!

The three non-powered ones nodded, chucking rocks at the spider, whom roared while it bounced and hit the spider. At that moment, one rock hit Benson.

Benson: (snaps) Watch it!

Hotaru: (worried) Sorry, Benson!

Renamon: Our turn! DIAMOND STAR!!

The diamond stars headed to Jan, whom used the silk, which blocked the attack.

Renamon: What?!

MetalSeadramon: This requires more power, like us, so stand back! RIVER OF-

Puppetmon: PUPPET-

Machinedramon: GIGA-

Piedmon: TRUMPH-

Just then, the five Digimon were wrapped around the silk before being flung to the ceiling.

Hotaru: NOOOO!!

The spider fired at the remaining three, whom dodged quickly. Mordecai tossed another rock at the bug, whom ducked. However, it hit the wrapped up Muscle Man, whom fell to the ground, then got up, freeing himself.

Muscle Man: Eeeyuh! I'm free. Eat on that, you eight-legged-

Just then, the spider leg pierced Muscle Man by the stomach as the bug roared at him with some bits of blood shown.

Muscle Man: (scoffs) Whatever. That didn't even hurt. If your job was to kill people, you'd probably get fired. Heh heh.

Just then, Muscle Man was lifted up as he noticed.

Muscle Man: Huh? Wha...? (glares) Hey! Don't even think about eating me, bro!

He screamed before Muscle Man was swallowed in one gulp.

Three: (gasps) Muscle Man!!!

Hotaru: (frightened) No...

Benson: Help us! What are you waiting for?

Hotaru: We're trying to find an opening AND its weakness!

They kept throwing rocks at it.

Hotaru: It's hard, Benson and we're at least TRYING!!

Then, one of the rocks hit where Skips was, freeing the yeti whom landed safely on the ground, though cracks were heard on his ankles, wincing.

Skips: My ankles!

Another rock hit where Pops was, freeing him, though he crashed to the ground.

Pops: Uhh...My arm...

Finally, Jack and Rika crashed to the ground, being free with more cracks heard.

Rika: ribs.

Jack: neck!

Benson: (dryly) Great rescue.

She frowned while another rock hit Benson's wrappings. However, the gumball man landed safely and unharmed.

Benson: You're gonna kill us before that spider gets the chance.

Hotaru: (glares) At least we WERE aiming at him!

Just then, the delivery guy was freed, landing in Benson's arms before the Digimon were also freed, landing as well.

Mordecai: Come on, let's go! We gotta get outta here!

Most began departing before Benson stopped, glaring at Mordecai and Rigby.

Benson: No, you don't! You two are staying here!

Mordecai & Rigby: What??

Benson: You hired that thing. You fire it.

Rigby: But we don't got anything flammable to use!

The spider behind them growled.

Rigby: Besides, without it, that spider's gonna kill us!

Benson: Not my problem!

Both: AUGH!!

Rika: What the hell's wrong with you, Benson?

Benson carried the injured four out of the building.

Benson: Sorry, can't hear you, Rika!! Am carrying injured and getting the crap OUTTA HERE!!

She frowned in annoyance.

Renamon: (snaps) You get back here!

As all, but Jack, Rika, Mordecai, and Rigby left, the two turned to where the spider was.

Rigby: Okay! Listen up, Jan!

Jan crawled toward them.

Rigby: You're fired!

However, the spider tried stomping on the yelping Rigby.

Rigby: Okay! You're lay-off!

The spider tries to stomp on him again.

Rigby: Err, on vacation?

The spiider tries to stomp on him.

Rigby: Damn it! Give me something to use!

Mordecai: Dude, that was a metaphor! We need to stay and destroy him!

Rigby: (shocked) What? Really?

Jack: (horrified) We have to die?!

The spider roared, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling while the boulders fell, blocking the exit.

Rigby: Now what?

Mordecai: Dude, Muscle Man's package!

Rigby: What? Muscle Man's package?

Jack: Yeah! He was expecting a package of grenades! It's in the box that was left behind!

He pointed to the box.

Mordecai: Just go get the box. We'll cover you.

Jack: You DO know I have a whiplash.

Rika: Just toss rocks, dummy!

The three, with the two still in pain, quickly threw the rocks while the spider glanced at Rigby. It was hit by the rocks before glaring at the three. Finally, Rigby slid to the box, heading back to the three dodging.

Rigby: Got it!

Mordecai: Open it! Open it!

Rigby struggled, trying to open the box.

Rigby: I can't...this stupid tape...

It finally tore off, showing the package opened.

Rigby: There.

Just then, the four screamed, being grabbed/stabbed by the beast.

Four: AHHHHH!!

It prepared to swallow the four whole.

Rigby: Great! So, what's the plan now?

Rika: (looks inside/coughs blood)) And aren't these just replica grenades?

Mordecai: No, Muscle Man said they were the real deal, remember?

Rigby: Oh, yeah!

Jack: (weakly/coughs blood) Quick, pull out all the pins!

Some of the pins were pulled from the grenades before Jan moved them closer to his mouth.

Mordecai & Rika: Special delivery.

Rigby & Jack: Time to redecorate.

Mordecai: (confused) Wait, what?

Rigby: Time to redecorate. Because of all the wall—

Jack: (groans) AUGH, just throw it.

The beast ate the package with activated grenades.

Mordecai & Rigby: Whooooooooa!

Mordecai: Boom!

Rigby: Eat it, Jan!

Four: Ha ha! (hi-fiving) Yea-uh!

Rika: (realizes) Hey, hold on. I just remembered: How far away are we supposed to be before these things go off?

Mordecai: Wait, what?

Rigby: Usually, pretty far, which we can't because we're dying AND trapped inside.

Jack: What?! Benson, you stupid f-

Back outside, the house exploded with Benson's group all flying away from the house and landing on the ground. They groaned with Benson looking back at where the house was burning.

(End of Segment 3)

Narrator: Ending 1...

Benson: (smugly) The end.

Most had their mouths wide open with Mr. Nervous, Pops, and Chiyo all shivering in fear before the nervous Mr. Man fainted.

Mordecai: Dude, that story was lame!

Rigby: Yeah, Benson, we're not even THAT dumb!

Benson: (frowns) It's my story! I'll tell it how I want it!

Peter: (frowns) That wasn't scary, that was character bashing, just like you were bashing us when you ate all those best burgers in the world we were gonna enjoy that we worked hard for, ya ungrateful bastard.

Benson: (snaps) WILL YOU SHUT UP ABOUT THAT?! None of you were doing your job and-

Peter: Fine, if that's the case, then you don't mind if I do this: (to the gang) Listen up, everyone. I got a story about Benson.

Benson: No, you don't! No more stories, Peter. No more stories from anyone!

Most: (glares) Same with you, Basher!

Benson: IT'S BENSON!!

Tow Truck Guy: (points) Party is just up ahead, chief.

All: (randomly) YEAH! Whoo! Woo-hoo! Awesome!

Benson: (grins) Ha! See? Great. We're almost there.

Rigby: (dryly) Yeah, totally great.

Stewie: Okay. That means there's enough for me to tell the story to chose how dumb Benson is! AND how dumb Brian is.

Benson: No, there isn't! Story time is over, Stewie!

Brian: He's right, don't do it, Stewie.

Stewie: Once upon a time, Benson's so dumb!

Benson: No stories!

Peter: Well it was your OWN fault for getting us lost in the first place. Besides, your family tree sucks ass!

He gasped in shock.

Most: (realizes) Uh oh...

In anger, Benson clenched his fist before grabbing Peter in fury.

Benson: You...SON OF A BITCH!!

After Benson punched Peter, the man began punching Benson. As they kept punching, the others shouted with a few chanting "fight" over and over. Brian, having enough, prepared to go near the two.

Brian: Both of you, enough!!

He was knocked away by Benson, hitting the tow truck guy whom yelped and screamed as they headed to the tree in front of the house they were heading.

All: AHHHH!!

Inside the party, as everyone else was having a good time, they heard a crash noise, yelping a bit.

Lois: What the hell was that?

Quickly, everyone in the house came outside, looking at the sight with Margaret looking worried.

Margaret: Are you okay?

The blu jay peeked a bit, coughing a bit.

Mordecai: (coughing) Huh?

Finally, out came the group with all of them ghosts like Hi-Fives.

Mordecai: Yeah, we're fine. (notices) Huh?

Brian: What the-!?

Mordecai: Aw, what?! We didn't survive the crash?!

Rigby: I guess not.


Rigby: (slams Benson's hand) You can't fire me, I'm dead!

Peter: Yeah, it was your own fault you didn't control your anger when I mocked your loser whore family.

Brian: Peter, Benson, everyone, stop it! Your anger and bashing one another is what caused all of this in the first place!

Peter: Hey, I can't help it! I didn't get a beer all night!

Lois: Look, everyone, enough! Now, I know you had a rough night, but this is a party where we need to be together, where we have to stay together and just have a good time, like in those stories, despite them scary, but hey, we ALL need to be a little scared sometimes, right Pops?

Pops: fact, it made me feel better about being brave, despite me being scared.

Lois: And despite you all dead, at least you're here. And at any rate, what matters is you're all here.

Peter: Hey, maybe if we're lucky, we jumped out of our bodies!

Stewie: Oh God. Don't tell me you saw "Ghost Dad"!

Lois: So come on, join the fun.

Chris: (grins) Yeah, you heard mom! This party's just getting started!

Rigby: WHOOO!! (whooping) PARTY!

Everyone else cheered before entering the house with Benson still outside, sighing.

Benson: Ugh. Why do I even bother?

Skips You're coming in?

Yomi: They got cake in there.

Benson: (sighs) Yeah, I guess.

Tow Truck Guy: Yeah, luckily I hit a monster while we were dying. No one else is going to die tonight.

Finally, he entered the house while the party inside commenced. All while from the front of the truck, out came a frowning ghost Meg, whom groaned while floating toward the house.

Narrator: Ending 2...aka the What If...

Benson: (smugly) The end.

Most had their mouths wide open with Mr. Nervous, Pops, and Chiyo all shivering in fear.

Muscle Man: Whoa...harsh, bro.

Mordecai: Yeah, I think we're a little smarter than that, Benson.

Rigby: Yeah, plus there's no way you could lift Pops, Skips, AND that delivery guy, let alone Jack or Rika who YOU purposely killed.

Rika: Yeah, I'm insulted. Why did you kill some of your GOOD friends off?

Benson: (frowns) It's my story! I'll tell it how I want it!

After a few moments, the cars started moving more freely with the tow truck following.

Ryan: Ugh, finally!

Jessie: I thought this traffic would never clear out!

Muscle Man: (fist pumps) Party's on!!

Finally, the gang noticed a few ambulance vehicles and police cars around where police tape was.

Sakaki: (notices) Whoa...looks like there was an accident.

Tomo: (shocked) No way! (shoves the others) I wanna see!

Rigby: Me too!

They tried pushing away.

Mordecai: (grunts) Hey, dude! That's called rubber necking. (glares) That is not cool.

Rigby: (glares) You're a rubber neck!

Tomo: You're not cool, you rubber neck!

Rigby: (grunts) Move over! I wanna see!

He looked at the side of the window while the driver, now with eyes covered by his hat, glancing.

Tow Truck Driver: Don't worry, I'll drive by nice and slow for ya so you can get a good look.

He relieved the foot on the pedal as the truck slowed down. Everyone looked, noticing themselves getting close to the incident with Rigby's face pressed against the glass. Just then, his smile faded as he started looking horrified.

Rigby: (frightened) Uh...guys?

Everyone else looked, noticing what appeared to be a familiar van crashed to the tree, looking stunned

Skips: Hey, that looks just like my van.

Mordecai: What's going ooooon?

They looked at where the officers were looking at the crime scene with Mr. Nervous turning pale at the paramedics surrounding the covered tarps with the bodies of many people covered up along with three familiarish figures.

Mr. Nervous: Uh...guys?

He pointed to what looked like Mordecai, Rigby, and even Brian's corpses, all battered, bruised, and with blood on the ground before the tarp covered up the bodies.

Stewie: (gasps) Oh no...Brian!'re-

Brian: What the-?! Is

The figure covered the last of the bodies before it turned, showing a skull face with everyone screaming in fear.


Miss Scary: Ha-ha-ha-ha! WHOA! What a shocker!

Mr. Nervous: (points) Then who the heck is-?

He pointed to the driver, who's face was revealed to be a skull, glaring as the others screamed.

Most: AHHHH!!

Benson quickly tried opening the door, though without success.

Benson: The door's locked!

The truck turned away from the main road, heading down the dark, eerie road with the truck starting to speed up.

Just then, a vortex opened up in the ground with flames bursting from the opening. The truck headed closer and closer toward the flaming ground.

Peter: It's official: We really ARE going to hell!

Mordecai: This can't be happening! This can't be happening!

Ryan: What?! But some of us aren't evil OR atheists!

Brian: Um...(worried) I am.

Rigby: Is Hell the office place? It sucks!

Stewie: (shocked) Brian, please! I don't want to see you go to hell! Not like this! Not like this!!

Rigby: All I wanted was to go to the partyyyyyy!!

Chiyo: But I'm too young to go to the other place!!

Tow Truck Driver: (grins) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Don't you fellas worry, there's plenty of parties where WE'RE goin'!

Peter: Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. We probably get resurrected into bugs, cows or something.

Tow Truck Driver: (annoyed) You're ruining the moment!

Peter: Oh yeah, what are you gonna do? Frantilize me?

Tow Truck Driver: Oh something horrifying and hideous to you!

Peter: (gasps) NOOOO! Anything but the Giant Chicken tortures!

He slammed the gas pedal really hard with the truck zooming toward the flames, then it flew up with everyone inside screaming and Miss Scary laughing wickedly before the truck dove into the fiery opening. The screams continued before a blast of fire was heard while ghostly howls were heard with spirits swirling from the flames. Afterward, cackling was heard before it panned to show the head of a jack-o-lantern laughing with the flames still bursting inside it.

Jack-o-lantern: Happy Halloween!!

Narrator: End of both endings...

Finally, a familiar figure was seen awakening, then he picked up what appeared to be a wallpaper piece, a toy bus, a bowling ball set, and a toy jack-o-lantern nearby where his bed was.

Phage: (groans) Hell's Bells, this is the last time I ask CF to sleep with these ridiculous tools he uses.

He tossed them in the garbage before finally going to sleep.

(ED: To Be Yourself by Reina Yazawa)
KNS: Terror Tales of the Park 2: KNS Style 3
Segment 3: Mordecai, Rigby, and friends hire a wallpaper man to fix up the house with new wallpaper. However, this guy may have something sinister going on once the true motives commence. Includes two endings to the main tale.
I thought I'd let you know that on Saturday is the annual Family Reunion of my family. And unfortunately, despite not wanting to go, I'm forced to go anyway because I'm told so and forced to go anyway. Ugh, every time I go there, it's the same thing: All the people I don't even know or care about look at me and they completely ignore me, wasting my time while I have to wait and listen to all those boring and uninteresting conversations. My parents think it'll be good to be in there, but honestly, it isn't! Ugh! And I can't even think of an excuse to not go (and I did try honestly telling them, but they refuse). Why do I have to be dragged there when I don't want to anyway?
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(Act 2)

(Segment 2: Party Bus)

At the park, the familiar figures in different costumes were heading to the cart.

Mordecai: Aw yeah-a! Halloween movie time.

Rigby: Shotgun!

Grounder: Shotgun! (realizes) Awww.

Just then, the garage door was opened as Benson and Skips were arriving to them.

Benson: Ah, ah. What do you think you're doing?

Scratch: Going to the movies.

Benson: No you're not.

Grounder: What?! You're a movie hater now?! Racist!

Benson: It's not that, you dumb bot, we need that cart to patrol delinquents T.P'ing the park.

Mordecai: But Margaret's car is in the shop.

Scratch: And those jerks refuse to let us use THEIR vehicles.

Coconuts: (frowns) How are we gonna get to the theater?

Benson: Not my problem.

Grounder: We could try Handicar!

Scratch: We don't have that app!

Just then, he heard chuckling before turning, ntoicing two punk teens with toilet paper TPing the trees.

Teenager 1: Ha, ha. Trick or treat, losers.

Teenager 2: Yeah, trick or treat, losers.

The two laughed and darted off.

Benson: (narrows) Let's roll.

Quickly, the two got in the cart, zooming off and leaving the gang behind.

Margaret: I guess that's it. There's no way we'll make it there in time now.

Grounder: I can live with that.

Scratch: You can barely live at ALL.

Mordecai: What? We can't give up yet.

Eileen: Yeah, I'll call a taxi.

She showed the old style cell phone from her briefcase, dialing.

Mordecai: There's still some time. We'll probably just miss the previews.

Eileen: (on phone) Thank you.

She hung up.

Eileen: They said ten minutes.

Rigby: (frowns) Awww, a taxi?! Those things are smelly and all the shows they got is with Steve Carell!

Coconuts: Well it's not like something else is gonna show up!

Just then, the group heard honking noises before noticing a bus marked "Party Bus" arriving to them.

Mordecai: That was fast.

Rigby: I thought you said you called a taxi.

Eileen: I did.

Scratch: Then what the heck is this bus doing here? (frowns) You didn't get scammed like last time, did you, Grounder?

Grounder: Hey, if I wanna scammed, I would called in Mystery, Inc!

Then, the door opened up with someone wearing bandages and shades ala like the Invisible Man smiled to the group.

Bus Driver: Need a ride?

Mordecai: Uh, could you takes to the movie theater downtown?

Bus Driver: (tilts his shades) We'll take you wherever you need to go. Climb aboard the Party Bus, and join the party.

He opened the curtain briefly with party lights flashing a bit.

Rigby: Cool!

The raccoon and mole girl darted inside the bus.

Mordecai: See, nothing to worry about.

Margaret: Yeah.

Rigby: Hey, good to see ya, driver!

Bus Driver: (sarcastically) Oh ha ha. Ha ha. Nice. As if I haven't heard THAT one before.

However, as the two birds with Scratch and Grounder entered, Coconuts looked reluctant.

Coconuts: Uh I don't know about this. Do we REALLY want to enter? (points) Especially with the sign ALSO saying "The Party's Killer"?

Just then, the lone monkey noticed the bandages snatching him, making the robot monkey yelp in fear.

Bus Driver: I said...COME IN!!

Coconuts screamed as he was pulled inside. The bus closed with Coconuts quickly looking outside in fear before it drove away. As soon as the bus was gone, a taxi arrived to where only Eileen's suitcase was. Inside the bus, the six of seven looked inside, looking amazed.

Males (minus Coconuts): Whoaaa.

To their amazement, they saw many people in costumes partying as well as eating the snacks.

Party guy 1: Welcome, fellow citizens, to the party bus!

Party people: (randomly) Party bus! Yeah! Woo-hoo!!

Mordecai: Ha, ha. Whooooooooo!

Rigby: Yeah-a!

Eileen: Sweet!

Grounder: Oh! I wanna try the stuff!

Scratch: You don't have any taste buds, dumb bot!

As soon as they darted to different directions, Eileen and the worried Coconuts slowly followed, looking around.

Margaret: (notices) What's wrong, Coconuts?

Coconuts: Something just doesn't feel right about this place. At least it's better than that crappy Freddy's place.

The other robots with Mordecai and Eileen danced while Rigby was eating the snacks with the two going through the crowd.

Mordecai: Margaret!

Margaret: This is crazy!

Mordecai: I know, right?

They looked at Eileen whom tried making Margaret dance.

Eileen: Come on!

The two girls began dancing while the robin began laughing.

Eileen: There's some great costumes in here!

Margaret: Yeah, there must have been a huge sale on white wigs or something.

Coconuts: (confused) White wigs? (realizes) Oooooooh crap!

Mordecai: (arriving) Soda?

The soda was given to her.

Margaret: Thanks.

Scratch: At least it's better than having old people here...or Dr. Eggman!

Margaret: (gasp) Mordecai, look!

She pointed to where an old couple were, looking as if they were aging.

Margaret: Are they all right?

Scratch: What the crap?

Party guy 1: Oh, yeah, they're cool. (motions toward them) Just partied a little too hard, I guess.

Mordecai: Pfft! Ha, ha.

Margaret: (nervously) Oh! Heh.

Party guy 1: Party bus! Party bus!

Mordecai: Yeah! Ha-ha-ha-ha. See? Isn't this great?

Margaret: You're right. (shouts) Party bus!

Mordecai: Yea-uh!

Scratch: Whoo-hoo-hooo!!

Grounder: PARTY TIME!!

Everyone else laughed while dancing. All while the bus itself continued through the road. Inside, most of them danced while Coconuts looked around, looking frightened.

Coconuts: Okay, if I see any Freddy and Friend costumed freaks that look like OR are the real robots we had to deal with, I am out of here.

Just then, Margaret stopped dancing, gasping as she saw the movie theater marked "One Night Only: Nuclear Monster Party".

Margaret: Hey! He's passing the movie theater.

Coconuts: (snaps) What!?

The two darted through the crowd.

Coconuts: Hey, buster!

Margaret: Driver, stop the bus! Let us off!

Coconuts: Stop the bus!

However, the bus driver only turned up the music, ignoring them.

Both: Ugh.

They ran back to their friends still partying.

Margaret: Mordecai, the bus isn't stopping!

Just then, the party guy from before, now older-looking, arrived to the group, shocking them.

Party guy 1: (elder voice) You can't stop now, the party's just getting started.

Mordecai: You don't look so good, man.

Rigby: Yeah, how long have you been here?

Party guy 1: Fifteen...minutes.

Then, he became bald before a crack sound was heard, then he disintegrated into dust, making the seven scream in fear.

Seven: AHHHH!!

They looked a bit more fearful, gasping in horror as they saw everyone else becoming old.

Margaret: Those weren't white wigs, everybody's getting older!

Eileen: (gasps/notices) Mordecai, your face!

Mordecai: What? (feels himself) Huh?

To his horror, he felt the wrinkles growing on himself.

Margaret: (elder voice) You're getting older!

Mordecai: (elder voice) So are you!

The wrinkling Margaret gasped with Rigby and Eileen starting to age as well. Rigby quickly took off his gloves, gasping in horror as he saw his hands wrinkling as well.

Mordecai: We need to get off this bus now!

Scratch: (panics) AHHHH!!

Grounder: Ewww, they're getting old and sticky! One of my worst fears! I'm gonna be growing old before my time!!

Coconuts: You're a robot, I doubt old age would be a problem.

Scratch: Besides, robots don't age! Bender proved that!

Grounder: Yes, but I don't like old sticky zombies when they come back to haunt us!

Both: (sweatdrops) Point taken.

Quickly, they darted up to the driver as Scratch shouted.

Scratch: Stop the bus, stop the bus!

Bus Driver: You can't stop the party bus once it's started. Right, everybody?

To the group's shock and horror, they saw only dust with the costumes left behind.

All: AHHHH!!

Bus Driver: What's that saying again? Party till you drop!

The laughing driver removed his bandages, showing himself to be a skeleton.

All: Ahhhhhhhh!

Coconuts: I knew it!

The driver speeded the bus up, causing everyone to be tossed to the dusty ground.

Margaret: (to Eileen) Help me with the door.

The girls darted to the door, struggling to open it.

Bus Driver: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Margaret: It won't open!

In anger, the bird and robots darted to the driver before snatching him.

Mordecai: STOP THE BUS!!

The driver was tossed before he broke apart on the dusty floor, laughing wickedly. Quickly, Coconuts sat on the seat, slamming on the breaks a bit, though nothing happened.

Coconuts: Oh goddammit!!

Mordecai: The brakes don't work!

Rigby: (points) Try the emergency break!

However, when it was pulled, the break broke off.

Coconuts: What the crap!!

Mordecai looked around before Grounder pointed.

Grounder: There's a lever you didn't try.

Scratch: (panics) QUICK! PULL IT!!

The lever was pulled, stopping the bus and causing everyone to hit the side while the dust from the dead flung to the group.

Rigby: Ooooh!

Mordecai: Well, at least we still-

Just then, the bus went in reverse as they screamed.

All: AHHHH!!

Margaret: Why did you put it in reverse?

Mordecai: It was the only thing I could think of! Plus Grounder started it!

Grounder: (glares) Oh sure! Blame me for everything!

At that moment, the raccoon gasped, noticing his hands reversing in age with the mortals that survived starting to deage.

Rigby: (sounds young) Guys, look!

Margaret: (sounds younger) We're getting younger!

However, to the robots' shock, they saw the four shrink to near kid size.

Grounder: YIPES!

Scratch: You're kids again!

Mordecai: (younger voice) We gotta get off this bus!

Eileen: (younger voice) Guys look, (points) an emergency hatch!

They looked at the hatch on the roof with Mordecai climbing the table.

Mordecai: (younger voice) Come on, everybody up!

Quickly, the kids were lifted with Rigby opening the hatch. Rigby, Eileen, Margaret, and Mordecai got to the roof with the robots following.

Scratch: (notices) Uh guys?

He pointed to the four that had turned into tots/babies, all four cute and naked.


Babies: (younger voice) Now what?

Scratch: The only thing we CAN do: we gotta jump!

The babies and robots held hands before they prepared to jump.

Coconuts: Uh guys, wouldn't it be a bit safer to-

Grounder: Too late!

Quickly, the seven jumped while the babies giggling happily.

Mordecai: (younger voice) We did it! We got off the party bus.

Babies: (younger voice) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

However, to the robots' notice, the babies shrunk to embryos before popping out of existence. As that happened, the party bus broke apart while the driver's voice was heard laughing wickedly.

Scratch: Oh crap.

Grounder: No problem. We just go to that time place that Billy and Mandy went to, find the hourglasses and turn them over.

Scratch: I repeat: oh crap.

(End of Segment 2)

Everyone in the van heard Margaret laughing hysterically with many of them disturbed.

Rigby: Uh, was that supposed to be funny?

Margaret: Yeah, "The party's killer". Get it?

Mordecai: Dude! You ripped the ending off from Billy and Mandy.

Margaret: Hey, at least the first parts are original.

Chiyo began tearing up, Pops trembled, and Mr. Nervous screamed in panic.

Mr. Nervous: AHHH!! That wasn't funny at all! Where did you even GET that horrifying joke anyway?

Margaret: From Miss Scary yesterday. She told me to tell you that story in case you asked for a story.

Then, they glanced at Miss Scary as Benson growled.

Miss Scary: Ha-ha-ha-ha! (snorts) It was worth it!

Lois: Margaret! I thought we discussed not taking suggestions from Miss Scary when it comes to jokes.

Peter: Don't worry, Lois. My jokes are way worse than hers. And-

They noticed Benson looking pissed a bit.

Margaret: Mordecai? You there? What was Peter gonna say?

Mordecai: Um, I gotta go. I'll see you there.

Peter: Yeah, sorry. Mordo's boss is busy being pissed at us. Later.

The phone was hung up, ending the split screen.

Benson: That's it, no more stories from anyone.

Some: Aw, what?

Yomi: That's hardly fair.

Mordecai: Why? Jealous because you can't tell one?

Benson: I got stories!

Peter: Are they ones about bashing all of us? Because that's just a hurt story, not a scary one.

Rigby: Come on, Benson, don't act like this is our fault.

Stewie: The lemur's right! If you haven't gotten us lost, we wouldn't be telling stories, now would we?

Peter: I thought we were still blaming Goat Meg here.

Ryan & Jesse: (snaps) Peter!

Peter: It's everyone, but me's, fault on this one! So there!

Benson: (turning red/snaps) DON'T MAKE ME MAKE SKIPS TURN THIS VAN AROUND!

Strong Bad: Okay, okay. Everyone calm the **** down! Don't make me use my nunchuck gun on you!!

Homestar: Can we stop? I gotta go pee.

Rigby: Skips, don't make Benson make you turn this van around! I have to go to this party, I just have to!

Bowser: (notices) Hey, asshole! (shoves Skips) We're talking here!!

Skips: Hey, knock it off or I'll-.

Just then, a trunk honking was heard as the group noticed, screaming before the van turned, swerving away from the truck as everyone inside screamed, heading to a tree before it turned black with a crash sound being heard.

(End of Act 2)
KNS: Terror Tales of the Park 2: KNS Style 2
Segment 2: A strange bus arrives to pick up Mordecai, Rigby, Margaret, Eileen, and the SSSSS Squad, not knowing that the ride in the party bus could be a deadly one!
A/N: Most of the episode is non-canon with parts of it taking place after Something Wall-to-Wall Mart This Way Comes.

(OP: Sakura Saku by Megumi Hayashibara)

Kouja no Senshi: The Side Stories
Between Season 2 & 3
Terror Tales of the Park 2~KNS Style

Inside Skips' vehicle, driving through the woods, the familiar faces in their costumes looked down the road.

Bowser: Ugh, are we even there yet?

Skips: We've only been on the road for a few minutes.

Muscle Man: (Abe Lincoln) Man, I can't wait to get to the party. (to Hi-Fives) It's going to be all like "What's up, Mr. President?"

The two laughed and hi-fived one another.

Hi-Fives Ghost: (Fake mustache) Yeah.

Muscle Man: You know who else is like "What's up, Mr. President?" My mom!


Benson: (Pirate) Muscle Man, enough.

Ryan: You too, Tomo. Ugh.

Pops: (Mummy) Do you think they'll have snacks?

Mordecai: (Frankenstein's Monster) It's the biggest Halloween party in town, Pops. They'll have all the candy you can eat.

Rigby: (Beef Burrito Man) Yeah, but all the good stuff will be gone before will get there! This drive is taking forever!

Jesse: (glances) What does the map say?

Benson: (looks at the map) The map says it should be right around here.

Muscle Man: (to Thomas) Stop reading the map wrong, Thomas! You're gonna get us lost!

Peter Griffin: He's got a point, jerk!

Thomas: (Lone Ranger) I don't even have the map!

Muscle Man: You shut it, Thomas! What did I tell you about talking to me?

Thomas: But you-

Peter Griffin: (punches him) Shut up, Goat Meg! No one likes you!

Benson: Leave him alone, Muscle Man, he's just an intern. It's bad enough he doesn't get paid.

Thomas: (confused) Wait, you guys are getting paid?

Jesse: Yes, but after what happened at Exit 9B, we have to use that money to pay for the damage of Amishiro Park.

Mordecai: Yeah, luckily for me and Rigby, we get paid less.

Skips: (Dracula) Benson, you sure you know where we're going? I haven't seen a house for miles!

Benson: It's fine, I know what I'm doing.

He flipped the eyepatch to the other eye.

Rigby: (groans) I'm dying of boredom back here.

Strong Bad: Yeah, me too!

Pops: We could pass the time with a game of "I Spy".

Rigby: No way. You got carsick the last time we played that.

Homestar: Oh, I got an idea: How about a game of poker?

Strong Bad: No, Homestar. First off, there's no ladies here.

Bowser: And secondly, you don't even HAVE the cards.

Mordecai: I know! (sing-songy) How about some scary stories?

Rigby: Yeah-yuh!

Peter Griffin: Finally, something not crappy and time wasting.

Benson: (looks back) No. Pops can't handle it.

Pops: Oh nonsense, I'll be fine.

Ryan: Why can't he handle it?

Benson: Because Pops gets scared sometimes.

Stewie: (glares) Hey loser! I get scared sometimes, but you don't see ME complain about it!

Benson: (sighs) Okay. (to Mordecai's group) But if he gets scared, you two are in serious trouble.

Rigby: (rolls eyes) Yeah, yeah.

Mordecai: (chuckles) All right. It all started at the Bowling Alley on a dark and stormy night...

(Segment 1: Payback)

Inside a bowling alley called "Stardust Lanes", the familiar faces were playing a free-for-all bowling with an older blu-jay with brown semi long hair and a bowling tie watching with a grin. The group watched Mordecai make a strike on the lane.

Mordecai: WHOAAAAA!? That's game!

The others muttered in annoyance.

Blu-Jay: Ha-ha. Yeah, you show them how you roll them, Mordy. (waves) 'Eeeeeyyyyy!

Mordecai: (laughs nervously) He-he-he-he. Yeah, thanks, Uncle Steve.

Muscle Man: Man, forget this! You already won three games in a row! (points to Uncle Steve) Plus, your weirdo uncle is making me uncomfortable with his lame tie.

Uncle Steve: Just dressing for the occasion, man, don't act like you're jealous of this.

He pulled his tie, which lit up.

Tomo: I gotta agree: it DOES make me want to bail.

Muscle Man: (glares) Traitor! (to Hi-Fives) Come on, Fives, let's bail.

Rigby: Yeah, let's go, Mordecai.

Mordecai: Aw, come on, one more game. Or are you guys afraid to lose?

Stewie: Depends on who the loser is: you or the whores walking out the door?

The men looked insulted as they frowned.

Muscle Man: No way, bro.

Rigby: Oh, it is on.

Mordecai: Ha ha, yeah-a.

Serena: Hey Uncle Steve, you down to play another game?

Uncle Steve: I don't know kids, I'm kinda low on fundage. (points to the tie) This tie wasn't cheap, you know.

Mordecai: (grins) It's cool, Uncle Steve, I got five bucks.

Uncle Steve: Oh no, Mordy, I couldn't.

Mordecai: Don't worry about it, you can pay me back later. I know you're good for it.

Uncle Steve: Okay, I promise I'll get you back.

The cash was given to him.

Mordecai: (grins) Yeah-a, game on! (posing) Uh-uh-uh-uh! (ala Michael Jackson) Hee-hee!

However, as Uncle Steven prepared to take the ball, Mordecai bumped to the older bird, causing him to land on the ball return. Just then, the bird's tie was caught in it.

Uncle Steve: Oh no, my tie!

Mordecai: (panics) Uncle Steve!

Rini: Yipes!

Stewie: (frowns) Oh crap!

The bird screamed, being sucked inside as they tried grabbing him.

Most: NOOO!

Uncle Steve: AHHHH-

Some time later, at a graveyard, a tree was pushed in it while the familiar duo and friends looked saddened at the grave of Uncle Steve while the females and bird placed the flowers on the grave

Mordecai: (saddened) I can't believe he's gone. This is all my fault! If I hadn't pressured everybody to play that extra game, my uncle would still be alive.

Rigby: Ah, don't talk like that man. Life just does its thing, you know? If I were you, I'll be more upset about losing the five bucks. (gets punched) Ow!

Jet: Not helping, dude.

Storm: I betcha he's in a better place now.

Rigby: Detroit?

They frowned to him.

Rigby: What?

That night, in Mordecai and Rigby's room, the bird struggled while sleeping in his bed.

Mordecai: My fault...It's all my fault.

(Dream Sequence)

In the dream world, Mordecai was with his uncle whom was given the cash.

Mordecai: (sing-songy) Yeah-a!

The bird gave the cash to his uncle before he turned with Mordecai doing the familiar dance.

Mordecai: (ala Michael Jackson) Hee-hee!

At that moment, he bumped to his uncle, whom struggled and yelp.

Uncle Steven: WHOA!!

He finally fell down into the ball return with bowling balls flung as he was fully pulled in, some blood splattering out.

Mordecai: (gasps) Uncle Steve!

He watched as Steve was pulled in with him gaining cuts on the sides.

Uncle Steve: Mordy, why did you have to play another gameeeeeeeeee!

He finally disintegrated, leaving blood trails while Mordecai was splashed with some blood on himself.

Mordecai: Noooooooooo!

(End Dream Sequence)

He yelped, panting a bit before looking at the empty bed.

Mordecai: Rigby? Jet? Wave? Storm? Marine?

When he looked at the foot of his bed, he noticed a familiar figure, though undead and ghost-like with glowing eyes turn his head backward.

Mordecai: (panics) AHHHHH!!

He quickly rubbed his eyes, then noticed the dead uncle no longer there, making him worry.

Mordecai: What the hell did I just see?

The bird went to the bathroom, turning on the sink before washing his face. After a few moments of splattering himself with water, he turned it off before grabbing a towel to wipe his face. When he looked up, he yelped, noticing his uncle in the mirror.

Mordecai: AHHH!!

Quickly, he ducked down and closed his eyes.


He slapped himself a bit, sweating a bit.

Mordecai: (to himself) Get a hold of yourself, Mordecai, all the guilt is making you see things. It’s not real, it’s not real.

He glanced up and opened his eyes, noticing the dead uncle again before gasping, turning and noticing the undead bird.

Mordecai: (darts off) AHHHHHH!!

The blu jay quickly ran down the halls, panting in fear before looking at one of the paintings turned into Uncle Steve. Then, he looked at the other paintings, noticing them turning into Uncle Stevens as well, glaring at the bird. The bird panted more with the ghost flying above him. Downstairs, Mordecai came to the couch where he saw the five he mentioned watching TV.

Mordecai: Guys, Rigby, I can't stop seeing my dead uncle!

Rigby: (changing channels) Ugh. Me either.

Mordecai: What?!

Marine: (points) He's on TV. What does it bloody look like!?

Mordecai turns and saw a commercial for Freddy's.

Freddy: Come on down to Freddy's, where the fantasy and fun never ends!

Mordecai: (confused) My uncle is Freddy?

Rigby: No, no. Wait a few seconds for him to show up.

Storm: Well don't show that!!

It changed to where the TV showed Steve on the TV with glowing green eyes.

Uncle Steve: (sing-songy) Mordy...


The tie of his lit up.


Just then, the TV broke with the ghost coming out.

Six: (panics) AHHHH!!

Finally, the six darted out of the house.


As soon as they were away, Rigby looked worried.

Rigby: Dude! I thought your uncle was dead!

Mordecai: He is!

Jet: The guy's undead, ya turd!

The undead bird continued following with the six darting through the bushes.

Uncle Steve: Mordy...

They grunted, coming out of the bushes a bit later, darting toward the cemetery. As soon as they were inside, Wave looked worried.

Wave: Where's the zombie? Or ghost? Or whatever he is now?!

Rigby: Did we lose him?

They yelped, tripping to the ground and groaning. After a moment, they gasped, noticing themselves near the uncle's grave.

Storm: Crap, we're trapped!

They turned, looking at the undead bird coming close to them.

Six: Yipes!

Storm: Don't eat me and turn me to you! (shows Marine) Take Marine. No one likes her!

Marine: (snaps) You jerk!

The dead bird growled before coughing a bit before smiling a bit.

Uncle Steve: Mordy, hey I bet you thought I forgot. Well here you go.

He showed the familiar 5 dollars to the group.

Mordecai: Uhhhhhh...

The living blu jay only took the cash.

Rigby: Dude, it's your five bucks!

Uncle Steve: (grins) Hey, a promise is a promise.

Mordecai: (smiles) Wow. Thanks, Uncle Steve.

Uncle Steve: Ah, no problem. You take care now.

He finally dug down the hole, burying himself once more.

Rigby: (bewildered) That's it?! He came back just to give you 5 bucks?!

Storm: But what if the cash is haunted too?!

After a few moments, Storm fainted to the ground.

Wave: (dryly) Our hero.

Mordecai: Dude, come on. Who ever heard of cash that's haunted? Unless you're that rich guy who used to haunt Daffy Duck.

(End of Segment 1)

Mordecai: The end.

Benson: What the hell’s wrong with you!?!?

Mordecai: What?

Benson: (points) Just look at Pops and Mr. Nervous!

He pointed to Pops looking frightened and clutching to Brian while Mr. Nervous cradled himself.

Pops: (shivers) Oh, it’s all right, I’m fine really.

Rigby: But the ending's boring! He just came back to give Mordecai 5 bucks! I mean, it's like coming back to life and never moving on because you left the stove on!

Brian: Look, maybe if I tell a better story that doesn't frigthen anyone, that could work.

Stewie: (dryly) Oh really? Like the novel no one cares about?

Most laughed hysterically, annoying Brian before the phone was heard ringing, making Mr. Nervous and Pops jump.

Both: AHHHH!!

Mr. Nervous: AHHH! Something's ringing and haunting us!

Bowser: Nervous, Pops, chill. It's just the phone.


Strong Bad: What house? We're in a van!

Mordecai: I’m gonna take this.

He turned on the cell phone.

Mordecai: Hello?

On the split screen, it showed Margaret smiling while Lois, Meg, and Chris Griffin each looked around.

Margaret: Mordecai!

Mordecai: Oh, hey Margaret.

Margaret: We just got to the party.

Lois: Peter, are you inside?

Peter leaned to where Mordecai was.

Mordecai: No, actually we’re still driving. We got a little lost.

Peter Griffin: It's no thanks to Goat Meg that we're lost and he's telling crappy stories.

Meg: (annoyed) Ugh, even if I'm not here, you're insulting me!

Peter Griffin: (points through) Not you, Meg! The other Meg that's with us.

Thomas: My name's Thomas.

Peter Griffin: (glares) Shut up, Goat Meg.

Margaret: Aw man, that’s a bummer.

Chris: What!? But we were suppose to go trick or treating inside!

Mordecai: It's cool though, we’ve been telling scary stories.

Margaret: Hey, I’ve got a good one, put me on speaker phone.

Mordecai: (to the group) Hey, Margaret's gonna tell a story.

The phone was put on speaker.

Benson: (frowns) It'd better not be scary!

Strong Bad: Whiner!

Margaret: Don't worry, it's a funny one. It all started we were getting into the cart to go to a Halloween movie...

(End of Act 1)
KNS: Terror Tales of the Park 2: KNS Style 1
Mostly non-canon: When the park crew and friends get lost, the gang tell ghost stories, despite Benson's warning. Segment 1: After Mordecai's uncle gets killed, the bird and friends get haunted by his uncle's ghost.
Bumpstar Runner: Halloween Safety

Somewhere in the dark, a  sign featuring a silhouette creepy figure under a red slash circle was shown while the words "WARNING! Neighbors are a-watchin'!" was shown.

Voices: Hi; we're Julie and Jussy Sonic from Double Team Xovers!

Jussy Sonic's Voice: Normally we let our dumb animal character pals do the talking.

As they continued, the logo was shown while the sign started groaning with a familiar voice.

Julie's Voice: But this year we're partnering with "" to raise awareness about "".

Figure: (gradually tilting) Ugh....

Jussy Sonic's Voice: So please, find it in your heart to donate to-

Just then, the familiar bandaged Mr. Man's arms were shown as he coughed.

Mr. Bump: Peh! I say, peh! Whew! It's hard sittin' there with your mouth open like that, holdin' it just so.

He went to his previous position.

Mr. Bump: Buhhhhhhh.

Just then, the sign, actually Mr. Bump in the sign costume, removed the sign portion of his costume.

Mr. Bump: (grins) Check out my roadside silhouette costume! I tried dressin' up in some other ones, but, uhh...they didn't work out so great.

It then showed a "Slippery When Wet" sign that had two Mr. Bump eyes and mouth.

Mr. Bumps: This one makes my voice hurt!

The bandages popped around the left side of the sign with the left one making a blowing noise while the right one turned, glaring.

Right Mr. Bump: Oh, just stop it!

It then showed a construction sign featuring Mr. Game and Watch digging with a shovel before Mr. Bump's features in the pile was shown.

Mr. Bump: This one was asking for a challeeeeenge!

The pile bulked up to resemble Mr. Bump with his feet oozing out of the bottom before Mr. Game and Watch screamed, darting away.

Mr. Game and Watch: Ai-yagh!

Mr. Bump: (prancing) I got that sludge foot! I got that sludge foot!

It then showed a School Crossing sign with a girl led across a street by a boy carrying books before Mr. Bump's features were shown as the lady legs while one of the quoted words was shown.

Mr. Bump: This one just seemed "ina-pro-pro"! Quack quack. Lady's Legs Duck.

It then showed the Route 66 sign with Mr. Bump taking it, showing the very small sign only covering where his eyes (looking like 6s) were blinking.

Mr. Bump: And this one was waaaaay too small! (winks) Blink. Blonk.

Some: Eeeew.

Mr. Bump: What?

It finally showed the bandaged Mr. Man back at the Neighborhood Watch costume again.

Mr. Bump: I think I picked the best one. Anyways, here are some other silhouettes. I'mah get back to creepin' and peepin' 'round y'alls neighborhood!

He squinted his eyes to the suspicious eyes once more, slowly sliding off screen.

Mr. Bump: Uhhhhhhhh...

Finally, he crashed to the ground. It then cut to later in the field where the familiar cast in costumes (silhouetted) were while the words "Halloween Cartoon Sometime Before Halloween" were shown. After a few moments, as Mr. Bump spoke next, the silhouette black and white version of the Neighborhood Watch guys (really the Spy vs Spy characters) were shown with the black one giving a bomb to the yelping white one, whom blew up.

Mr. Bump: (pauses) Hey, Mr. Bump, I really like your "that one guy from Mad Mazagine" costume. You know the one I'm talkin' about. Always blowin' up that pointy white man.

Some: Ugh!

Mr. Bump: What?

Near another sign where it said "Neighbrahood watch", a logo resembling a big eye had its pupil look around before it donned the familiar Eddy item on itself.

Eddy: WOO HOO!! Eddy here, the new spokesperson for, since Guns for Pangoros found out about my line of frozen panda-burger patties! I swear they're high in Omega-3s!

The hair vanished with a pop. Later, it showed a familiar answering machine though it was changed to "Miss Julie's Answering Machine Version 1.00001" with a familiar chimera nearby it writing something.

Julie's Voice: Hi, this is Little Miss Julie. I'm out looking at the fall colors. Please leave me a message and I'll call you right back. If this is jeh517, why the heck won't you put stuff of yours on DA instead of just giving people advice nobody wants?! Anyone else, later.

It beeped with Discord glancing.

Voice: Look here. This message is for the Team Doub-Double Team. Double Dream? This is Grubba with Your little "joke", if that's what you wanna call it? It wasn't funny, and, uh-and it's not appreciated. I don't know who you think you are, or-or who you think I am, or if you even think at all, frankly. It is not cool and it is not funny, and that's real talk, gentlemen. Gentlemen? That is real talk.

It beeped, ending the message.

Discord: (annoyed) Oh whine, whine, whine! If you don't like it, don't bother getting us again!

He slapped the "Delete" button with the buzzer noise heard.


Discord: (drawing) Besides, I have more important matters to deal with.

He looked at a drawing book, showing storybook modes of Bowser Jr. and Mr. Bump wearing a shirt that featured the girl legs with Junior holding the scroll as the text was displayed below.

Tiny Hands Bowser Jr.: "Get your entire face out of here, Lady's Legs Duck Shirt,"

Discord's Voice: -proclamated DeVry graduate Bowser Jr.

Storybook Mr. Bump: "Ina-pro-pro!"

Discord's Voice: -barfed the Queen of England.

Bumpstar: Halloween Safety
A small promo, but which turns into Mr. Bump discussing his model costume signs.


Julie Riley
United States
Current Residence: East Texas (Close to Nacogdoches)
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop mostly
Favourite style of art: Anime mixed with Toon style
Favourite cartoon character: Maximus IQ, Delete, Sailor Moon, Bubbles, Courage, Psycho, Greasy, Nack, Rouge, Batula, and 2 many!


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Atomic Betty - Beatrixo and Betty by gata20
by gata20

Okay, now I can see how this works. Still wonderful job on your art. The art looks wonderfully done here after all. Augh, I don't know ...

To gata20: You mean like this?

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Send this to ten friends including me.
I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
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I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard.
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